Vote for Josh Tobias(SEG) at Perfect Game

Which HR Derby winner projects more ‘Big League’ power? Join us and vote for Josh Tobias, from Southeast Guilford High School when you CLICK HERE and head to the Perfect Game web site…….

Josh is off to a good start. Let’s all rally behind the local kid and push him over the top, so he can win this contest and represent Guilford County, on the Big Baseball Map…..


  1. Andy,

    Who else is in the running ?

    Would it not make sense for people to educate themselves on the matter before casting a vote for someone just because he lives nearby.

    The time is near for all the “Champion Projectees” to hit the field and see if all the years of Fluff adds up to any Substance.

    Good Luck to All.

  2. When you click on the link above you will see all the contestants and you can vote for who you want to….I just hope we will get a lot of votes for Josh so we can keep it in the county….This is America and you can do what you want, but I have trained with Josh in the past and would love to see him win the award and if we can help out, let’s do it….

    As you stated above, good luck to all….

  3. It’s not hard to figure out if you can read!

    It’s a simple question – which Home Run Derby winner projects more “Big League” power – Joshua Tobias or Francisco Linder.

    Josh won the home run contest earlier this summer at the PG National Showcase @ Tropicana Park. He dropped 8 bombs in the finals including one that hit the catwalk.

    Francisico won the home run contest at the Aflac All-American game @ Petco Park

    Linder is a talented player, no doubt, but the question is who projects more “Big League” POWER and Josh Tobias wins that hands down.

    Oh, and if your going to talk trash about a high school kid, be a man and use your real name.

  4. JT has my vote. By the way, Chris there is a jerk in every crowd. JT is in the lead by 77%! No one better.

  5. Chris,
    settle down man, it’s obvious that you are a big jt fan, but give me a break,
    have you seen the size of the big league power hitters ?

    Tobias is a great athlete, and will probably utilize his speed for singles and doubles at the next level.

    The pitching only gets better at the college level and then the pros don’t let you swing the alum weapons any more.

    Give this kid some time before you are ready to put him the Hall of Fame.

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