Can anyone help this kid find a basketball home?

He’s basketball homeless and he needs a place to play, can anyone help this kid out?????

Hey, my name is Nathan and I love the game of basketball. I turn 13 September 4 and I’m really good. I can play all 5 poistions. I have the skills to. I play Rec ball and I start every game either as piont gaurd or power forwad….

If u have any question u can call me 252 342 1560…….


  1. I’ll bet he’s already gotten a couple of calls—one from Mo Green letting him know that he is not welcome in Guilford county and guess where the other one was from. Point guard to power forward is quite a difference even @ 12-13!

  2. Any kid willing to put their information out into a public format desires a real answer. Hopefully, someone did contact the kid but if not, here are the 2 largest and best AAU organizations for boys in the triad – Phoenix #336-358-2100 and NC Gaters #336-856-0004.

    If the kid is as good as he thinks he is or as what others are telling him, then he must get out of rec b-ball now. Rec b-ball (aka YMCA) is not even in the same class as competitive AAU basketball.

    Good Luck – Kid (Nathan) !!

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