We need help in the Palomino pen

Big request coming in today and can anyone out there, help us with this one????? Hornets77 posted a number for Tom Veal with us last week, but the bottom line is, we need that Palomino Fall Baseball Schedule….

Can you help out with this special request…..Air Suuply once had that tune, that said, “Pliot of the airwaves, here is my request, you don’t have to play it, but I hope you’ll do your best, I’ve been listening to your show on the radio and you seem like a friend to me”…….

Here is that special request for the Palomino Schedule……

I am looking for a schedule for the Greensboro Palomino Fall Baseball League usually played at Stoner White; do you by chance have one???????

Mam/Sir, we are looking for that info…….


  1. Andy I hear you loud and clear. The schedule is not out yet but the first game will be Sept. 11. Most games will be played as you stated at Stoner-White. A few will be played in Asheboro and Reidsville. We’ll send you a copy as soon as we get it. Thanks for recognizing our kids. Over and out.

  2. From whatt I understand most of the better players in the area are playing travel ball this fall. North Carolina Baseball Academy, Proehlific Park and Dirtbags. Scouts and coaches can go to those games and see lots of talent in one location, plus it is very good competition. I know there are showcases at Coastal Carolina University, Charleston, East Cobb, Wake Forest and Jupiter, Florida for the Perfect Games tournament. I was out at Proehlific Park the other night and saw a little bit of their workout. They looked really big and strong. Hopefully all our local teams can do well and kids reach the next level.

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