Twitter cuts down tall Tar Heel tree Marvin Austin: “Jus got to DC an I’m feeln a shopn spree … nobody gon be fresh as ME!!!”

These twitter comments involving North Carolina Tar Heel defensive lineman Marvin Austin are getting very interesting and you can CLICK HERE to check out all the details….


  1. This story is getting old in a hurry. It has not been proven that Austin or North Carolina have done anything wrong. It is all just Talk. Talk, Talk, Talk. Talk! I talked to my lawyer and he said this is nothing! Let’s move on!

  2. I bet your lawyer went to UNC and is delusional like most hole fans.
    The Secretary of State does not get involved over just talk.

  3. I’d like to have that Marvin Austin’s head on a platter. He has ruined our program and UNC will be on probation before the LSU game gets here. Get me that Austin’s head on a platter and give us our clean Heels team back the way it was before Austin went crazy in Miami. Sports Agents are nothing more than thugs from the ghetto and Austin is right there with them. The Heels were the cleanest program in the nation until Austin and his street agents came to Chapel Hill.

  4. All of you Dukie Holes don’t know what you are talking about. When is the last time Duke beat North Carolina in football. Butch Davis-Coach of the Year and Marvin Austin-All ACC and Defensive Player of the Year in the ACC

  5. Is this the same coach who can’t even win the toilet bowl in charlotte?

  6. I don’t believe Marvin can be defensive player of the year if he IS SUSPENDED AND PLAYS ZERO FOOTBALL GAMES.

  7. Everything is fine with the North Carolina football program. Didn’t you hear what Butch Davis said yesterday? Everything is OK!

    There are too many Wolfcrackers and Dukie Holes smart mouthing on here. HEELS WILL RULE! NEWS FLASH! North Carolina is going to the Orange Bowl people!

  8. There are too many tarholes on here that think they actually have built a football program.

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