ORMA announces fall workout schedule and updated roster for basketball

Oak Ridge Military Academy Basketball Release:

Our fall workout schedule will be from 4:15 to 6:00 PM EVERY WEEKDAY beginning Monday, August 30th and ending Friday, October 29th. We will not have workouts during the week of September 27th when we are on break.

Below is information on our returning and new players:

Class of 2011

Jacob Lawson – 6’8″ forward – tremendous athlete with soft hands and good touch around the basket. He runs the floor and finished exceptionally well. Can also step out and shoot the 3. Top 100 player nationally in his class. High major
Division I prospect with several offers from those level schools already. Good
student with a 3.1 GPA.

Chris Jones – 5’11” point guard – Top 20 player nationally that wants the ball
in his hands in crucial situations. Prolific scorer that makes great decisions
in traffic and shoots the 3 point shot from deep. Committed to Tennessee.

Michael Neal – 6’2″ point guard – very strong handle and sees the court well.
Can shoot the 3 and finishes great going to the basket. Committed to
Appalachian State.

Asad Lamot – 6’2″ combo guard – fundamentally sound, a leader on the floor, can
shoot the 3, slashes well, great defender. Hardest worker in our program. Mid
major Division I prospect. Great student with a 3.8 GPA.

Ryan King – 6’9″ small or power forward – athletic and plays above the rim.
Good hands and scores well around the basket. Needs more strength and
ballhandling skills. Mid-major Division I prospect.

Justin Mitchell – 6’5″ small forward that can shoot the ball consistently to 18
feet. Good hands and athleticism allow him to play above the rim. Needs to
improve his strength but is a Division II prospect.

Bashir Balarabe – 6’6″ small/power forward – can play inside or outside. Very
determined player who plays very hard and does all of the dirty work. Low to
mid major Division I prospect.

Petar Pajovic – 6’9” power forward that can play inside or outside. Can score
well with both hands inside and can shoot the 3 point shot as well. Mid major
Division I prospect.

Class of 2012

Michael Obacha – 6’9″ power forward – strong inside presence that is a
versatile scorer and great rebounder. Mid to High Major Division I prospect.

Patrick Kouadio – 6’10” center – A very strong player with good timing,good
understanding of the game .Can set excellent screens and a good shot blocker. A
good team player, leader and a great motivator,with great hands, good offensive
player too when he wants to. Mid to High Major Division I prospect.

Willy Akasson – 6’3″ shooting guard -big time scorer , excellent shooter, uses
the screen well, can shoot off the dribble and penetrates very well . Mid Major
Division I prospect.

Carlos Rankins – 6’2″ combo guard – strong ballhandler and good 3 pt. shooter
who finishes in transition and can really score the basketball. Mid to High
major Division I prospect.

Julian Sampah – 6’9″ power forward – good hands that score inside and rebound. Has nice touch to 15 feet. Needs more strength. Low to mid major Division I prospect.

Ingrid Sewa – 6’10” power forward/center – very strong inside player that
rebounds well and finishes strong. High Major prospect.

Xavier Johnson – 5’9″ point guard – strong ballhandler with pass-first
mentality and runs the show. Good defender with decent three point shooting.
Low to mid major Division I prospect.

Jawan Winfield – 6’0″ shooting guard – strong athlete that can score.
Good penetrator that can shoot the 3 point shot and defends well on the ball.
Low Division I prospect.

Class of 2013

Gian-Karlo Molina – 6’5″ shooting guard – excellent shooter and scorer that is a
high level prospect. High major prospect.

Nolen Gerald – 5’9″ combo guard – Highly skilled guard that can score the ball
and shoot the 3 point shot. Needs to improve his strength, but is certainly a
Division I prospect down the road.

Eric Carter – 6’0″ combo guard – scorer that is improving ballhandling and
defensive skills but has the potential to be a college prospect.

Jordan Tribble – 6’8″ power forward – good post player that needs more
strength. College prospect.

Raphael Love – 6’4″ small forward – skilled athlete that can score in
transition or shooting the outside shot. Needs to improve defensively and his
strength, but is certainly a college prospect.

Class of 2014

Theo Pinson – 6’5″ guard/wing – Top 5 player nationally for his class. Great
athlete with good Basketball IQ. Very good at attacking the basket and scoring
in transition. Good passer and decent shooter. High Major Division I prospect.

K.J. Langley – 5’10” point guard – solid ballhandler with great court
instincts. Decent shooter who needs strength. College prospect.


  1. Julian Sampah couldnt even play at NW when he was there! how could he contribute to a College team much less ORMA!

  2. With a roster that goes 6’10”, 6’10”, 6’9″, 6’9″, 6’9″, 6’9″, 6’8″, 6’8″, 6’6″, 6’5″, 6’5″, 6’5″, 6’4″, 6’3″, 6’2″, 6’2″, 6’2″ five high major prospects, three mid/high major, 6 mid major, 2 mid/low major, 2 low major, 4 college prospects, and 1 D2 prospect for a total of 23 future college players THEY SOULD BE RANKED NUMBER ONE IN THE NATION IN HIGH SCHOOL WITH CONSIDERATION FOR BEING RANKED AS A COLLEGE TEAM TOO.

    They are doing amazing things out there. As soon as a kid transfers there he grows three or four inches and becomes a major college prospect.

    Do they not see how foolish they look saying all that? Who releases their workout schedule to the media?

  3. Now this has passed from the sublimely ridiculous to the ABSURD!!!!! This is an integrity issue at this stage. What coach in his right mind will pay any attention to this crap?

  4. Andy – don’t know why you post the ridiculous stuff you get from ORMA. These evaluations are absurd. With all of that talent and virtually everyone a Division I project, how do they ever lose a game.

  5. ORMA is loaded with good athletes and good basketball players but it is absolutely absurd to believe that they have EIGHTEEN DI prospects on their roster!! My next question is why would anyone in the area even go there if they actually DO have that many college prospects…there wouldn’t be enough run to showcase your skills enough to prove it.

    I know AAU showcases talent but how many mid-high major DI kids are going to go to the same school? Oak Ridge is nice but they are NOT Oak Hill….don’t mistake it and Oak Hill doesn’t even try to snow people over THAT much.

  6. The young man that was in question is a fine kid, but I think he would be the first to tell you, he played very little for NWG last year and he does have his work cut out for him at ORMA and who knows he might get it done, but we will just have to wait and see and again, it is no knock on the kid, just a question about jumping from very little playing time, to Division I status…..

    ORMA has a ton of kids and playing time might become hard to come by there, but it will make the ones that stick with it better at the end….

    I heard baseball has 15-16 players and with basketball practice already starting, we are seeing teams on the go earlier and earlier every year….It is still August….

  7. ORMA may not have 18 college prospects that list is prolly typed off potential of the player, if that list is right with the 6-9s and 6-10s they should be very good and better then last years team cause the kid chris jones is the real deal so they have a much quicker team this year-Did anyone know ORMA won the big shots in myrtle and played a cali team that had 3 Pac 10 commits and won? Orma maybe able to compete with some of the big boys this season

  8. Its called having an A and B team, even heard they might fill a JV team. Who knows how good this guys are or will be……Quit hating, you guys sound like a bunch of babies!!!

  9. I observe basketball in this area, I can straight up tell you to take at least 2 inches off almost every height. That in itself is an integrity issue. Not even going to mention the projections. Obviously it’s someone that doesn’t know what they are talking about. You send this to coaches you are straight up lying. Who are they playing this year around here?

  10. Don’t get too high and mighty there guys. We all know that every HS football player gains at least 20 to 30 lbs. as soon as they get listed on the roster. Basketball is no different. Maybe you don’t remember Spud Web. Recruiters are not that stupid are they?

  11. Andy- I’ve been working on the ORMA Baseball schedule for a few weeks now and I wanted to post what I have so far. I’m still looking for about 7-8 more games. I understand that Guilford County Schools won’t play us. I’m waiting on Wilmington New Hanover, Washington HS and Reagan HS. We also have a few things going with a couple of Florida schools but nothing etched in stone yet.

    February 24th- South Stokes (scrimmage)
    February 26th- Southwest Randolph/Eastern Randolph (scrimmage)
    March 2nd- North Stokes
    March 4th- Salisbury
    March 8th- SW Randolph
    March 10th- Cardinal Gibbons
    March 11th- Eastern Randolph
    March 15th- Trinity
    March 19th- Glenn
    March 22nd- Thomasville
    March 24th- Concord
    March 31st-April 2nd- East Chapel Hill Easter Tournament
    April 15th- April 18th- Oxford Easter Tournament
    April 19th- Eastern Randolph
    April 20th- Glenn
    April 21st- SW Randolph
    April 25th-April 27th- Brunswick Spring Break Tournament


  12. I think the coaching staff is projecting what level they think the players will be at during their senior season. I think all the players will improve in that program and with the schedule they will learn to compete at a high level. The thing is that some scouts will take that press release and make asssumptions about the current level of play of some of the players because they are in that program. If a coach can not promote his players, who will? I think the staff at Oak Ridge is doing what other top programs are doing. They promote the students the best that they can. You are invited to attend the workouts to evaluate them. If you like them good if you do not like them go to another school to find some players. That is basically what the staff is doing.

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