Brandon Burkes update from Dudley Panthers’ staff

We will be interviewing Brandon next week……

Hello Andy.

Brandon’s surgery went well, it lasted about 5.5 hours and
the doctors say everything went well. Brandon’s family has set up a relief fund for Brandon’s medical expenses and wanted to know if you would post it on your site.(We will be posting this info ASAP.)

Also, the family also wanted to know if you would like to speak or interview Brandon. You’ve done so much for the community especially for Dudley. Please let me know if this is something you might want to do and we will arrange it.

Thanks again Andy.

Brandon Burkes updates:

Brandon came out of surgery tonight about 10pm. He’s in ICU now as
a precaution. Doctors feel the surgery was a success. Brandon will be in the neck brace for at least 6 weeks and they therapy. Brandon is still upbeat. He was able to talk and eat some ice cream after surgery. I will be there tomorrow morning. The family thought you might have been there today. Fox 8 and WXII both came and did a press interview. I sat with the Burkes for support and to take any questions that they could not handle emotionally. The kids that I coach are family to me, I love them all and they all know it. Andy,
the family we would love to speak with you if you want to.


  1. Have know Brandon for many years. I am very sorry for his unfortunate accident,but
    please stop with all of the interviews and let the dear child get some rest so that he can
    have a speedy recovery,get back in school and move on with his life,but continue to
    keep him and his family in your prayers as i will.

    Love to You and Your Family


  2. contuining to wish brandon a speedy recovery!! to God be the glory for no paralysis for the young man… he is up and walking a little bit. i know he was released from the hospital today. also everyone please keep Demetrius McCorkle in their prayers and pray for a speedy recovery. Demetrius went down in dudley’s first scrimmage on friday at eastern alamance versus burlington willams. i believe it was the first or second play of the game while on defense. he was carted off and sent to the alamance regional hospital where he had to stay over night. it appears that he has dislocated his hip. doctors believe their are no fractures of the hip. this is a huge injury for the rb/db and another huge injury for the dudley panthers. we hope this is the end of the injury bug for the panthers… not sure how much more they can take… especially within one week. continue to pray for these young men and their recoveries.

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