More numbers to ponder as season approaches

Area’s Top returning rushers and their numbers from last year:

1)Josh Hawkins(Glenn) 1,828 yards and 17 TD’s…..
2)D’onovan Smith(Ragsdale) 1,443 yards and 12 TD’s….
3)Mycah Gaylord(Dudley) 1,300 yards and 12 TD’s…
4)Chris Hairston(WS Parkland) 1,279 yards and 9 TD’s…
5)Drew Rogers(Page) 1,162 yards and 16 TD’s…..

Area’s Top returning receivers:
1)Jake Gainey(WS Reynolds) 1,301 yards and 20 TD’s…..
2)Maurice Harris(Northern Guilford) 1,210 yards and 18 TD’s…..


  1. Lenny and Thuc saw most of the carries early on in the season.. Drew started pushing them as things got going. He started off the first half or so of the season as the 3rd back.

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