High Point University ready for Major sports announcement next week!

That is the word coming out of the fare “Chair City” and the rumor mill is shaking with talk that HPU and their President Nido Qubein, will be announcing that the Purple Panthers will be adding/bringing back football, to their athletics’ stable….

High Point University fielded a football team back in the 1930’s and 40’s and the team may have even still been playing up until the 50’s, but it was put on the shelf and now the word is that HPU is bringing back football and that they will build a stadium on campus, to house the team…..

At least that is the rumor making it’s way around town, over in Purple Panther Land and all the way into Thomasville and the out-lying areas, where our man Clarence digs up this type of information…..

Let’s wait and see if the big announcement comes true and if it do, you heard it here first and if football is coming to High Point University, that would be neato for Nido………..

Hey the HPU crew, won’t know what to do, with the crowds that will be making their way on campus to see HPU battle WFU……Can you say 20,000 or more on College Park Avenue at HPU?????


  1. OK, if they add pigskin, will it be DI non scholarship like Campbell and Davidson? Or will it be Big South against Coastal, Liberty, Presby, etc. Knowing Quebin, it will be the later/$$$.

  2. I would say, Big South……It helps round out the conference and they finally get a shot at the 16 this year in the end of season NCAA football bids….

  3. Go HPU Football!! I knew Quebin would bring it back with his success!! Hopefully his first draws will be from Jamestown/High Point/Greensboro! Kudos, HPU!!

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