Northeast and Northern Guilford to end series after this season?

This note coming in today from one of our readers and this really does cause a stir among the proverbial scheduling pot/plot……The stew is starting to get thick and let’s wait and see what will stick, or how they all pick, who they will play……

I recently heard that Northeast Guilford has decided to not schedule a
football game with Northern Guilford in 2011.

If this is factual, I am very disappointed!! Last year’s game was outstanding and this year has the potential to be as well.. I felt that Northeast, Northern, and Northwest would become very fierce rivals in the years ahead due to the geographical boundaries of the three schools.

It would be a real shame if Northeast decides to end this rivalry after just a couple of seasons.


  1. It is a shame that SOUR GRAPES reasoning is going to prevent boys from both these high schools from participating in what COULD have become a GREAT rivalry in the years ahead!!! I was always taught to not run away from my problems, but to face them head on! Oh well, unfortunatley it sounds like the fans will have to watch these two teams last game this Friday…it should be a good one!

  2. Last year’s game with Northern and Northeast was one of the best of the year with NG winning on a punt return by Keenan Allen on the very last play of the game…

    NEG had the lead, Allen had been injured and he was out of the game as NEG got ready to punt the ball…..Allen, even though injured, came back in the game, fielded the ball at about his own 35, and then ran past the Rams and avoided a sure tackle at mid-field and took the ball to the house and Northern won the game….

    This year’s matchup should be a great one too….NEG has speed and NG is coming off of that win over Western with Daniel Downing at QB….

    If it was me, and I’m not a football coach, but I have followed the games closely, I would keep Downing at QB and have Rocky play DB when he returns….

    If and when Downing were to falter, then I would bring in Scarfone and until then, I would go with the horse that brung me as Coach Bobby Bowden would say….No dis on Rocky, but if we can make it with Downing and that frees up Scarfone to focus on defense, why not????? Rocky is going to ECU as a DB anyway….

    Northern got players from both NEG and NWG during the re-districting process and Coach Pursley would just as soon beat you with the players he lost and still beat you….Coach Pursley has been around a long time, and there isn’t much that he won’t be ready for, or prepared to face…..He knows that it all comes with the territory……

    We are all looking forward to a great match-up with NEG at NG on Friday night and and let’s all hope this isn’t the last meeting between these two football teams….

    The AD’s will have the final say on this one……As for Friday, my numbers tell me that Northern is the early favorite, coming off of last Friday night’s win over Western and with the fact this week’s game with NEG and NG will be played at Northern…..

  3. Did Pursely let Anson county use there facility last year before they played NOrthern, If he could not beat them maybe he could help a better team and better coached team beat them and they did, He did not want Roscoe to come in and take all the shine

  4. Harris made the move to Northern and the County OK’ed it and Stephone Anthony(LB) and Brandon Ellerbe(RB) are the reasons that NEG and NG both lost to Anson County and one of the early season shockers is that highly-regarded Anson County lost 20-16, to Marshville Forrest Hills, in their opener last Friday night and Anthony is rated among the Top Ten HS football at linebacker in the nation……

    Food for thought….

  5. I had to make one change above on my Anson County names….The name of the runningback is Brandon Ellerbe, not Phillip Ellerbe…

    Phillip Ellerbe was the kid, “Flip” Ellerbe at Richmond County back when Coach Darryl Barnes and QB Mike Thomas were there…..I think that they called him Flip “Rabbit” Ellerbe…….

  6. NO No No Andy,

    Flip Ellerbe was not “Rabbit.” That Kids name is Micheal “Rabbit” Waddell. He went on to play DB at carolina and the tennese titans.

  7. This game should continue simply for economic reasons. It is going to bring in a much bigger gate than any team they could possibly attract. Both programs will benefit. Hopefully calmer heads will prevail.

  8. If I was a coach or AD in Guilford County, I would not have anything to do with Northern Guilford. They continually seem to get away with stuff that no other high school can get away with, especially in football. Due to past Northern Guilford screw ups, the rest of the county is having to deal with an unexplainable eligibility process that no one seems to really understand, especially the higher powers downtown. If NEG continued to play Northern and beat them, Northern would be recruiting their players. Its a no win for NEG.

  9. Yes, I do remember Waddell and he was the Rabbit of that bunch….I also remember the Mike Waddell kid that went to Guilford College and went to become the assistant AD at Cincinnati….

    Good call on “The Rabitt” and I’m glad we got that one cleared up….There were a lot of big name players at Richmond County when Coach Barnes was there and he was a good one…..

  10. The irregularities at Northern came from boy’s basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball and from cheerleading and the problems came based upon kids living out of district and attending Northern during the 2008/2009 school year….

    The football team did not get in any trouble and nothing was proven against them….They are in the clear and have been over the past year….

    They are talented….But you have to let them play and check them out, they could be a fun team to watch play this season….Who knows, they may become the top team in Guilford County before it’s over, you never know….

    Big Game Friday Night with Northeast at Northern…….

  11. The biggest and most heated rivalry in Guilford County is HP Central vs HP Andrews this game has been played for years, give me a break, NE vs Northern is nothing compared to this game lets move on to more important subjects on this site.

  12. Biggest Rivalries in GCS System are

  13. Fred,
    Are u drunk?
    1) Page/Grimsley
    4,5,6 take your picks

  14. Crazy to see a school give up a huge football gate for some petty reason. One packed house football game can make more money than the combined gates of all other sports combined at some schools.

    Maybe the NCHSAA will fix it by putting the schools into the same conference. They should be anyway.

    With regards to the biggest rivalries (and to the topic of canceling games) add Ragsdale – Southwest. Huge natural rivalry in ALL SPORTS that is going on thirty years now. A Ragsdale- Southwest game in any sport is probably one of the biggest gates the schools have. But a few years back, SWG AD was tired of getting creamed by Ragsdale every year in football so he dropped Ragsdale from the schedule. That cost both schools so much money. Ragsdale retaliated by dropping every game with Southwest in other sports like basketball, baseball and soccer. That lasted about two years before cooler heads prevailed and the schools got back to playing.

  15. not everyone @ northern was dirty. some of the programs were, but not everyone in them was. some people were clueless what was going on. was the band director punished for having a tuba player who lived out of the district?

  16. Because of Northern past digressions, they have been forced to run a squeaky clean program. Let the past go! BTW, not every program at Northern was dirty. Most of the coaches do things the right way.

  17. I will agree not every program was dirty. I don’t think Track was in trouble for anything. But the Big 2 were……

  18. Yo, I think the drinking comments were being attributed toward Fred and his remarks about the football rivals…

    Don’t take the comments personally and Y0 we need to let it go on Northern….Guilford County gave the Nighthawks, the good to go and they are playing ball in the bright sunlight and not under a dark cloud….

    I plan on being out there at Northern next Friday night and Yo, I will let you know if I see any suspicious activities….

    Time to let it go and the teams are ready to put on a show this Friday night, so let’s all enjoy some HS Football….

    I want to attend the games at our local schools and be welcomed in and not be greeted by a shaking fist, so let’s go with the good stuff, and there is plenty of around the county….

  19. Andy,

    I cannot agree more. “Let’s focus on the Good Stuff.” I will never understand why so many focus on the negative. I read the site every couple of days to see what is going on with the Local Sports in Greensboro. I do not comment much but, when I do I am proud to post my name.

  20. Andy – Glad you are coming to the game on Friday! It should be a great one!


  21. Look for Northern to lose a couple of games this year and not go very deep in the play-offs. Also, look for Roscoe to check out as well. He knows last year was his one shot at the state championship, pending the strict rules Guilford County has put on eligibility. Too bad for the good kids that he is going to bring all this bad karma to them. Maybe ORMA will come and take all of Northern’s best players.

  22. The word we keep getting on Northern is that all the old talk that we were hearing has rolled on through and the current Nighthawk kids are ready to stay the course and work toward a very successful season.

    The time is now to roll in a good way for all of our Guilford County teams and maybe we can get one of them deep into the playoffs in November….

  23. Andy – Again, glad you are coming to the game on Friday! Northeast Vs. Northern should be a great game!

    Everybody catch a game in your neighborhood and support your high school teams ! There are a lot of good match ups this week.

    These boys are practicing hard and playing their hearts out, so let’s support all of them!

  24. Our crew will be at Northern for Northern vs. Dudley next Friday night….We will be at Dudley as the the Panthers host Ragsdale tomorrow night….Looking forward to heading out toward Spencer-Dixon Road next Friday…

    When it comes to ball, we hope to get to see them all and we plan to get updates on NEG-Northern this week from the Nighthawks’ golf coach Chris Jones….

    We plan on making a drop-in at the Grimsley-High Point Central JV game tonight at Jamieson Stadium….Hoping to stop over there after our Shane’s Rib Shack Show….

  25. Not that anyone cares, but the tuba player at Northern I believe you are referring to that is now at college playing in the band lives at the end of my street and has for over two years. We are firmly in the Northern District. They just chose to stay at the former high school until the older brother graduated. Go Nighthawks!

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