Update on Proehlific Power at Virginia Beach

from one of our readers and we say thanks for the update:

The Power won their first game in the Palomino Regional 15-0 over the team from Suffolk. PP came out guns a blazing and the bats were red hot. They will face Lynnhaven today at 3pm.

Lynnhaven won their game13-5, but the Power look to be the team to beat.


  1. Jerry,
    Thank you for the update. Great to see how they have overcome all the injuries and are able to play superior teams with underwhelming ( I mean overwhelming) talent. Actually my nephew is a chicken farmer in Suffolk and he went to the three of the games in the tournament. His view of the teams there was that it was pretty weak competition. He played for the Marlins in the local palomino league in the mid-’90s and his words were that “4-5 league teams could beat the Greensboro team in this regional tournament”. Has baseball in the area gone down that much in 15 years? Remember that this is a team that has players from 9 teams, not 2-3 as they had when Alan A., Keith S., Red D., Charlie B., Buddy W., and Ron S. were coaching in the league and producing exciting baseball teams. My nephew reminded me that in the years that followed Alan’s world series win, the rules and teams changed every year to enable one local team to keep going to world series and padding their stats to try to win a second one.
    Pony baseball must really be struggling! Does any one but Greensboro participate in Pony, Colt, or Palomino baseball anymore? Just curious

  2. Once again Eddie you come on here and post a bunch of BS, always talking trash about something or someone!! Never see a positive post come from you, you must really be a nice one. From the looks of it your nephew must be as full of crap as you!!!

  3. Well, it looks like I was right again with my info from my nephew. you know what he has on his chicken farm that reminds me of you guys, don’t you?

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