How the conferences(Piedmont Athletic) are shaping up

Here’s a look at how the Piedmont Athletic 2-A Conference might be shaping up this season….

Pre-season standings courtesy of….
1)WS Carver
2)High Point Andrews
5)WS Atkins

For a look at these teams, we will go with NC Preps, since I have barely seen any of these teams. I did see a little bit of HPA, at the Elon 7 on 7 and I saw WS Atkins over at Grimsley in a 7 on 7 against the Whirlies….Former Page assistant Nat Norris, is over at Andrews now, and hopefully he will get a chance to help out with the Red Raiders, in between fall baseball sessions….


  1. Andrews has the talent in place to make a run at the PA 2-A. I think we’ll know tomorrow based on how Carver does @ Dudley and Andrews does against Smith.

  2. They should make a run. There’s nobody in the conference other than Andrews and Carver.

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