Greensboro Green Colt baseball team with WFMY News 2 Sports’ Brian Hall

Getting ready to head to Lafayette, Indiana, for the Colt Baseball World Series, WFMY NEWS 2 Sports photojournalist Brian Hall caught up with the Greensboro Green team today, during their practice session, at Ragsdale High School….

CLICK HERE to check out Brian Hall with Greensboro Green, the East Zone Colt All-Star Champions……..


  1. This Greensboro Green team is exceptionally deep at every position. They appear to have all of the essential elements to go far into the Colt World Series. They have power hitters, batters who can hit for average, great defensive skills and a deep pitching rotation. They haven’t even scratched the depth of their pitching staff yet because there has been no need to bring in any true closers.

    Lafayette is going to be a good test for the boys because they are in an extremely difficult White Division with Mexico. Puerto Rico will be a tremendous challenge in the Red Division but I foresee Greensboro making the semi-finals and from there anything is possible.

    Good Luck to the East Zone Champs from Greensboro. Bring home the hardware. There needs to be another championship banner on that big fence at Stoner White Stadium. …it has been way too long.

  2. looked @ the colt world series brackets and this will present a good chance to win—it’s weker with 8 teams instead of 10 and hoosier north actually is a north zone winner instead of a host—3 foreign teams and the host team sounds like they are losing teams—just look at the pony site—there are 4 teams from pa in an eight team tournamnet!!! greensboro appears to be one of the last nc holdouts for this organization.

  3. i am so sick and tired of naysayers undermining every event when it should be a time for the city to stand together and applaud the work and dedication of coaches and athletes, we would rather listen to the idle ramblings of a few idle minds an 8 team world series does not make it weaker, it merely mirrors other world series events

    the youth of greensboro needs the PONY organization and any other baseball groups that allow kids an opportunity to take the field and learn the game of baseball we need the coaches and we need the administrators that put forth their time unselfishly. baseball is a hard game to master and many youths would rather take the short cut to less arduous sports decreased participation is a nationwide epidemic not unique to PONY the key to success is positive promotion and ample opportunity

    this is a true world series with kids traveling from around the globe to compete in Indiana if the greensboro team comes home with the gold, then nothing will be diminished because they would have worked just as hard and sweated just as much if each bracket contained twice as many teams you are gravely confusing quantity with quality guilford county is a hot-bed for baseball talent, it always has been and hopefully always will be these are 15-16 year old kids who are getting ready to have an experience that will provide a life-time of memories you should be proud and happy for them instead of being so negative

    if you don’t like the way things are being done then get involved and change it or otherwise keep your negativity to yourself

  4. Dear Naysayers be Gone,
    Maybe Mr. Coley should move up near me where all the children are good looking and above average. Why is it that the only people who can have an opinion or make a statement have to say something is great or wonderful!!!!! The man only stated what he thought were facts, and I see nothing wrong with that as a read of this blog. You and those like you are part of the “dumbing down” of America (and Greensboro particularly). If you think everything is great and that people should only say good things, then you are a little bit strange!
    If he thinks Pony baseball stinks, then let him say so! He didn’t say anything about any of the young men who play the way I read it! He only stated what he felt was fact.
    Let me hear from you or just catch me on 91.5 ( that’s NPR on the FM dial).
    PS. Do you ever watch PTI or OTL on ESPN? You mut really hate those shows where they “tell it like it is”.

  5. mr. keilor
    thank you so much for the american civics lesson. the only things missing were Patrick Henry, a soap box and anything resembling contribution to a sports blog. If I wanted to be critiqued on the righteous availability of opinins, I would have consulted my mother-in-law, her opinions are always unsolicited and never correct either. but, in her defense, she may be the most irritating person to ever walk this planet but she does have the commn sense and positive self esteem not to lob shameless career plugs into a completely un-related format….

    you have completely missed my point on this subject. let me dummy-down my sports-related explanation so that you can follow without the need for a minimum-wage intern with twice your IQ whispering the answers into your febreeze smelling head-phones. there are a select few who contribute to this blog that demean every present day accomplishment by the insertion of negative barbs intended to down-size the importance of the event or deed. in this case mr. coley intended to reduce the importance of the world series by an illogical comparion between the quantity of teams and the quality of teams that are participating.

    I don’t expect you to understand the reasoning because I’m sure you are aimlessly searching other blogs for an ill-timed career lob attempt….have you tried posting sticky-notes on car windshields yet? how about standing at intersections with a sandwich board?

    good luck with that comprehension dilemma you are experiencing..

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