Jacob Lawson(ORMA) commits to Purdue

Athletics release from Oak Ridge Military Academy:

Congratulations to Jacob Lawson and his family as he has committed to Purdue University! We are very excited for Jacob as Purdue fits his needs academically and he will have an opportunity to compete for playing time as a freshman. Many publications have Purdue as the # 2 ranked team in the nation preseason. Jacob joins Chris Jones (Tennessee) and Michael Neal (Appalachian State) as 2011 commits for Oak Ridge Military Academy.


  1. Great job Jacob Lawson ! It is great to see local kids getting these great opportunities at universities with the big names in football and basketball. It is also a great opportunity for other local kids and teams to see how they can perform against teams such as ORMA. If you can compete or defend a team like ORMA, then it gives you a good measuring stick as an individual or team. Programs such as Westchester, HPW, and ORMA are load with D2 and D1 college players. Guilford Co coaches, players and parents should be demanding that their schools are allow to play against the best that the area has to offer.

    Again – great job Jacob and fortunately we should be able to see you play a lot since Purdue is usually on national TV throughout the season.

  2. Why do you people keep saying that the public schools should play schools that have allstar teams. The public schools can not recruit players. We all know this. Yet every time ORMA announces that one of their players is going to play at the next level, people start talking about guilford co. schools and the fact that they don’t play the powerhouse private schools. It is not a level playing field.
    Also the kids playing at ORMA, GDS, Westchester, etc. Come from public schools. These kids have great talent there is no question about that, but they had that same talent in public school. These same kids would be going to play college ball had they stayed in the public school system. There are great coaches with years of coaching success on there resume coaching in the public schools. They have sent plenty of players to the next level, and will continue to do so, in the future. If you are a talented, hard working kid playing public school sports college coaches will find you. It happens every day. And if you are that same kid playing public school sports you are likely to get recruited by the private high schools as well.

  3. Congrats to Jacob and he better be ready for the academic side. Purdue is a very good school. Big 10 basketball and especially Purdue play a lot of half court sets. Defensive oriented and physical. I am surprised he would pick this type of school. He seems to flourish in an uptempo motion type offense.

  4. I’m so sick of hearing people making comments suggesting that GCS play ORMA. They recruit the players then expect everyone to play them. ORMA may be a good measuring stick for any program, but when you sell your soul to the Devil then there comes along a price.

    They obviously have money, so why do they want to play GCS when they can afford to travel?

  5. This board has people commenting that ORMA wants to play GCS schools…What person(give me a name) from ORMA has EVER said they want to play GCS schools? The football team has a full schedule, the basketball teams have full schedules and the baseball team has a full schedule, so why play any GCS schools? The only answer is less travel costs.

    It would be fun for the kids from GCS and ORMA, but Mo Green has stated to the GCS school ADs that they are not to play ORMA. This is probably a case of “the dog with the biggest bark has the most fleas” and all I hear is GCS barking.

  6. It was an honor to see this young play since his freshman year. He has evolved into a dominant post player. His stats speaks for itself. Great young man and the sky is the limit!

  7. I’m a college bball junkie and I have watched Purdue play several times the past two years. They are definitely NOT a half-court team. They move the ball, get out on the break, and play motion. They play killer D, so it may look like their opponent only plays half court. Jacob will become a dominant player at both ends in that system. We should be able to follow his progress because Purdue is on national TV a great deal. Congratulations, Jacob!

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