Greensboro Green will face NY again on Saturday for the Colt East Zone Tournament Title

Frriday night it was:
New York YSL 16
Kempsville, Virginia 5

5 innings

On Saturday at 11am, it will be the Greensboro Green team at (2-0), facing the Youth Services League team from New York(2-1), for the Colt Baseball East Zone Championship…..

Greensboro Green defeated New York 6-4 on Friday afternoon, behind home runs from Corey Kimber and Jonathan Olczak….Greensboro was up 3-0 as NY came to the plate in the bottom of the sixth inning and Youth Services team went into rally mode…..

New York must beat Greensboro Green two times on Saturday under the double-elimination format, while Greensboro only needs one win to claim the title, based on their unbeaten record in the tourney, over the first three days…..

The winner of Saturday’s Championship will earn a berth in next week’s Colt Baseball World Series, at Lafayette, Indiana….

Greensboro Green vs. New York on Saturday morning at 11am at Stoner-White Stadium in Jaycee Park….

Greensboro Green possible pitchers:
Josiel Colon
Jaylin Davis
Ryan Stoneman
Adam Gunn
or others……….


  1. goog luck to the green team—my son played on the ’97 team that went to the colt world series–it was a great experience for all of us! he had great teammates and good coaches who were excellent examples for the team—-they overcame a lot of adversity by winning 5 straight games after losing their 1st game—i am glad this program is still successful.

  2. Olczak, got it and that is going to be a tough to remember, but we will get and expect to see big things from that kid in the future along with our other new names over the past few years of Kuxhausen, Jaylin, Holleman and others….

    I think Olczak was at NWG last year and he is headed to HP Wesleyan this upcoming school-year….

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