Headed to the Colt World Series Championship Game at Lafayette, Indiana(Greensboro wins semifinal 4-2)

Greensboro Green will play Puerto Rico for the COLT WORLD SERIES TITLE on Thursday night at around 7:05 at Lafayette, Indiana….The last and only time Greensboro won the COLT WORLD SERIES was back in 1965…..

Greensboro Green 4
Lafayette, Indiana 2

WP:Jaylin Davis
Save:Jonathan Olczak
HR:(GSO) Jaylin Davis

Top of the 3rd Greensboro at the plate…..Inside the park home run gave Lafayette the lead….Peter Ripke with the HR as two Greensboro outfielders collided going for the ball….(Joisel Colon did suffer a slight concussion on this play.)

Greensboro came up with a long fly ball to centerfield and they didn’t know what the call would be….Umpires were talking….(Now declared a ground-rule double by Joisel Colon)….Colon at second and Mitch Carstens at third…..SAC Fly by Keith Robinson to right field and Carstens tags and scores and it is now tied at 1-1……

Jaylin Davis just hit a two-run homer for Greensboro to right field….. Now Greensboro up 3-1 after the HR by Davis….

Jaylin Davis is pitching for Greensboro…..


  1. Great job boys! Coach Hall and Coach Dezearn, ya’ll are doing a great job! Keep up the good work, eventhough the people up there don’t think that you have a chance I know ya’ll are going to do it and bring that banner back to Greensboro. We are a good team and I know they are prepared. Tell Josiel that I hope he gets to feeling better. Wish I could be there to enjoy all of this with ya’ll!

  2. Great job guys. Everyone is looking forward to Thursday and Greensboro will be cheering you kids on……

    I still remember hearing occasionally about some of the names on the 1965 team that won it all, like Ronnie Rudd, Ronnie Cox, Vic Coffin, Barry Councilman etc….

  3. Greensboro played a tremendous game. Timely hitting, good defense, pitching that bent but never broke. It was a hostile environment as the stands were packed with 3,000+ Greensboro haters cheering every call that went the home teams way and booing every call that went to Green. You could hear a pin drop when Jonathan Olczak struck out the final Lafayette batter to seal the victory. Then the Greensboro contingent in the stands went wild.

    But what really impressed me was that the entire Greensboro team didn’t jump around and get overly excited like Puerto Rico had done at the end of the prior game. The Greensboro players were happy and congratulated each other but acted like the semi-final win was something they were supposed to do and they knew that they had not yet accomplished what they came to Indiana to do. The whole post-game player celebration was business-like and very impressive for a group of 15 &16 year olds. I’m ashamed to say that we fans and parents in the stands were not quite as mature as the players because we did a lot of joyous yelling and hugging.

    A lot of hearts stopped when Josiel Colon and Corey Kimber violently collided in center field at full speed while aggressively going for a deep fly. Corey walked off the field under his own power and sat in the dugout for a couple of innings. Purdue University had a medical trainer with him in the dugout before it was decided he should seek medical attention at a local hospital. He is still being evaluated at this time. We all hope that everything turns out okay for the young man. He has had a tremendous tournament.

    Puerto Rico rolled through a Hoosier North team 10-2 in the first game of the night. The game was not nearly as close as the eight run differential may imply. Puerto Rico’s batters pounded every pitcher that Hoosier North sent to the mound. It was viscious and Puerto Rico mercifully substitued early.

    I would not be surprised if Puerto Rico sends Daniel Concepcion to the mound on Thursday. Greensboro Green projected stating pitcher for the Colt World Series Championship Game is Ryan Stoneman, RHP from Grimsley.

    It has been 45 years since the last Colt World Series Championship for Greensboro.

    Good Luck to Green….one more job to do boys….bring it home.

  4. Excellent wrapup of last night’s game from our fan/fans out in Lafayette….

    Again, that is super info and we say Thanks!

    Good luck to the Greensboro Green team and maybe some of those kids from back in ’65 will be checking out tonight’s game at http://www.HoosierAuthority.com with Sweet Lou and the crew……

  5. Guys, I think we’re as confused as the announcers.

    I spoke to a Green player today and it was Colon that was injured and went to the hospital. His jaw hit Kimbers leg and he was woozy. While warming up in the outfield later in the game he felt sick and came out of the game.

    Supposedly he is fine now, I hope (1) that he is indeed fine and (2) that he can go tonight.

  6. I think Coach Garrett said something about it being Colon too on the injury in the outfield…..

  7. My sincere apologies on the typo from late last night. My mind was thinking Josiel and my fingers erroneously typed Corey. It was Colon that came out of the game….Sorry for the confusion.

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