High School Football Tonight for 9/3/2010

We will have the Dudley Panthers at Northern Guilford Nighthawks game on the radio at AM950, plus updates on all the games listed below….Air time is 6:45pm and we should be able to get scores on all the games, possibly with the exception of Southwest Guilford at Ledford…..Last week we needed the Southern Guilford game and the Storm came through for us and thanks…..SWG fans, please call us at 275-9738 at our GSPN studios…..We could really use this score and you may also want to E-mail it to dubbadon@gmail.com, or shoot it into the comment box, here at the site…..

For the first two weeks of the new season, we have had every score on the air and on the site throughout the night…..All finals have been in before 10….Let’s do it again…….

Here are the games and don’t forget the GSOsports.com crew will be at Northern Guilford tonight…..

Dudley at Northern Guilford(DUDLEY)
Smith at Northwest Guilford(NWG)
Southeast Guilford at Southern Guilford(SOUTHERN)
Northeast Guilford at Eastern Guilford(NEG)
Western Guilford at Ragsdale(RAGSDALE)
Grimsley at High Point Andrews at Simeon Stadium(HP ANDREWS)
Page at Northern Durham(PAGE)
Southwest Guilford at Ledford(SWG)


  1. i’m thinking smith will talk the talk & walk the walk-until they look at the score board as they’re leaving on their trip home

  2. I wish Smith all the best. It’s good to see a revival in that program. But the NW running game can be painful if you are not disciplined. I don’t see Smith stopping the NW running game.

  3. Hope to improve my pitiful record from last week
    Smith (upset)
    SEG(mild upset)
    ND (major upset)

  4. sefan.. you really think Page is going to lose to ND tonight in a “major upset”?… you’ll see the final score.

  5. @ haha–

    You’re right and after Page (which is the least news covered team BTW) brings home tonight’s victory, I’ll return to this forum JUST TO GLOAT!!!!

    Now, I must run and put my PAGE PIRATES flags on my car.

    It’s Friday night FOOTBALL!!!!

    Go Pirates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. SMITH 35-NWG 7 umm need I say anymore Smith clearly has too many athletes and made this look easy…coach Brew is getting these boys ready I hope they keep it up but what a big statement tonight

  7. I just came in to POKE OUT MY CHEST @ sefan!!


    Seriously–it was very frustrating to watch sooooooo many flags go against Page tonight!! I almost wondered if the flags were new and they had to “test” them out!! Anyway, great way to keep your heads in the game guys. Good GAME!!!!

    The road is going to get rough over the next few weeks but…that’s football for ya!!

    Also–I spoke with thew AD and the Asst.Principal tonight. I did a little “audition” for the Asst. Principal and he was impressed! Anywho–I’m keeping my fingers crossed and “resting my vocals” for that National Anthem next week!!!!!!

    Let’s hope they let me!
    Wish me luck!!!

  8. Northern Durham…I thought that was Notre Dame? 🙁

    Wow the way you crow I certainly hope I never hear you sing! Is 28 to 18 something to sing about? If ND made one more touchdown and made their extra points you would have been crying.

    Anyways you can’t live on all the what ifs congrats on the win. Let me crow a little about Will Greene and the boys from SEG 51 to 28 is in fact a route. I also beat Andy this week since Page was the only game I missed and he missed SEG and Smith.

    No pain no gain so you have to pick the underdog once in a while. GO FALCONS!!!

  9. @ sefan–

    “If ND made one more touchdown and made their extra points you would have been crying”.

    Would have…could have…should have…..

    28 to 18 IS something to sing about if you’re on the winning end and the way you’ve taken some “lighthearted” ribbing and turned it with your cheap shot, I can only imagine how it would be sitting next to you in a stadium with you on the losing end!

    Tell ya what—meet me a my vehicle next Friday night. Not only will I PAY your way INTO the Page game, I’ll buy you something to eat and will do NOTHING but look at you and SMILE after I wow ’em with the National Anthem.

    BTW–I’m not sure which vehicle I’ll drive–either the Mercedes or the Avenger. Just look for the Page Pirate’s flags!!

    Hope to see you there!!


  10. No cheap shot intended but if you dish it out you should be able to take it. Dodge Avenger…really? Is your Mercedes one of those converted diesels that runs on chicken grease? Those are really cool and may save money one day if you can find the parts.

    No need for me to go all the way to the BIG CITY next Friday…we have a home game. The way you crow I can probably hear your catterwalling from Buck’s Curb Market. Come jump in my pickup and I’ll show you how we roll on this side of the county.

    Serously I am just picking at you. I hope you do well if you do get to sing the National Anthem. It is a great honor to be able to sing it and I’m sure you will do a great job.

  11. Lol!!!!

    That was cute!!!!

    Anywho–I just did some reading up on your team. We’ll see you on Nov. 5th!

    As far as the picking, it’s OK.(I kinda sensed that AFTER I read you post)

    I like the “catterwalling from Buck’s Curb Market” comment. That gave me a good tummy laugh!

    See you soon!

  12. Andy,

    You took the comments off of the site I wanted to post on but I hope you get this one. As a responsible parent we need to teach ALL of children (that bleed the SAME color) how to lose with class and how to win with class. Being a sore loser is just as bad taunting and bragging. This can only happen when the adults in charge of their children and the coaches in charge of their teams step up and tell their players about acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

    NWG and Smith – Both are great teams. NWG is coming into it’s own, never been known as a football school but are showing great improvement. Great kids, great coaching staff. Smith is finally feeling what it’s like to win after they have been every teams homecoming invite the last 5 years. Let’s give the boys credit without degrading or calling one another names. Let’s enjoy Fridays nights! There always as to be a winner and a loser in every game but no matter who wins or loses we can all be winners when we support each other, no matter what happens.

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