First Associated Press High School Football Poll of the the year with Dudley#5 and Northern Guilford#10


Here is the first Associated Press football poll of the season.

Class 4-A
1. Matthews Butler (12) (2-0) 138 1
2. Mallard Creek (2) (3-0) 109 8
3. Richmond County (3-0) 79 4
4. Fayetteville Britt (3-0) 72 7
5. Greensboro Dudley (3-0) 59 8
6. Wake Forest-Rolesville (3-0) 55 4
7. Harnett Central (3-0) 53 10
8. Asheville Reynolds (2-0) 48
9. Charlotte Independence (0-2) 24 3
10. Durham Hillside (3-0) 21

Others receiving votes: Winston-Salem Mt. Tabor 20, New Bern 17, Charlotte Vance 9, Lumberton 8, Fuquay-Varina 8, Jamestown Ragsdale 7, Charlotte Olympic 7, Greensboro Page 6, Fayetteville Sanford 5, West Charlotte 5, Charlotte Myers Park 4, Alexander Central 3, Indian Trail Porter Ridge 3, Winston-Salem Reynolds 2, Monroe Sun Valley 2, Greenville Rose 2, Lake Norman 1, Fayetteville Smith 1, Cary 1, West Forsyth 1.

Class 3-A
1. West Rowan (11) (3-0) 134 1
2. Fayetteville Byrd (2) (3-0) 82
3. Asheville (1-0) 79 4
4. Charlotte Catholic (1) (3-0) 68
5. Marvin Ridge (3-0) 65
6. Eastern Alamance (3-0) 53 5
7. Lenoir Hibriten (3-0) 51 2
8. Southern Nash (3-0) 44
9. Shelby Crest (2-0) 43
10. Northern Guilford (2-1) 40 6

Others receiving votes: Belmont South Point 28, Hertford County 15, Havelock 9, South Johnston 8, Northeast Guilford 8, Weddington 6, Charlotte Latin 5, Charlotte Country Day 4, South Brunswick 4, Kannapolis Brown 4, Asheboro 4, Wilson Hunt 4, Western Alamance 4, Anson County 3, Lawndale Burns 2, Franklin 2, Waynesville Tuscola 1. on this link to view entire listing of all polls…..)


  1. AP Polls are always a big joke.

    Its usually just biased sports writers that only know about the teams that their newspaper covers or that their news station covers.

  2. How bout my boz over at High Point Central not making it. GSO sports is the only place where the bison are getting through.

  3. dudley is not the 5th best team in the state. they are not in the top 15. ragsdale should be no where near the ranking. i have seen mt .tabor ,wake forest -rolesville not impressive at all. what are those guys thinking? if the qb doesnt break his hand dudley would have not won. defense wins championships they say , the last time i checked the one with the most points wins? hpc and page should at least be in the top ten, 8,or 9. wow independence is 0-2 and ranked 9th they will be lucky to make to the playoffs they are not that good. so that tells me there are a lot of people that think the rest of the teams are not as good as those listed. but i will say this maybe 1 or 2 teams thats listed in 4a will not make it to the second or third round in the playoffs. the teams that are not listed in the top ten will probably be playing for a state championship. just watch and see.

  4. To what a joke:
    You are clearly the joke from your comments. The polls are never perfect but if you go year by year, then you will see that the bulk of the schools in the polls are the ones that usually finish in the top. It is what it is.

    The Dudley offense has not be hitting at full force but its defense is good enough to beat any team in the state that does not have an D1 type of quarterback with ease. And as you said – “defense wins championships”.

    Ragsdale only lost was to Dudley so I would not be so quick to throw them out considering they are not even in the top 15 voting yet. They have enough tools to get it going if everyone stays health.

    Mt Tabor only loss was to Bulter which is ranked #1 for NC and #18 ranked team for the entire nation. They will prove to be a team that no one wants to have in their backyard during the playoffs.

    The Charlotte Independence 0-2 start is not surprising. They have had one of the toughest schedules of any team losing to Mallard Creek which is #2 ranked in NC and #24 for the nation and losing to South Pointe from SC which has only lost to Northwestern out of SC which is the #14 ranked team in the nation.

    So – you may not be impressed with these teams but these teams have played some of the best schedules and teams of any other teams in NC or any other states to open the season. Plus there are only so many 4A and 4AA schools in NC. Most of these same teams will be there playing against each other in the end even if they have 4 or 5 losses throughout the season. Guilford and Forsyth Co will represent the 4A playoffs extremely well.

  5. i will say it again when its all said and done none will be there and dudley does not have the best defense in the state and i think you will see that when they play durham hillside. get off the band wagon . i have seen most of these teams play this year and jack britt by far is better in every phase of the game. i dont care about sc we play in nc. mt tabor got handled by smith, and indy well lets just hope they dont crash and burn. ragsdale please we all know they are not what they use to be, they lost a lot of players. so since you are so hung up on dudley and ragsdale ,mt.tabor, indy, lets see how many will make it to the 3rd round. what a joke -please give me a break. you are clueless. did you ever play football ? you probably dont know talent. o and last but not least watch out for hpc another team thats not getting much respect. have a good day.

  6. So if the qb doesn’t break his hand Dudley loses??? Were you there? CB got beat a couple of times and a couple of trick plays…got Northern on the board twice early in the 1st qtr. They never..never…never scored again ONLY b/c the qb broke his hand. Not because the CB did his job and the rest of the defense. Hmmm! That says a lot for the rest of team.

    I could say the same for Dudley, if the linebacker and a couple of other players that are hurt weren’t sidelined Northern never would have scored at all!!

    Give the D some props. However you are entitled to your opinion and you may be right maybe none will be there; if Dudley isn’t there it won’t be because of DEFENSE that’s for sure

  7. To: what a joke:
    #1 – I did not say Dudley had the best defense in the state. I said they have a good enough defense to compete with anyone in the state. Their primary problem is that their offense is struck in the mud. They had the same problem last. They were great at running the ball but their passing game was not a major threat. I also said that a D1 level quarterback would present some real problems for Dudley – thus, the Hillside QB is clearly an issue considering he is going to Geogia Tech. I am not on Dudley’s band wagon but anyone that plays hard nosed in your face defense always has a chance to win.

    #2 – You are discounting the power of several teams from SC and the Charlotte area as not relevant in your comments are how good several teams are based on wins and loses to date. I gave you the national and state rankings of a # of these teams – yet you can only response by saying “did you ever play football”, “probably don’t know talent”. You cannot ignore these facts when making a comment but apparent you have chosen to do just that. Plus, anyone that has to make cheap shots at someone elses expense clearly has a “napolean complex”.

    #3 – Smith beat Mt Tabor – and your point is what? Smith will beat the majority of the teams on its schedule this year with the offensive sqaud that they are fielding this year. Most teams have not proven that they can score more than 15 pts a game so far this year but Smith has continuously done it this year. I am a beleiver in “defense wins championships” but personally I would prefer to coach, play, watch and back the best offensive team if given the choice any day of the week.

    #4 – You are referring to teams that will make it into the 3rd round of the playoff. Many of these teams will knock each other off in the 1st and 2nd rounds (especially the local teams which will be paired against each other in the initial rounds for budget reasons).

    Anyone else that is reading these posting will agree that my thoughts and opinions are rational and I am making logical conclusions. Your comments are just random and bias opinions that are based on nothing but personally wants. Personally, I do not care who wins the 4A, 3A or 2A states except that I hope they are from the triad with a preferance on Guilford Co.

  8. once again what a joke-please i dont care about football in sc! why should anybody care about schools in sc if you play football in nc? and i tell you again smith does not have that great of an offense , they are ok but when they play teams that can play like hpc, dudley, page , southeast , and even western guilford they want be able to do all that. they did the same thing last year, start off strong ,get to the good teams and lose.go back check your records from last year. i am still trying to figure out what smith team you are looking at? maybe its when the bostic brothers played there or when evans was the qb there 100 years ago. and again we all know whats going on in charlotte ? have you read the news? yeah va tech played hard nose defense to and lost. so whats your point just because you have a good defense does that always mean you win? no. last time i checked the one that scores the most points wins when the clock says 00.00.o one more thing the qb does not have to be d1 to beat dudley either if he is a qb and pretty good that can manage the offense they have a chance to win. i do think you on dudley band wagon and smith ,mention some one else you like besides these 2 teams. there are more teams than that in guilford county.

  9. To: What a Joke,

    It always seem we have somebody nit picking at rankings, Dudley dont care about rankings we care about RINGS , in which our DEFENSE is always apart of. So you say they shouldnt be in the top 15, you sound like a JOKE, so far this year look who we played I doubt anybody can argue Dudley has had one of toughest schedules thus far Carver, Ragsdale, Northern and we have Wakefield and Hillside coming up , some of these teams were and are underfeated, WE PREPARE FOR THE PLAYOFFS NOW!! Thats how it works in PANTHERLAND, our offense will pick up, as a matter of fact the offense has been doing what they always have done, they start out slow then we pick it up with the grind game. Another thing JOKE, we have been banged up, runningback dislocated hip, linebacker broke neck…we work through adversity, case in point we were down 14-0 at half to a explosive offensive in Northern, what happened second half? Its a thing called DEFENSIVE ADJUSTMENTS, they were held to 0 points in that second half. So really rankings dont mean anything to them, when you play the PANTHERS no matter who, you better strap it on and bring your best these kids brought into the system…BIG OL, BIG DL, athletes everywhere.But as you say you have your opinion I have mine, this is our second year in the 4A ranks and I must say we have already gotten our respect, last year one game away from the CHAMPIONSHIP!!!So I think they went off a little of what they done last year of course, but they deserve the spot where they are, no doubt about it. One thing we are is that we are CONSISTENT!!!!

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