Proehlific Power grab another win at Virginia Beach

from Friday:

Proehlific Power 6
Lynnhaven, Virginia 5

The Power will play again, this morning at 11am…..


  1. Lynnhaven Baseball dominated the PP Team today in Virginia Beach with a 9-4 victory in the first game and completed the sweep with a 10-0, five inning victory in the second game. Lynnhaven will advance to Pittsburgh next week.

  2. We hammered PP 9-4 and 10-0 yesterday after blowing a lead and losing 6-5 on Friday. It was two surprisingly easy wins over an “all-star” team that actually appeared to give up in the heat. Their coaches talked about all of their injuries, but their pride was the most visible injury to all of us here in the Tidewater, Once we took a lead, it was like watching a big sailboat on a windless day.
    We thought they would be a lot tougher competition with all the great facilities and reputations their coach bragged about. Just another example of having to play the game to gat a final result.
    Hope you guys all had a safe trip home!!! As a side note, it’s easy to be a good sport when you blow through the 1st two games, but it takes coaching and people skills to keep up that team intensity when you are watching a team bounce back through the loser’s bracket the way we did. Immaturity always comes out when the chips are down!

  3. Is it safe to assume that Proehlific Power won the regional tournament, since their opponent had to win 3 games in all that heat and they only had to win 1? I’ve heard from several sources that they feel they have a real shot to win the Palomino World Series this year. Please share the results!!!!!
    PS. Is not seeing the scores posted a BAD sign?

  4. Palomino baseball is a joke, especially in Greensboro. It has been for years. Is it really that much of a surprise that a Greensboro team folded? Nope.

  5. Palomino baseball (the league not PP) as it exists today is several steps removed from where it once was, but you have to admire the men and players who still participate for the experience. PP is nothing more than a family that is still trying to do what APWU did 15 years ago. It will never happen for reasons that do not even need to be explored on this blog. When the league was in its heyday, they were given every advantage to go to the world series (especially when it was in GSO) from changing feeder teams to having access to players from out of the area to the detriment of other teams and players. Time for them to give it up and forget it IMHO.

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