Update on Greensboro Green at Colt World Series in Lafayette, Indiana

Courtesy of Don Stowe local Greensboro Colt Baseball leader/organizer….

Just to give everyone an update on the Colt team.

They arrived in Lafayette, IN on Thursday evening. They begin play on Saturday @ 2:30 against Hoosier North (a local team).

Bret Garrett the Head Coach was not able to travel with the team due to the football coach at Wheatmore, Coach Everhart, not allowing him out of a Saturday practice.

He(Bret Garrett) hopes to get there late Saturday and coach on Sunday.

They(Greensboro Green) play again on Sunday @ 5:30 pm against Mexico.

Games can be heard on Hoosierauthority.com…..

Thanks to Don Stowe for the update and it is a shame that Coach Garrett could not travel with his team on Thursday, to Indiana……


  1. I can’t believe Everhart would not let Bret go coach the team. When Everhart was at Ragsdale he told the football coaches that football came before family during football season. I’m hoping there is more to it than this.

  2. Wheatmore Football should be embarrased. Coach Garrett deserves better. Bet it would be different if Everhart got selected to the East/West Allstar game as a coach. Is Garrett going to make it as a football coach or baseball coach? Oh, didn’t he get coach of the year in baseball on his 1st head coaching job this past season? Shame on you Everhart.

  3. The man’s priorities are definitely twisted. Choosing local-yocal high school football over an international stage. A completely self-serving act with no thought whatsover to the large number of high schools and geographic areas represented by the Greensboro team and what the Colt World Series actually means.

    I now have a new favorite high schoool football team….whoever is playing Wheatmore!!

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