JV Football Tonight for 9/9/10

Do we have others?????(NEG, EG-WG, SWG-HPA, etc…) Scores are rolling in, do we have yours posted yet?

Southeast Guilford 12
Rockingham County 0

Northwest Guilford 53
Northern Guilford 7

Raleigh Wakefield 34
Dudley 29

4th Quarter:
Page 38
Ragsdale 20

Final from Wednesday:
High Point Central 17
Smith 14

*****Southern Guilford OFF*****


  1. Raliegh Wakefield Jv – 34
    Dudley Panthers Jv – 29

    Bombs , slants , curls , fades , every thing but the kitchen sink
    2-1 D Boyz played some inspired ball in the second half , good luck next week fellas

  2. Grey
    Wakefield’s Jv QB is a tall kid, can see the whole field
    threw some tight spirals and was really on target
    I noticed his arm strength on his passes to the sidelines, nice zip
    He’s a gun slinger , completed a few passes into double coverage, we got 1 pick
    sometmes sends 5 wide deep and will take off with a qb keeper, he got banged up on a 4th quarter run and did not return

  3. Ross

    Thanks for the info…my son plays baseball with him. He is a good kid…and heard he was a decent football player. Thanks again.


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