Top quarterback Christian LeMay may opt for private school

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Butler High quarterback Christian LeMay and his father have a meeting scheduled with Victory Christian school officials Thursday, a source close to the school told the Charlotte Observer.

LeMay is considered one of the nation’s top 20 college recruits by most scouting services. He committed to Georgia in May. In June, he broke a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools code of conduct rule and was given a 30-day out-of-school suspension.

*****We are also hearing that former Dudley basketball guard Jaquel Richmond, who was heading to United Faith in Charlotte, is going to be attending High Point Wesleyan(Wesleyan Christian Academy) instead……Head coach at HPW is former Maryland Terrapin guard, Keith Gatlin….*****


  1. With PJ and Richmond gone from Dudley, who is left worth watching at Dudley. It seems like the top 10 boys players in Guilford Co have all went the private school route. The same situation had already occurred in other cities such as Raleigh and Charlotte so I guess it was Greensboros turn. All 4 of the private schools will be extremely tough to beat this year (i.e. HP Wesleyan, Greensboro Day, WestChester and ORMA).

    I have also heard that the girls private school teams at ORMA and Greensboro Day may be the top 2 teams in Guilford Co this year (especially ORMA).

  2. It all happens because parents think their children are better than what they are. It is all an off shoot of the AAU mentality. If my child is not getting the playing time or is not being utilized the way they believe they should be, it is time to transfer. There are certain instances where a transfer is necessary, but that is not the norm. I know I am going to hear the same old responses. A parent has the right to do whatever they feel is best for their child. I get that. In many cases, the real solution is to work harder and get better. It is also a parent’s responsibility to be objective with your child’s ability.
    With all that being said, I want all of the kids to be successful. I hope all of the transfers work out, but experience tells me that will not be the case.

  3. Tom ,you said a mouthful,but, it’s the truth and a great many people around here . . . . .don’t want to handle the truth.

  4. Twenty years ago my father told me “Boy If you can play, you can play! it doesnt matter who the competition is. The only real competition you have against yourself” I still believe thats true. While I dont blame parents for doing what they think is best for their child, I wonder if they are demanding that their child work hard and play his best at all times.
    I personnally think that a parent does more harm than good by making their child believe they are better than they are.

  5. andy with all these transfers in boys basketball who do you think will earn the top 3 rankings in the state?

  6. If a kid is good enough he will get noticed! Parents should just focus on letting the kid enjoy one of the greatest times of their life! If they’re good enough everything will work out in the end.

  7. I really don’t see nothing wrong with a kid stepping out of their normal circle and playing against better talent. Alot of these kids play the same teams year after year. For some players, not all of them, need to see where they stand on a more competitive level.

  8. So Tom says, “It all happens because parents think their children are better than what they are.” If Tom is correct, than why has Greensboro Day been so successfull in basketball and why has Wesleyan won state titles in 2 of the 3 last years in baseball? The kids go to where the best competition and coaching is. Why is Forsyth Country Day and High Point Christian consistently good in all sports and why will ORMA be successfull in basketball, football and next year in baseball? It appears to me that either the kids going to these schools are better athletes or either the coaching at the private schools is better or maybe both are true. If the private schools can afford to “scholarship/recruit” the best athletes to play for the best coaches I say “good deal” because these kids can not get the same skill development in any of the public schools much less get noticed by college colleges. I recently talked with a college baseball coach and he will only visit a couple of GCS schools because the kids are not being prepared for college level play at the rest. Let the public schools play for fun while the private schools prepare the kids for the competitive world that we live in.

  9. GDS is so successful in basketball because they have one of the best coaches in the state. If you haven’t noticed, how many kids transfer between these private schools when they don’t get the playing time they want? Take a look at the resume of some of the better players in the area. It consists of 2,3 and even 4 high schools. To say that they simply move around for better competition and coaching is over simplifying it. Bad grades, no playing time, playing out of position, crazy parents, better coaching and better competition are just some of the reasons kids transfer. It would be refreshing to see a kid work on his game, work on his grades and stay at their local high school.

  10. I just say u have to do whats best for your child academics and sports wise.But this picture is not adding up 2 players leaving . Is it the coaching or the kids

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