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On our radio broadcast Friday night with Page vs. WS Parkland we named James Summers as our Player of the Game and in choosing a Player of the Week from last Friday, I would have to go with Daniel Downing from Northern Guilford, for his work in the Nighthawks’ 35-14 victory over the Western Guilford Hornets….

I would put James Summers at a close second and here are the numbers and the story on the two…..

Daniel Downing had a hand in four(4) Nighhawk touchdowns, rushing for 2 TD’s, on runs of one-yard on each score, he returned a punt of 57 yards for a TD and he threw a 44-yard pass for a touchdown, to Mark Mitchell……Downing was 5-9 for 101 yards on the evening……
*****The big note on Downing is he did all of the above as the backup QB, taking over for regular starter Rocco Scarfone, who was out with an injury…..*****

James Summers from Page threw 2 TD passes and ran for another and he ended up with right at 90 yards passing and over 75 rushing…….Great opening night for Summers and a big win for the Page Pirates….

Do you agree with Double D, Daniel Downing, or do you have another nominee, other than Double D?????


  1. I completely agree with your pick of Double D!! He is an AMAZING athlete and I am so happy that all of Guilford County will now have as much fun watching him play as we have for the past few years. Thank you for giving him the attention he so richly deserves. And don’t forget, HE IS A JUNIOR!! Great kid and great family!

  2. Elijah Jordan Ben L. Smith High School 25 Carries 159 yards 2 Touchdowns 5 Receptions 54 Yards 1 Touch Down in a 24-6 Victory over T. W. Andrews

    213 Total yards of Offense with 3 TD”s

  3. Elijah Jordan Ben L. Smith
    25 Carries 159 yards 2 TD’s
    5 Carries 54 yards 1 TD’s
    24-6 Victory over HP Andrews

  4. I’m giving my MVP not to one person but to the NW Guilford Defense. They held Eastern to 0 points and I think less than 60 or 70 yards of total offense. They also had 3 int’s way to go Defense!

  5. Pirates defense > Vikings defense

    They played a better Parkland team and held them scoreless. They had 4 turnovers, 1 fumble and 3 INTs. The second string defense played the whole 4th quarter as well, against Parkland’s first string offense.

  6. I was at the game. NW had 3 picks on defense and played mostly all 2nd and 3rd team kids in the 2nd half. NW put in all back-up players and were still a force on defense! Great all around team win Vikings!

  7. Parkland would beat Eastern.

    I guess if you guys say they had 3 INTs, then I guess they did.. The N&R said they only had 2..

  8. When was the last time the News and Record got anything right when it comes to High School Football in this State!

    BTW-The last pick came with about 30 seconds to go in the game. I can almost bet the N&R had already left the game.

    Really….Comparing which one is the worst Eastern or Parkland. Both teams played two really good teams in NW and Page! Both have great defense’s and both will win a lot of games this fall. As for Eastern and Parkland their not that bad they will both win a few games this year. They just weren’t ready for a team with the talent of Page and NW.

  9. After watching both Eastern in scrimmages and Parkland in a game, well, I’d have to agree with HS Football really, because it would be a toss up. In my opinion, Eastern has a better defense and Parkland would have the better offense. But, both teams will struggle this year I do believe.

  10. Parkland had the one very good RB, #1 Chris Hairston…..When you subtract him from the equation, they didn’t have a lot of offense……

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