Tommy Tighe formerly of CBS/Westwood One Sports is talking to us in Greensboro

One the best we’ve ever heard on radio is checking in with us at and Tommy Tighe was known by all, that listened to those Sunday afternoon and Sunday night NFL halftime reports and scoreboard shows on CBS and Westwood One Sports…..Long live the creativity of Tommy Tighe and here he is:

This is for my boy, Andy, in Greensboro. No, Andy, I am not dead, nor did I join the foreign legion, but if they were willing to pay me, I’d consider it. Yes, I did get told my services were no longer needed after 23 years at CBS/Westwood One. The big old boot was indeed surprising, but there are many people in this world much worse off than me. Glad to know I am still wanted and am working locally throwing the same stuff out on the airwaves for the Miami Heat radio network. Thanks for your support, Andy. It is truly appreciated.
Tommy Tighe