Update on the Greensboro Colt baseball teams in the East Zone Tournament at Stoner-White Stadium

Upcoming games for the Greensboro Colt All-Stars in the Colt Baseball East Zone Tournament going on this week at Stoner-White Stadium in Jaycee Park….The winner of this tournament advances to the Colt World Series next week at Lafayette, Indiana….

Greensboro White plays the team from NY today at 6:00pm.

Greensboro Green plays @ 3:00 on Friday…….

We talked last night, about the depth of the pitching on the Greensboro Green squad, with Corey Kimber and Joisel Colon plus Jaylin Davis; and I was noticing during a roster glance that they also have Ryan Stoneman and Adam Gunn on the squad as well, so that gives the Greensboro Green team at least five quality pitchers and a large number of arms to choose from……

Best of luck to both of the teams….