News on ORMA baseball schedule

from Oak Ridge Military Academy baseball coach Alan Ashkinazy:

Andy- I’ve been working on the ORMA Baseball schedule for a few weeks now and I wanted to post what I have so far. I’m still looking for about 7-8 more games. I understand that Guilford County Schools won’t play us. I’m waiting on Wilmington New Hanover, Washington HS and Reagan HS. We also have a few things going with a couple of Florida schools but nothing etched in stone yet.

February 24th- South Stokes (scrimmage)
February 26th- Southwest Randolph/Eastern Randolph (scrimmage)
March 2nd- North Stokes
March 4th- Salisbury
March 8th- SW Randolph
March 10th- Cardinal Gibbons
March 11th- Eastern Randolph
March 15th- Trinity
March 19th- Glenn
March 22nd- Thomasville
March 24th- Concord
March 31st-April 2nd- East Chapel Hill Easter Tournament
April 15th- April 18th- Oxford Easter Tournament
April 19th- Eastern Randolph
April 20th- Glenn
April 21st- SW Randolph
April 25th-April 27th- Brunswick Spring Break Tournament



  1. It’s a shame that that GCS schools won’t or can’t be on the schedule. Any roster names for us at this point? Best of luck!

  2. As long as ORMA continues to attract/recruit/entice/scholarship (you pick the right word) players away from Guilford County schools you can expect them not to play ORMA. Most of us realize players will flock to play for Alan due to his coaching ability. At Grimsley he didn’t have to recruit. They came to him, and he is a good coach. But don’t expect any help from Guilford County coaches.

  3. dweeb, really?

    Eventually, there will be a coach in Guilford County that plays ORMA in something, but I don’t see it anytime soon when they recruit players from these schools.

    Now, I have heard good things about this Alan guy (baseball coach), but when their football coach (who is the AD also) talks crap about every living Guilford county coach there is, then why would they play them in any sport? If ORMA (Alan and the basketball coach – shoot, I forget his name, but you know who I’m talking about) would be smart and get rid of the AD, then coaches around Guilford County may be more willing to play them.

  4. NO Guilford County school should play ANY private school in ANY sport. No how, no way. Let the private schools take their ill-be-gotten-gains and travel outside of the “recruiting zone” for their sporting activities.

  5. Let’s see how long we can keep this discussion decent and make it last and not how quick we have to kill it…..

    There are some good points that can be addressed and many have been already.

  6. Andy- We will play our home games on the campus at ORMA. Thanks to all the parents, the field is really coming along. We will be able to start team practices next week. The field does not have lights so we will spend a lot of the season on the road.

  7. Why not play them? It doesn’t count against your conference record. You would play against the best competition in the area. I am sure the kids want to play. They may have some reclassified kids and/or post-grads, but who cares. The reason no one will play ORMA is the circumstances by which Coach K was forced out. Too much bad blood. Teams play GDS, High Point Christian, etc… and there isn’t any issue. Ill-be-gotten-gains? That is a little harsh. I am amazed that parents fall for the sales job and are willing to pony up the cash.

  8. Coach Alan, please don’t post your baseball players names on this board. The high school coaches and us players already know what players you have and their quality and we respect you and these players. We respect these players for trying to better themselves in the classroom and on the field. They have moved on and we have as well.

    Most of the people on this board will either “talk down” about your players’ abilities or the parental decisions for these boys going to ORMA. They do not have a clue what they talking about but they are looking for an opportunity to bash you and your team. Don’t subject yourself or your players to the negative comments that are sure to come. Good luck next season and maybe our school leaders will allow us to play you some time. I, for one, would love to see how we could would measure up against your team.

  9. sounds like orma has all but morphed into the next Veritas sports academy…………isn’t this a military school?

  10. Just wondering how many players were willing to follow Alan to Smith back in the day? I know for a fact they were not very successful. Seems like this coaching stop is overlooked. Alan may be a fantastic coach and a super person, however, I know several very good high school baseball coaches in Guilford County. If they were able to solicit players to their individual programs, I would suspect they would be very successful, also.
    For someone to blame them for not playing private schools is ridiculous. I would be very frustrated if a kid that had been in a program for two or three years decided to “opt out” and go somewhere else. The ability for a kid to “reclassify” is beyond me –some of these guys would be 19 or 20 years old playing against 14-16 year olds. I am assuming the reason behind this would be to get more exposure and inflated numbers/stats. However, I have seen firsthand the old adage is true–“if you are good enough to play, they will find you.” I would like to add a little to it –if you are not, it does not matter where you go!

  11. I have read on this site mulitple times week end and week out – people making the same statement of “if you are good enough, then they will find you regardless of your high school”. It is true that that somebody will find you but unless you are a “great” player, it may not be the school that you were looking for and they may not have the package that you needed for college based on your financial situation.

    The reality is that even the best players must expose themselves to the best opportunities via the system that is in place. The system that is in place prefers to evaulate kids playing against other kids that are seen as high performers on the court or field of play. All scouts have limits on how much they will travel and who they will see. Unless you are the next MJ, you will go where the scouts are going instead of waiting for the scouts to find you because they can find “you” (or a player just like you) somewhere else.

    Guilford Co by default will hurt the good players left at a lot of these high schools simply from not allowing them to be evaluated against the better players/teams. This is where the slippy slot comes into play. You start disallowing one thing but it starts affecting other things that were not intended to be touched. This out flow of student/atheletes will not end until the private rosters are filled.

    Guilford Co thinks that it is putting its foot down on the problem but they apparently do not realize that the ground beneath their has moved far away from their black/white policies. Businesses that make decisions this way end up in bankrupcy or out of business. Wake up Guilford Co leadership and stop acting like a kid that just lost their candy.

    If you do not want the kids leavning, then put some teeth into these sports programs and make efforts to hire real coaches that are allowed or encouraged to play competitive schedules. You will not keep high performing players when you are playing weak schedules against poor teams.

  12. Southeast has lost its fair share of athletes. We had 3 make their way to Smith to play baseball, 3 make their way to Grimsley to play baseball and several to Dudley to play basketball. If they don’t want to play for the orange/black let them go. Baseball will continue to win here but basketball continues to struggle. Might lose your job but what the heck at least you are honest and play with your own.

  13. Get real is drinking the Kool Aid. Almost all (95% or more) play AAU ball in the summer. This is where they will be recruited. They play so many showcases and tournaments in the summer. It almost makes the high school season inconsequential. If you want to spend the 10 grand to send your kid to a private high school, go and enjoy. I don’t think you are getting the bang for the buck that you believe.
    As I always say, there are some good reasons to send a particular child to a private school, but most be better served to stay where they are.

  14. Parents that SHOP their kids for athletic purposes are just plain wrong.
    Experienced coaches at many of these local high schools never get the chance to develop athletes long-term due to this.Many times coaches have watched middle school athletes in our area and have planned for them to help the high school team later and they have ended up at another school. We obviously cannot do anything much about private schools but after the Northern scandal we have curtailed some of the public school recruiting.One other thing that should be done and can be done is this: If an athlete attends an academy or magnet outside his or her home school district he/she should compete in athletics for the home or base school not the magnet or academy.

  15. @Tom – you are right on the AAU part during the summer. I believe though the summer is where you get on the radar, High School is where the coaches then come to see how coach-able you are and how you would fit in their system. I don’t believe coaches offer on what they see during the summer alone.

    So for these reasons, both have their place and I agree with you that the High School doesn’t matter as much. Be a good student, work on the fundamentals and watch that body language.

    In my opinion, you should be on a summer team that you get playing time (8-10 players) and that travels where there are coaches at the level you can play. Seen too many teams this summer with 14 players (or more!). Unless you are the man, can get buried on the bench. If you get on the right team with the right number of players and a good coach, please fund the team, don’t always run to the team offering a free ride. Chances are they offered the same deal to others. If you pay to be on a team, don’t expect because you paid to help with expenses, you are guaranteed PT.

    @ Parents of 2 – makes no sense to go to academy and play at another school. Can you imagine a football player in class and walking the halls during the week and having to play against the same players they go to class with? Think about it

  16. I also have seen the AAU team of 14. Some of these AAU coaches are so bad that they add kids during the year forcing another full paying member to sit the bench. 8-10 is the perfect number and everybody has to pay and play. Play a lot of local tournaments and travel for the showcases. Stay away from coaches and programs that make a living off of your money.

  17. I hope no one posts the names of the kids playing at ORMA. It is irrelevant. No one here needs to know. It will come out in time but this is not the time or teh place. Someone will just drag a kid through the mud. The kids and the parents are doing what they think is best for their kids. Who can blame them? What parent wouldn’t do that? maybe some of these kids have a better chance getting in good colleges through athletics than academics. What’s wrong with that? As long as you can handle the classroom, so be it. What’s wrong with athletics helping you advance yourself?

    Now as far as Guilford County schools not playing ORMA, I can’t blame them. Why should someone help a competitor? Why should public schools in Guilford County help ORMA? I applaud the parents who believe they are doing what is best for their children. But don’t cry when some schools that feel scorned are not going to help you build your program. You made your choice for better or worse. You have to live with the good and the bad.

    Hopefully everything works out well for the kids. That is what is important. Better kids is good for all of us.

  18. Speaking as a parent of an ORMA student, no one can know what a financial burden we have imposed upon ourselves to better our son’s academics and athletic skills. We do this to better his life and out of love. And I’d like to thank Alan Ashkinazy, the Athletic Staff, and ORMA for accepting my son into their academy. There’s no more guarantees that he has a better chance at ORMA than he would in the Guilford County school system. I believe that the county would have a better athletic program if they did hire coaches and AD’s outside of the faculty. Academically, my son’s grades were great and am greatly appreciative of the fine job Guilford County schools did on his behalf. But standing back and watching in fustration week after week, it became a burden and a chore just to go watch him play. People, there are different reasons why kids are leaving public schools to play private and Guilford County doesn’t seem to care. No one wants to play ORMA. No one knows how good or bad they are going to be. We haven’t played yet. Schools that don’t want to play them are only hurtings themselves. Denying to play ORMA is not going to help make or break their program. With wins, comes losses. With losses, comes wins. What’s the difference? If the schools feel scorned in that fact they lost players, what better reason do you need not to play ORMA. It’s a non-conference game for pete’s sake. I am a residence of Guilford County, I pay county taxes. I pay into the Guilford County School system even though I pay for private school. And there are other parents like me that are doing the same. We are also contributers to your son’s and daughter’s athletic programs. A liitle more open-mindedness wouldn’t hurt folks.

  19. Tired of Politics,

    You know, people understand why parents make decisions in which they think are best for their children, but you to need to understand why schools feel scorned also.

    Now, when you have a D-1 athlete who has been coached for 2 or 3 years by that Guilford County coach only to leave them hanging when they were counting on them for their junior or senior years, then it should be easy to understand why local coaches don’t want anything to do with ORMA. Especially, when they are recruited the way they were recruited. The recruitment may not be so much in baseball, but there are Guilford County football coaches who are getting bad mouthed by the brass there at ORMA for the sake of recruitment. That is why there will be no games against any Guilford County teams. Make some changes with the brass there, then maybe some local public schools would be more willing to play them in any sport.

  20. “who has been coached” What D-1 baseball player has gained anything from a Guilford County School baseball coach that has made him a D-1 calibur player (outside of, possibly, Dudley)? Come on man, go to the practices in Guilford County. A joke!

  21. As a former “good/great” player and current coach, it is so crazy to read how so many people on this site believe what they claim to believe. Public school coaches can only practice with their players within a small window of time. That time frame is so short that most coaches spend their time preparing their team to play – not training or upgrading their skill set. Do not start saying “will I know this one AAU coach that does nothing or cannot coach their way out of a box” – the good AAU coaches and programs are worth their weigh in gold and the players and parents that are with those coaches and players know that it is true.

    The AAU and private school programs gives the players, coaches and programs the time and ability to develop to its maxi opportunity. Many of the coaches in the public school system move from one sport to the next as the seasons change – which is understandable because they have to make a living for their family. Generally, the AAU and private school coaches stay with their sport thru out the year in one way or the other. The bottomline is that someone that thinks and participates in basketball year around is going to be better equipped to coach basketball then someone that only coaches it for 4 months a year.

    These are the primary reasons that the better players are moving to the private school setting. Guilford Co has done everything possible to keep its coaches and programs from fully developing within the rules. It has taken a situation at Northern and tried to kill the entire system by running off good coaches and pushing away great players.

    Guilford Co public schools will gain nothing by no playing the better teams in the area. The kids that left for the private schools are not the property of Guilford Co. Their parents have full ownership their school choices. Guilford needs to stop acting like a “kid” and face the fact that its their policies that is driving these changes out of the system not the ORMA, GDS, Westchester or whoever.

  22. Good call Double A…..

    I for one, would like to see the baseball roster posted later on….Maybe in a week or two…


  23. Sorry Andy- I won’t do it. There are so many people that will say bad things about these kids out of anger. Then they will hide behind a nickname. SORRY! To see my roster you would have to watch us practice or play. NO OFFENSE!

  24. @ wake up –

    Let’s break this into 2 parts -Education and Athletics

    Education (for the athlete that began their career in public school)

    I agree with you that GC is not making a full effort to support the struggling academic athlete. It is debatable whether they should do more. Currently I believe the privates offer a better environment to support these students. Down side is not as much exposure to a student population that mirrors closer to the socioeconomic diversity of the real world.

    For the non academically challenged athlete, GC offers plenty of options for a diverse education. I would submit more so than the private schools.

    So now that we have academics out the way, let’s talk athletics.

    Let’s agree that in order to participate at the college level athletically, you can not put in a minimum effort (public or private school). Just to put some numbers out there, in the sport of basketball, roughly 4.9% of students that play the sport in high school, will continue to play the sport in college. That includes DI, DII, NAIA and DIII. This means that if you want to play in college you have to outwork a lot of people. If you are turning your child over to a coach (whether public or private) and “hoping” they get to continue at the next level, you may want to read the book, “Hope Is Not a Strategy.”

    Your child must be willing to put in the work (preferably without you having to push them) on their own. Weights,the track, fundamentals, etc. I once heard one college coach say,” it is not what you do from 9-3, but what you do from 3-9.”

    So let me bring this home. If my child can hold their own academically in the public school, would you not agree that a very good option is to take the money I would spend on a private school and use those funds towards personal training? The difference in additional time that privates enjoy is usually for the entire team. Even privates don’t have the resources to focus on your child’s individual development needs. $40-80,000 over 4 years will go a long way for individual training.

    Now let’s look at results –

    While I have not lived hear my whole life, but in the current era of travel sports (particularly basketball), I don’t recall very many players that have gone a minimum of 4 years to a private school and gone on to play in college. The reality is that most private schools are recruiting the “out of the box” ready player. Most of the elite players developed out side of high school and switched to a private school that saw their current level of ability and promised; exposure,competition, connections to coaches, travel, free gear, etc . Oak Hill, Hargrave, St Anthony’s, St Patrick, Findlay Prep to name a few.

    Not many said you are 6’2″ and I promise you a spot on the team, significant minutes, and will make you better even though you are not currently playing a significant role on your high school team.

    Recent basketball players that went to 4 year school that played in public school 3-4 years

    Will Graves – Dudley – Carolina
    Josh Chavis – Dudley – South Carolina Upstate
    Brennan Wyatt – Dudley – Naval Academy
    Mezie Uzochukwu -North East Guilford – South Carolina Upstate
    Derrick Woods-Morrow- Northeast -Randolph College
    Jonathan Frye -Northern Guilford -Tulane
    Marsharee Neely – Page – Old Dominion
    Wally Jones – Ragsdale – Lincoln Memorial
    Jay Canty – Ragsdale – Xavier
    Julius Brooks -Page – Loyola
    Keith Manley – Grimsley – Gardner Webb

    I am sure I missed some but not a bad list for a public school system.

    Bottom line is sports oriented privates look high and low for the superior athlete. Heck some local privates have gone as far as Louisiana and Africa. So if you have not been identified by the 8th grade as a player, chances are they will recruit over you if given the chance. Just look at the the rosters of most of the local privates compared to 2-3 years ago. Most have bought in high level players.

    If you are playing high school sports and working hard towards increased playing time, I would not be in a hurry to jump ship for athletics as an underclassman. If you have the ability to play with putting in the work to get better, your time will come. If you are not playing now in public school, chances are you still have work to do at the private level. If your development doesn’t happen at the pace needed for the private, you will be recruited over just like in college.

    Switch for the right reasons but don’t let athletics be the only consideration.

    I personally would like to see GC allow each child 1 transfer option without having to move but must occur no later than rise of junior year and student must be in good academic/athletic standing. Parent should have to provide transportation. This would allow the true student athlete an option. Allowing parents the ability to find the right fit for their child should be what the system should be about but not so late to be disruptive to the team.

    Sorry for the long post.

  25. The problem is not the athletes moving to different schools, but coaches at guilford county schools who think they are better than everybody else but in reality they are just teachers there for the check. When you have coaches you have no experience as true coaches on the high school level it makes most of the athletes frustrated. If the atheletes are coming from travel and showcase teams that are use to practicing all different positions and actually doing something at practice it is very frustrating for them to have to go play for high school coaches that do not know how to run a practice. If coaches won’t give players a chance to play different positions, they are only hurting themselves. Students that come out year after year truly just want to play ball, but if the coaches are bad, it just frustrates the players and makes them not want to play. Most coaches wants players that can play anywhere and will take the time to find out where their players can play, but in guilford county some of the coaches will not even try to determine if their players can play other positions. I agree with the ones above, why have 14 to 16 players on the team when you only have nine players that the coaches let play continuously even if they are hurt and can’t help the team. The biggest problem with guilford county are High School coaches who have bigger egos and care more for that than their players. It’s all political, if coaches like parents, players, etc. or think their going to get more if certain people play, then those weill play no matter what, I congratulate the parents who have the means to transfer their students to private schools, they are doing what is best for their child. Guilford County does not. It is a shame that students in guilford county who have always played sports and been good at it, can’t just enjoy being in high school and playing and enjoying their high school years without coaches, parents, etc. complaining about everything. I wish for the good old days when it was all about the sport and having pride in playing for your coach and school, unforunately in today’s society the coaches are no longer there for their players. In my time coaches would do whatever it took for their players, ALL PLAYERS, not just the chosen few. If everyone would quit running their mouths and just let the players play, it would be better. Or guilford county should drop their stupid rule that you have to be a teacher to coach. How many truly good coaches are also teachers? Very few.

  26. I agree with Coach Ashkinazny regarding posting his roster on this site. Andy this is a wonderful Sports site to keep up with what is going on in local Sports in Greensboro, NC. Especially for someone like myself who was involved with Youth Baseball in Greensboro for 17 years. and now presently living in Kansas City, MO. Unfortunately Alan is correct when he says “If I Post the Roster” there will be people saying bad things and hide behind a nickname. ” I wish all of the Athletes in the area the BEST. Whether they are in GCSS or Private.

  27. To Tom above – can’t hold it back any longer, to see how stupid some parents are – two people above quoted that 8-10 is the proper amount of players for a baseball team – you have to have 9 to play, and if your pitcher just threw the night before, wouldn’t be wise to maybe have a sub for him the next day, or maybe a DH – (i agree you should play at a level that you get playing time, but you parents that said 8-10 is the right number just want to make sure you kid plays, The right number is as many that want to play and work hard in practice, numbers make everyone battle for a position and get better and it prepares them for life. Rarely are there only 1 person for each job opening and in college you will show up and 40 guys will be on the team, 5 will get cut by December, and then 15 more will play very little in the spring, wake up you are hurting your childs chances or success in anything

  28. Sportsfan –it is really hard for me to tell if you are a disgruntled player or a parent whose child did not get to play where or how often they wanted to. Either way, you are totally off base when it comes to expressing your opinion of GCS teacher/coaches. How many have you played for? How many do you know personally? I can answer that one for you and everyone else–very few. As previously posted, there are a lot of quality baseball coaches in Guilford County. I read these threads often and I am continuously amazed at the direction high school baseball is heading. The majority of the people in the stands and posting on here do not realize that only a few kids will ever play in college ON ANY LEVEL. However, that is a dream that is being sold to the masses. In reality many good players are not “good enough” and suddenly it is because the high school coach is “terrible”. The players then go Private school USA and reclassify in order to get noticed. Truth of the matter is –they are playing against younger and weaker competition quite often(with a few exceptions). All of the sudden Coach Take My Player is ” a great coach” because he has assembled a quality team made up of the best players from the area. Most dads could win doing things that way! The majority of the high school coaches that I know are honest, hard working, knowledgeable and care deeply about their players. Most play with the kids that stay in their respective programs and work hard win or lose. I am an outsider, however, it would seem to me that these types of coaches are the ones who are doing the “real coaching”. As for coaching because of the money or a paycheck — school is back in session==you need to hit the books and do a little research on exactly how much these guys earn…I can hardly wait for you to enlighten us once again with your brilliance.

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