High School Football Poll for Week #4 of the 2010 season

4)High Point Central(3-0)
5)Southwest Guilford(3-0)
6)Northern Guilford(2-1)
8]Northwest Guilford(2-1)
9)Southeast Guilford(2-1)
10)Northeast Guilford(1-1)
11)Southern Guilford(1-2)
12)Eastern Guilford(0-3)
13)Western Guilford(0-3)
14)High Point Andrews(1-2)


  1. Poor Grimsley man they are even worse than last year, and the sad thing is that the coaches they ran out of there are winning at other places. Oh well maybe the fighting new man can get a win friday. Keep your heads up boys it is not your fault

  2. Still not an outpouring of love for SEG as you put them on the bottom of the 2 and 1 group. I still love ya Ange.

    I bet at least 3 of the undefeated will not win this week. I don’t wish it on them but I wonder if they have really been tested yet. Tough games for some near the top.

    Need others to weigh in with picks this week. You can’t all blow your horns after the games are played! Put some skin in already!

  3. I honestly feel sorry for the players over at Grimsley. I hope they will get better. I really didn’t expect much from Grimsley, it will take some time to build them up.
    But I am shocked at Western Guilford I had thought they would compete with Page and Dudley for the metro 4A championship. I haven’t seen them play yet. Does anybody know what’s going on at WG or maybe their playing better teams

  4. SEG is making a gradual climb and the key is to climb and when you get up there, stay there…

    I would rather work my way up at a slow pace, than to hit the skids and fall fast and hard…..

    This will be a key separation week with Page, Ragsdale, Smith, HPC, NG, NWG, EG, WG, etc….Something or someone, has to give this week….

  5. who has southwest played this year??? havent heard much from them?? if they havent really played any competition then i would place Northern Guilford ahead of them

  6. Southwest beat a very good Southeast Guilford team in week one, 29-0 and then stopped a fast-finishing Eastern Guilford team in week two, 28-20 and the SWG Cowboys rolled over Ledford last week after losing to the Panthers last season…..

    Hard to push an unbeaten team down below a team that has fallen, but after this week?????

    We may see some real pushes/moves, depending on the final scores…..NWG-NG holds a lot of cards, as does EG at WG and HPC at Smith and the Ragsdale Tigers at Page….Page has been unable to top the Tigers in recent years, will this be a turning of the tide with the Tigers still nursing several injuries…..

    We need the Mike Ellis-Jamestown News injury update…….

  7. move hpc to number 3, northern to number 4, swg to 5 and smith to 6 and ragsdale to 7. ragsdale is hurting right now and smith still hasnt played anybody yet. friday will tell whether or not they are for real. if they win much respect if they lose well we’ll see.

  8. flip flop,

    Um, Ragsdale has Page’s number simply put. With the mojo that Ragsdale has over Page, Ragsdale’s JV team could beat Page’s varsity. Injuries or no injuries, don’t move my Tigers just yet.

  9. I actually agree with what you are saying Andy. SEG is young, the passing game is unproven, and the defense is pretty shaky right now. Gotta love that O line however!

  10. Can’t help but wonder if all the dads that are on the WG sideline are a big distraction. Even if some are x nflers.

  11. 77 Hornet – Has there been a problem?? Cannot imagine that any advice from “dads” that are ex-NFL players would be bad for any team!! I am a parent of a player for another team and would LOVE any positive motivation by an ex-NFL player! Everyone gets tired of the coaches telling the boys everything they do wrong, I’m sure these dads could be telling them things they are doing right! Go talk to some of them, you might be surprised!! “They” can be very motivating!!!

  12. ummm…Ragsdale’s JV cannot even beat Page’s JV. And I do believe this is the year Page runs the tables in Guilford County this week. On Friday, Page and Ragsdale will have to Put Up or Shut Up. The Tiger W isn’t automatic and we didn’t forget how Ragsdale banged Page like a drum last year…..

  13. ima be honest smith is real and if i was you guys i would come and support this victory tomorrow i dont think SMITH is going to be beat as a fan of smith they are the REAL EAGLES this year

  14. ragsdale jv can beat beat page varsity? you must be hanging with bob marley smoking that left had thing. are you crazy? i think page jv ran through ragsdale jv like water last year. i will move them now and keep moving them. i hope page hangs 50 on them . that will set the tone for everyone else, if you know what i mean. ragsdale better be thinking abouy swg and hpc, and glenn. top 3 get in dont want to be on the outside looking in.

  15. who is smith? do they still have a football team? best talking team in the metro 4a. they talk more than they play. hpc will put those mouths to sleep tomorrow. dont take that you know personally.

  16. Smith is the only team that I hear talking all of the time. Watch the false confidence. Last year, Smith beat up on some cupcakes, but lost to pretty much anyone who was legit. Until Smith beats one of the Greensboro schools (Grimsley, Page, Dudley) then they are not legit yet. Grimsley was awful last year, but they found a way to beat Smith 3-0. Grimsley is probably Smith’s best chance to assert themselves in Greensboro because I do not see the Pirates or Panthers dropping a game to the Golden Eagles in the near future.

  17. piratefan i agree with you 100 percent. there only chance is grimsley. you know just like i do on how smith tries to get into your head. like they did last year at smith. classless . silly rabbit tricks are for kids. still got wore out by page.

  18. this is a third party observation; it is early, and I have seen what the metro 4A has to offer and Smith is for real, you will see. They will push the favorites in some very good games, they have great team speed and a physical line.

  19. Rag Fan, what did you think about the 2 JV teams last night. WR #16 for Ragsdale really stood out on the Tigers squad.

    What did you think about Page? What did you think about the QB Putnam?

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