Q&A with Chris Armwood(Ragsdale HS) DB for West All-Stars

Question and answer session from Tuesday afternoon with Chris Armwood, from Ragsdale HS, who will be playing defensive back for the West in Wednesday night’s East-West All-Star Game….Chris will head to UNC-Charlotte in the fall and start training with the 49er’s, who get their football program up and running for the first season in 2012……..

1)Greensborosports.com:What has been the toughest/hardest part of the All-Star Week experience for you?

Chris Armwood:Two-a day practices….

2)Greensborosports.com:What was the most enjoyable part of the week/The most fun??

Chris Armwood:Playing football with different players from around the state and different counties….

3)Greensborosports.com:Any trips to the pool after practice and can you swim???

Chris Armwood:I hit the pool and I can swim….

4)Greensborosports.com:How many friends and family members will be at the game to watch you on Wednesday night????

Chris Armwood:Possibly 100 or more…..

5)Greensborosports.com:What’s something new that you’ve learned about football this week?????

Chris Armwood:Learned a different stance and how to make different reads…

6)Greensborosports.com:As a football player, what are your biggest strengths/weaknesses??????

Chris Armwood:Strength, it is my speed…Chris had over 690 kickoff return yards for Ragsdale last season and over 300 yards in punt returns…..Weakness, it my height….

7)Greensborosports.com:What is the most impressvie thing that you are hearing about the East, what makes the East a tough team to beat???????

Chris Armwood:They have tall receivers…..

8)Greensborosports.com:What will you miss most about your high school days????????

Chris Armwood:Hanging out with my teammates, eating out together, etc…..

9)Greensborosports.com:What have you done this summer to prepare for college?????????

Chris Armwood:Sprinting, running and footwork drills at Ragsdale on my own and with my defensive coach Johnny Boykin…….

10)Greensborosports.com:Have you ever been on the Greensborosports.com web site??????????

Chris Armwood:No, have not been on the site. Have heard others mention it, but haven’t been there…..