Grimsley’s 7 on 7 versus Winston-Salem Atkins

This was a full-field 7 on 7 going the with the 100 yard distance and from what I could tabulate it was Atkins 3 scores and Grimsley 1….I spoke with new offensive coordinator Neal Mitchell after it was all over, and the Whirlies were doing their sprints, and he said that sounded like a fair assessment, 3 to 1…..

As one of our readers posted earlier and as they were coming out of the 7 on 7, there seemed to be a lot of positive energy flowing at today’s workout….

The field looked great, possibly the best it has ever looked, with bright green grass and bright white lines and things will be be looking up for the Whirlies, but it will take some time….Dominique McNair is going to be a player, but he will need some help…..DJ Reader will get some help up front, when Charlie Jones returns to the Grimsley football program, after a one-year absence…Jones is about 6’5 and weighs at least 275 or 280 and the thing I always noticed about Charlie, is that he has quick feet,…..Real big feet, but very quick feet…..Get them moving and maybe Charlie can convince Brian Doss to come out for the team…..Doss is very athletic and he has athletic smarts…..(Played for Lewis and Kiser, hasn’t played for Grimsley football yet.)

I saw Coach Edwards/Officer Edwards out there today….His son will be playing for the Grimsley JV’s this year and wearing #55….Mr. Manley, also known as Keitih’s dad, he was there and he has a son that will be another one of those big Grimsley offensive linemen…..

All in all a good day, that closed with some positives and the Whirlies won’t go back to work, until Monday afternoon…..


  1. There was one other person there worth mentioning Andy. Frank Starling, long time OL coach at Page and coach Corios position coach at GC. Also like point out what a unique position Corio is in. Not many former college players get High School coaching jobs that have the same home field as their college.

  2. Atkins isn’t supposed to that good this year..

    How did Grimsley only score once on them?

  3. WS Atkins has some very good athletes, they always do, and Grimsley is still putting a lot of new offensive ideas together under new offensive coordinator Neal Mitchell.

  4. Greensboro Community,

    Be patient. The atmosphere at Grimsley will be changing. I am a parent that has had children in the GHS community for the past 8 years, and I am not sure that anyone in the community truly understands the “disarray” that the football program has been in under previous leadership. I run through the school campus each nite after 11 (helps me clear my mind before bed), and there are always coaches cars at the office. They are working hard for the boys and the communtiy.

    I do not have a son that plays football, but I am very much still involved with the program. I have attended both of the parent meetings that the new staff has held, and they have the right ideas. You can very easily see these ideas being implemented if you go to a practice , or watch the intensity that Coach Corio brings to the weightroom with these boys.

    Joe, you ask how the Whirlies only scored once Thursday. I am going to answer that question like this…”WHO CARES?” If you could see the pride that those boys are starting to display in the Navy and White, you would say the same thing. It is going to take baby steps to change the atmosphere over there…

    Come and see for yourself…The Whirlies will be back on track soon…

  5. Go Whirles, I’m glad to hear your positive outlook but i hope you understand one thing. If Lewis Newman is still there don’t get your hopes up too high.

    I watched him during the 07-08 year when they played Page and it was his sons senior year. He did not come to the Whirlie lockeroom and say anything to the whirlie players before the game nor after the game. But he shook hands with Page players before the game and high fived the Page players after the game. Now I understand that his son was playing his senior year against a rivial team but you are the AD for this team as well. (This is fact cause i was in the locker room)

    I know Coach Corio and he is a good coach and i whish him and the Grimsley players the best this season.

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