Update on the Greensboro Colt baseball teams in the East Zone Tournament at Stoner-White Stadium

Upcoming games for the Greensboro Colt All-Stars in the Colt Baseball East Zone Tournament going on this week at Stoner-White Stadium in Jaycee Park….The winner of this tournament advances to the Colt World Series next week at Lafayette, Indiana….

Greensboro White plays the team from NY today at 6:00pm.

Greensboro Green plays @ 3:00 on Friday…….

We talked last night, about the depth of the pitching on the Greensboro Green squad, with Corey Kimber and Joisel Colon plus Jaylin Davis; and I was noticing during a roster glance that they also have Ryan Stoneman and Adam Gunn on the squad as well, so that gives the Greensboro Green team at least five quality pitchers and a large number of arms to choose from……

Best of luck to both of the teams….


  1. Speaking of the colt roster. You didn’t mention Matt Orth or Matt Dale from SW or Reader and Kerns from Grimsley. Are they also available to pitch for this team?

  2. Orth and Dale are probably done with Colt for this season and playing weekend showcases only now…

    Reader has football practice starting on Monday and that is where his focus will lie now and I don’t know for sure about Kerns….

  3. I have seen Orth pitching showcase baseball with the DirtBags. I heard that Reader has been playing showcase baseball with the NC Baseball Academy and doing football camps and I believe Kerns has been playing with the GBC PrepStars 17U team. Having played all year for the showcase teams and playing when they could for the Colt teams, these boys probably felt more allegience to the showcase teams than to play in a maximum of two tournaments for the Colt All-Stars. They could have all helped as pitchers for the colt all-star teams. It is a shame that the colt program can’t schedule their regular season games on weeknights only so that the showcase players could fully commit to the Colt teams instead of having to choose between showcase and colt on the weekends.

  4. I had a friend name Tommy Meyers that tried that and wanted to make it a high school league that would give more kids a chance to play and help all the high schools in the area. I heard that the older board members did not like the change and puts Tommy out. I hope they can find there a way to talk to him because he has same great ideas about baseball in greensboro before travel ball takes over. I know when Tommy was in the league it had at 14 year old all-star team because the city does not do that any more.

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