Final ACC game of the night

LSU 30
North Carolina 24

*****Probably closer than most people would think……What do you think?????*****


  1. Very exciting game. We lost half of our defense and almost won the game. We outplayed LSU in every categorie except special teams. Taking the L with pride. Haters can hate, but they can’t say that was not a heck of a game.

  2. Yeah….ugly game…Heels almost pulled it off, but in the end, still a loss.

    Whether this game was played with integrity or not does not solve the institutional contol problem at Carolina.

  3. What? rushing? They had us in that category. Any other LSU advantage fell under special teams. Go take a look at the box score. UNC’s offense had 436 yards of offense including some great decision making from T.J. Yates (412 yards, no picks). For a team that had no running game (Draghn, Houston), the back-ups did just enough to keep LSU’s defense honest. The stats do not do this game justice. And having attended the game myself, I can honestly tell you that UNC fans walked away from the Dome much happier than LSU fans.

  4. If UNC gives that type or level of effort every game for the rest of this year, then they will finish in the top 10 this year (assuming they get their other players back within the next couple of games). UNC basically left half of an NFL roster in Chapel Hill and still near won against a team that will only lose 3 or 4 games all year. With the missing players, it was clear that UNC would have closed the gaps quickier and the LSU game would have been a 10 pt pluse win by UNC.

    This lost will not hurt UNC because any voters watching this game will give them a pass for this week and judge them 2-3 weeks from now. The restored players will show that this UNC team can and will be dominate at time on the field. If the offense can continue to show that level of play, then I would not want to be on UNC’s schedule this year.

    Go Heels!!

  5. What was apparent last night was that UNC had a stellar 4th quarter and almost propelled themselves past what was clearly a better team in LSU. I would compare LSU’s meltdown to the same one we saw in Kenan last year against FSU. FSU pulled together an unbelievable comeback in Chapel Hill last year, but any one watching would have called UNC the better team. UNC almost pulled off the same feat last night. Maybe TJ will gain confidence from this, but in the end, LSU was and is the better team. They proved it on the field.

  6. I told you people 6 years ago that my brother could coach. North Carolina is starting to come together. My brother’s leadership and impact are being felt.


  7. When the Tar Heels get all their players back they ought to be able to beat all the teams in the ACC after what we witnessed last night. Good lord, this is going to be one heck of a year. Living in light blue heaven, with TJ Yates as our true blue leader!

  8. Win or lose i don’t know how you can find joy in this. UNC is involved in the worst athletic and academic scandal since SMU got the death penalty or when UNC players got caught throwing games for money. They have in a short period of time become an embarrassment to the ACC. Some of you are excited about when 12-15 players might come back from suspension after cheating in class or working with agents and taking illegal benefits. Shame on you.

  9. TarHeel fans you just lost to probably the 7th place team in the SEC, LSU is a lower division team in the SEC, you guys have a long way to go for a real football team. Roll Tide!!!!

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