Friday Night Scores – August 27, 2010

Thursday Night Final
Charlotte Country Day – 28
High Point Andrews – 12

Ragsdale – 0
Dudley – 12

Grimsley – 7
High Point Central – 27

Asheboro – 7
Southeast Guilford – 25

Northwest Guilford – 34
Western Guilford – 10

Davie County – 13
Page – 28

FINAL from Chris Jones
Northeast – 14
Northern Guilford – 40

North Cross (Roanoke, VA) – 0
Smith – 54

Eastern Guilford – 20
Southwest Guilford – 28

Rockingham County – 8
Southern Guilford – 44

From Coach Turk FINAL
Reidsville – 29
Morehead – 0
(Reidsville wins its 50th consective game)


  1. Why in the world does Coach Pursley think he can run and win. It is unbelievable he does this year after year. If I was a top tier receiver I would leave also.

  2. Was at the Grimsley/HPC game tonite, and I am going to tell you something. High Point Central won the game 24-7. I am an avid Central fan, and I want to give the Whilrlies credit for never ever giving up. It was a great show of sportsmanship, and a winning team attitude displayed by them. The first half was rocky for them, but they held us to a shutout, and scored 7 in the second…

    They are going to be good…

    Great job Central…2-0

  3. dudley offense seems to be improving… they scored a total of 3 touchdowns tonight although one was taken away on a penalty.. the defense is just as nasty as they wanna be. they are big and fast all around…. but i must tip my hat off to the ragsdale tigers who played a tough game all night.. ….good luck to the tigers on the rest of their season.

  4. Just got back from the Page/Davie game tonight. Very good game. Page started off horribly; 3 and out then the snapper sailed the ball over the punter’s head, Davie marched down for a first quarter TD. Page looked very disorganized and undisciplined in the first half. They stopped Davie on third down, but on fourth down Page had 12 men on the field. First down Davie. Thuc Phan fumbled a punt, which he recovered. Another bad long snap on a punt. Page was plagued with so many holding calls the coaches finally lost their tempers and were flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct!

    But credit the Pirates for hanging in there on a tough night. They battled back to take a 12-7 halftime lead. Davie drove the ball down inside the 5 yard line, first and goal (3rd quarter) and Page threw an amazing goal line stand and took over on downs. Then they drove the entire length of the field, first and goal, then penalties (again!) pushed it back to around the 20. Fourth and goal from the 20, Gillespie goes for it, calls a reverse and it goes for a TD.

    Late in the fourth quarter, Page kicks a field goal to go up 22-13. They get the ball back on downs, and they need a first down to run out the clock. Gillespie calls a pass (!) and the Pirates get a first down, then score on a long run with :15 left. What a game.

    Page really showed me something tonight. In a game where much went wrong, lots of penalties, poor special team play, etc, they rose above it and closed the deal. The defense played a great game. Still, some work needs to be done before Page plays Ragsdale and Dudley. Congrats to Coach Gillespie and his staff and the young men who fought so hard!

  5. “Posted by I See Why”

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Coach has done some good things at NEHS with the kids he coach, I know because I worked with him from the fall of 1999 through the fall of 2007. we had some great teams. We ran the option well those years. We had greas receivers also. The option ios a good offense when you have the right people, but when you lose players you have to re-teach and re-build.

    As far as tp flight recivers, there are alot of recievers who play in the triple option around the country. You dont have to throw the ball to have a good program.

    When you made the statement about a top tier receiver leaving, where you talking about Maurice Harris? if so, then Maurice was not a top tier receiver, he was a top tier QB. If he would have stayed at NEHS, he would bve one of the tops in the nation. he was just that good. Instead he is playing WR at Northern. Maurice is heads and shoulders above Scarfone as a QB. Otis couldtell you that.

  6. Good job overall tonight guys/ladies and gentlemen….

    Looks like everything went fairly smooth and now it is time to start getting ready for next week….There isn’t much time to celebrate cause we have games coming up next Friday that will take the paint off the walls of any dressing room….The coaches are yelling and screaming their lungs out for Dudley at Northern Guilford and Smith at Northwest….

    Remember Dudley beat Northern at Dudley last year and NG had Keenan Allen….I believe the final was 12-7 Dudley and NWG topped Smith at Smith, 15-14 on 15 4th quarter NWG Viking points….Smith was up 14-0 in the 4th Q and NWG came back on them…..

    The time is now and we have to start getting ready for next Friday….These games are going to be big/good ones and do you know of any others that we have coming up?????

    Maurice started at QB for Northeast Guilford his freshman in a game at Southern Alamance…..He was destined to be the top passing QB in NEG history, and they haven’t thrown the ball a lot over the years, but Maurice ended heading to Northern and the rest is history, but the only deal going down right now is Northern has to get ready for Dudley at the Nighthawks Nest next Friday night…..That will be the hottest ticket in town or at least right outside the city limits……

  7. Dudley defense is as good as ever. Big and fast and they don’t make many mistakes. Their D-line dwarfed the Ragsdale O-Line. Ragsdale looked very small up front. Could get no push up the middle and the D was too fast to get outside on. Heavner didn’t look sharp tonight but thats what happens against a lights out defense.

    Two big plays from Gaylord and Dick did us in. Nice crowd on a great night for football.

  8. It is early in the season, but I agree with Mark, Dudley’s Defense is looking like they’re in mid-season form. It is hard to argue against shutting out two strong offensive teams. Next week AT Northern will be another BIG Test!

  9. with southern guilfords schedule dont be surprised if they dont lose again in the regular season, especially if their QB keeps it up

  10. I saw some of the video on the SG QB Cunningham last night and the kid is really poised standing back there in the pocket….He looks like a keeper….Sounding like an idiot here, but not knowing much about him at all, can anyone tell what year he is?????

    Eastern Guilford showed some character last night in not giving up on Southwest and the Wildcats put up 21 points on the board after failing to scratch in week one…

    Teams like Southern Guilford may be one of our key surprises this season…..Northern is still kicking and Northwest is proving that their success last season was no fluke and the same can be said for Smith….And the above being said, Dudley can go as far as that tough defense and the ground game can take them….

  11. Just a few more game notes from last night…..

    It looked like Dudley’s Jermey Reynolds was all the field, all over the place last night….There were four Dudley Panthers around the ball on that one interception by Moss that was knocked up in the air by Reynolds and Littlejohn was in on many of those defensive plays as well…

  12. Another big night for Daniel Downing over at Northern….QB last week, over to receiver this week with one TD catch and he returned his second punt for a TD this season and averaging one punt return for a touchdown per game is not too shabby…

  13. Looks like Matt Pawlowski over at NWG is living up to that pre-season billing that we were sending his way…..4TD passes for Matt P last night and ond heck of game….

  14. Jeff Sims the QB from Smith with a real solid outing with 3TD passes and one touchdown run….Sims, Elijah Jordan, Eric Ebron and others are putting up big early season numbers….Nice effort by DB “DL” Demari Boswell….

  15. Another strong night for the Page Pirates’ James Summers and Drew Rogers, but Orlando “Junior” Hatfield has stepped up his game and he is on the stage….

    Hatfield is averaging two TD’s per game, adding a TD catch and a TD run, to his week one totals with two receiving TD’s…..

  16. Where would HPC(Central) be without Drew Adams and Derek Grant?????

    Possibly at Cumby’s in High Point….

    Football Food for thought…..

    I’m out.

    Post Script:
    Durham Hillside 49, GW-Danville, Va. 18
    *****QB Vad Lee and Hillside over Jimmy T(Teague), the former Reidsville Ram coach now with the GW Danville Eagles….*****

  17. No highlight coverage of northwest vs western last night and it was jamed with fans from both sides, what H.S. football is all about. Pawlowski ripped apart the western defense all night long. Hit 81% of his passes. Defense for NW is fast and swarming. Dillion and Baxter were ripping of serious yardage. Smith will be a great test. I don’t know how you defense this offense, try to stop the run, and they go Air Pawlowski, stop the Pass and you have 5 running backs pounding your defense. NW is as Andy would say “THE REAL DEAL”.

  18. Can’t believe there was no coverage of the NW / Western game. Northwest is the real deal. 5 TDs, 5 different scorers. Very balanced offense.

  19. AS far as Johnny Roscoe is concerned, if he is already such a hated man why not give people a reason to hate him. There were no infractions found at all against the football team. Other sports maybe, but football not one. If you can’t beat him…..hate him. Way to go Roscoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Andy – so much for the unfiltered comments! I guess “Can you believe that” didn’t get the memo!

    So much angst in that message ! Do you think he is angry at Northern’s head coach?!?!? LOL!! Don’t be mad that your kid isn’t on the winning team ! No one out here wants to hear it, especially your kid!

    Congrats to all the teams and fans from Friday night! Didn’t everyone have fun?!?!?!?!?

  21. Dear Can you believe that…..
    Lets back up a second….NEG obviously brought down some players from that Varsity squad to play in th JV game vs Northern Thursday evening…..I’ve watched NEG JV and NG’s jv since they were 8th graders and NG has owned them, hands down, in every aspect of the game….bringing players down isn’t breaking any rules but take care of your own mess before calling out Coach Roscoe…..

    Have you kept up with the news this week regarding the comments made in the N&R?
    That article as well as comments has fueled this fire!!

    I’m dissapointed that these teams will not play again for several years. As another poster commented..The $$$ brought in from the gate last night was huge and it would have returned to NEG next year….

    More so….Pursley decides to take NG off his schedule and leaves NG looking for a week two opponent next season….I’d say that was sticking to NG…so the onside kick..let’s say it was rubbing a little salt in the wound….again clean your own mess.

    FYI…Coach Roscoe is in the SCHSAA Hall of Fame and recognized as a great man, teacher and coach….He and his wife were also inducted to the Guilford College HOF in 95′ for Baseball and Football…..please do your home work before commenting please.

  22. @ ankersaway–

    Thank you for your comment! I’m fairly new to this site and just about everything I’ve read about Coach Roscoe has been something salty! It seems to me that if he was 1/2 as bad as some people make him out to be, either he’d be out on his hind end as a coach or I’d read more about him from other sources cosigning the negative but I haven’t.

    I say….let the man coach and leave the “arm chair politics” to the politicians! Again, thanks for your comment! Hopefully, it will put some negative comments to rest!

  23. Awesome game by NWG seniors on the O and D lines. Huge games from Matt Sugg, (way to answer the call out by Hornet player) as well as Bailey Doggett, Josh Smith and David Lee.

  24. “Coach Roscoe represents everything that a parent should not want their child to be a part of”

    WRONG… Coach Roscoe is exactly who I want my kid playing for…he kept his head high while being gossiped about by other coaches, especially Pursley and stuck to football and held the program together…NO ONE on the outside has any idea what ALL the kids at Northern have been through over the last 4 years! I would challenge ANYONE of you haters to try and open a new high school in todays environment…

    ” He has showed in the last two games he has no character and is willing to run the score up at the expense of the other teams players.”

    So teams are not allowed to try anymore? Enough with the running up the score crap…NE got a butt kickin and sometimes that happens… Why don’t we hear any comments about the Smith score 54-0 against a small Catholic prep school in that schools biggest game of their season??

    “He was run out of SC”

    WHAT? are you so frustrated you just make stuff up??? Coach Roscoe has been inducted into the SC Coaches Hall Of Fame…he has won several football state championships there. He has mentored countless assistants who have gone on to be successful head coaches in their own right. He is very well connected with college coaches everywhere. Both he and his wife have been inducted into the Guilford College Athletic Hall Of Fame for their accomplishements there.

    “To the fans of Northern you have a good team”

    yes we do and Coach Roscoe is part of the team by definition…if he was everything you have made him out to be in your own little mind, our team would not be “good”

    “and they played well”

    yes they did, it’s how they’re coached

    “but the victory was overshadowed but your coaches lack of class.”

    more like Pursley’s veiled insinuations to the N & R about the Northern program and Coach Roscoe…talk about classless!

  25. NW with 184 yard rushing and 208 yard passing last night. It’s been a long time since a NW team had that much balance. The Defense was outstanding also. The Western TD came late in the game against NW’s second unit, and Western still had to work hard to get that score. Should be a great game against Smith this coming week.

  26. sorry I have stirred up a hornets nest. I was just watching a game and felt it ended badly with adults making bad choices. i know that Mr. roscoe is a Hall of fame coach and earned it through winning games. I just don’t think anywhere in his acceptence speech did he say that if you want play me anymore I will try my best to score extra points in the last 2 minutes of the game and try to get the ball back with 50 sec to go. The comment about the JV game i have no knowledge about. I would think that a Coach would not take a chance on getting a Varsity player hurt just to win a JV game. And nowhere did I comment about Northerns past. I will comment from Fridays paper that Coach Purlsley tried to give Northern 3 more play dates but it couldn’t be worked out. That happens all the time in sports but it’s no reason to get even through our young student players. I saw both teams pat each other on the backs , help each other up and show good sportsmanship throughout the game. I just wish the adults could have finished it in the same manner.

  27. BTW–I’m trying to sing the National Anthem at Page’s next home game. I spoke to the AD there last night and he asked me to send him an e-mail to to set up an “audition!” (Lol at the fact that I am a recent Triad Idol winner and have sung the Anthem for the Carolina Panthers as well as Productions at the Barn Dinner Theatre, etc.—he must not know ’bout me!!!!) Anyway, would anyone know his e-mail address? If you do, can you post it?

    Thanks in advance!

  28. Dear – “Can you believe that”

    Your second comment sounds 180 degrees different than the first.

    I agree with “please do your home work before commenting”. Thank you to ankersaway and underdog’s unite for giving you some sound information to form your second comment. Coach Roscoe is passionate about raising these boys to be young men and for you to make public one sided comments without the proper information is disturbing.

    Why in the world would you not want to do your best in the last 50 seconds if you are a 15 to 17 year old boy and just got into the varsity game???

    And if you think “As a school system we should be ashamed of having such a person in a leadership role”,

    why would you then comment “I can only hope that Dudley will get up on Northern and in the last minute of the game instead of kneeling on the ball that they try to score and then do and onside kick with 50 seconds left. ”

    Stay Classy “Can you believe that”

  29. Sorry to hear that the NG-NEG game ended on a sour note, but now is the time for Northern to start getting ready for Dudley and for Dudley to start preparing for Northern….The same can be said for Smith, as they get set to hit the NWG game and for the Vikings, it is time to focus on the Smith Golden…

    Our next mission is Friday September 3 and we have to stay on that course and not try and run each other out of town before then……

    They are some great kids at Northern, Dudley, Smith, NWG and NEG and the kids will quickly put what ever happened last night behind them and they will be ready to move on and get set for the next game….

    The adults want to keep throwing this around and we can’t let the football seasoning get too salty, or we want be able to sit down at this table, all together….

    Let’s give the kids the props and the adults will have to carry their own numbers and for Northwest, they are putting up some very impressive numbers, here early in the season…..

    Plenty of fun and good football to be played and I for one, am looking forward to that National Anthem, at the next Page home game in two weeks, when they play Ragsdale, I think it is….

    Let’s stay the course and let’s not get too far over the edge, or out of hand in this discussion…..

    There is such a thing as going deep and there is going real deep and we need to make sure that the knife doesn’t dig too deep, when the blade is cast into these comments…..

    Hopefully, well said on my part and it could always be better, but it seems like so many times, this computer that I use in the afternoons, wants to edit my comments, they get destroyed and then disappear and I have to start over….

    If at first you don’t succeed, and let’s make that effort to at least succeed…..

  30. Dear ankersaway and followers<
    Let facts be facts… NEG did not dress any varsity players for the JV game Thursday night. However a Kicker and Sophmore linemen played 3 total plays Friday. Everyone who says we need to move on to next friday night is correct.. But as the Football Friday's fly by in the fall lets keep some things in mind… From a sports/coaching perspective… If you are up 33-14 with under a minute to play how do you close a game out????? Subs, kneal downs and hand shakes.. Not TD's and onside kicks.. Northern is a good team with good players that will be succesful this year, but no high school "athelete" needs to be treated like that… Let the coaches coach and the players play, and put your personal agendas on hold.. Good luck to all this fall and into the winter!!

  31. NW enjoy this week cause the tough games start next week! Smith is the truth be ready cause the Eagles are coming to play! Payback time for last year boy!

  32. @ topfin29–

    Thanks for the e-mail address!

    @ Andy–If he gives me the opportunity, I’ll do you proud, buddy!

  33. just spoke w/ a player from Northern. He said it wasn’t supposed to be an onside kick. It was supposed to be a squib kick so that #5 for NE couldn’t get it. But the Northern kicker didn’t squibb it right and the Northern players were just as suprised as everyone else about where the ball went. This player says if they knew it was an onside kick they would have tried to recover it. So there you have it,

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