Q&A with Chris Armwood(Ragsdale HS) DB for West All-Stars

Question and answer session from Tuesday afternoon with Chris Armwood, from Ragsdale HS, who will be playing defensive back for the West in Wednesday night’s East-West All-Star Game….Chris will head to UNC-Charlotte in the fall and start training with the 49er’s, who get their football program up and running for the first season in 2012……..

1)Greensborosports.com:What has been the toughest/hardest part of the All-Star Week experience for you?

Chris Armwood:Two-a day practices….

2)Greensborosports.com:What was the most enjoyable part of the week/The most fun??

Chris Armwood:Playing football with different players from around the state and different counties….

3)Greensborosports.com:Any trips to the pool after practice and can you swim???

Chris Armwood:I hit the pool and I can swim….

4)Greensborosports.com:How many friends and family members will be at the game to watch you on Wednesday night????

Chris Armwood:Possibly 100 or more…..

5)Greensborosports.com:What’s something new that you’ve learned about football this week?????

Chris Armwood:Learned a different stance and how to make different reads…

6)Greensborosports.com:As a football player, what are your biggest strengths/weaknesses??????

Chris Armwood:Strength, it is my speed…Chris had over 690 kickoff return yards for Ragsdale last season and over 300 yards in punt returns…..Weakness, it my height….

7)Greensborosports.com:What is the most impressvie thing that you are hearing about the East, what makes the East a tough team to beat???????

Chris Armwood:They have tall receivers…..

8)Greensborosports.com:What will you miss most about your high school days????????

Chris Armwood:Hanging out with my teammates, eating out together, etc…..

9)Greensborosports.com:What have you done this summer to prepare for college?????????

Chris Armwood:Sprinting, running and footwork drills at Ragsdale on my own and with my defensive coach Johnny Boykin…….

10)Greensborosports.com:Have you ever been on the Greensborosports.com web site??????????

Chris Armwood:No, have not been on the site. Have heard others mention it, but haven’t been there…..


  1. Chris is a great young man and all the Ragsdale folks are proud to be associated with Chris and his family. There will definitely be more than 100 out there pulling for Chris to represent!

  2. Chris is we look forward to watching you play on Wednesday. We arre all very proud that you received this honor.

  3. Chris, we are so proud of you. Go and conquer the world. Good Luck tonight, we’ll all be there with Ragsdale Blue running in our blood. Have fun and enjoy tonight’s game, you deserve it.

  4. What a great night – we loved seeing Chris playing with the diamond R one more time. so proud of him! So proud to see the Ragsdale football family there to cheer for Chris and the West.

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