High School Football Tonight 9/9/10

Game of the Week on radio(950AM) will be Ragsdale at Page with an air time of 6:45pm and the kick-off is set for 7:30 at Page’s Marion Kirby Stadium….We will also have updates on all the other Guilford County and area games and we will also have the game updates listed here at the web site and all scores should be in before 10 and we’ll let you know who got the win……Tune in, log on TONIGHT…..

The games:
Ragsdale at Page(PAGE)
High Point Central at Smith(SMITH)
Northern Guilford at Northwest Guilford(NORTHERN)
Eastern Guilford at Western Guilford(WESTERN)
High Point Andrews at Southwest Guilford(SOUTHWEST)
Rockingham County at Southeast Guilford(SOUTHEAST)
Reidsville at Northeast Guilford(REIDSVILLE)
Dudley at Raleigh Wakefield(DUDLEY)
Grimsley at Durham Jordan(DURHAM JORDAN)

*****Let’s see what the rest of you are saying about the games coming up tonight….You have seen the picks, who gets the kicks????? Show us your best licks and don’t nix the tricks, bring us some WINNERS…..Maybe we should use an old WCW adage, in honor of Hall and Nash…..WOLFPICKS in the House!!!!!(Maybe 93.1 The Wolf will want to sponsor this segment of our blog, with Chuck and LeAnne, prepared to make this the plan…….)*****

Also this evening on the Private School scene:
Oak Ridge at Trinity Christian
Southlake Christian at High Point Christian

Southern Guilford off this week, back in action next week versus Western Guilford……


  1. Rags (major upset of the week)
    Smith (they are for real)
    NG (an easy call)
    EG (they come alive this week, sorry Hornet)
    SWG (not a good week for High Point)
    SEG (don’t go to sleep on me boys)
    NEG (another upset)
    RW (hate to do it but not enough offense for Dudley)
    DJ (the pain continues)

  2. Booooooo!! Smith vs HPC should have been the game of the week two undefeated teams squaring off both are ranked 3 and 4 in the GS poll. How is Page beating up on a depleted Ragsdale team right now the premiere game? And even if Ragsdale some how beats Page with all the injuries they have right now, that says alot more about Page than it does Ragsdale.


    Page (no upset Page is real good)
    HPC (Smith may be forreal, but HPC is the realest lol)
    NG (tough one, but I had to give NG the edge)
    WG (Western Guilford is bad, Eastern Guilford is badder)
    SWG (both teams are in High Point, so someone is gonna have a good week in HP)
    SEG (?)
    Reidsville (no brainer)
    Dudley (tougher than you think)
    Jordan (tough year continues for the whirlies)

  3. Tough call with EG at WG, but I would be an old fool to pick against my old school(WG) in this one….We stopped Gibsonville with Elijah Marshall(N.C. State WR) and then Bobby Hedrick(NAIA All-American RB at Elon) 3 straight years….(Back in some day.)

    Coach Loosemore is one of the best, but the edge still goes to Western with the home field……

    Game of the Week, you have to give a little bit of clout to the #1 team(Page), till someone knocks them off……

    If Smith gets Central, we might see an unbeaten Dudley at unbeaten Smith on Sept. 24….Dudley has Hillside next Friday, so we may need to keep the Cheerwine on ice….

    The best offensive week we ever had at Western was when we beat EG on a Monday, 45-0 and then beat McMichael(Madison-Mayodan) on a Friday, 56-0……Steady offense and stiff defense…..

    Those were the days and I’m glad we did something, or otherwise there wouldn’t be anything to talk about on here…..

  4. Alright FF is picking the opposite of all my picks this week. We will see what his record is this week (chuckle, chuckle). I am pretty crazy by the way but I did better than Andy last week. Purely blind luck by the way. I thought SWG was more Jamestowny that High Pointy. Oh well its fun to get you old farts all riled up. 🙂

  5. Ragsdale at Page——(PAGE) Continues to Roll

    High Point Central at Smith——-(HPC) Someone might finally shut down the Smith running game. HPC wins in a close one 21-20

    Northern Guilford at Northwest Guilford——-(NWG)Bounces back and pulls the upset at home!

    Eastern Guilford at Western Guilford——-(WESTERN) Gets their 1st W

    High Point Andrews at Southwest Guilford——-(HP Andrews) Gives SW their 1st L

    Rockingham County at Southeast Guilford——-(SOUTHEAST) Not even close SE Big in this one

    Reidsville at Northeast Guilford———(REIDSVILLE)Close early but Reidsville pulls away wins big

    Dudley at Raleigh Wakefield————-(DUDLEY) Moves to 4-0

    Grimsley at Durham Jordan————(DURHAM JORDAN)Grimsley continues to struggle

  6. Page (breaks that L streak)
    Central (better D)
    Northern(wont lose another one)
    Reidsville(keeps that W streak)
    Dudley(ya better ask somebody)

  7. Congradulation to Mycah Gaylord 102 Jamz Friday Night Football Player of the week. Who will it be tonight catch the announcement Tuesday Night on 102 Jamz.

  8. Ragsdale has way too many injuries and is too young. They’ll start 4 soph. on D and a lot of the sub’s are soph. 10-12 soph will play along with a lot of 1st year jrs. Page is the best they have been in years. Ragsdale will be back like last year in a year or 2 but not tonight. Coach G has never beaten Norwood. That changes tonight, and in a big way. No way Coach G can goof this one. Too many skilled players. Hopefully he remembers Norwood pulled his horses last year and doesn’t run it up.

  9. Page 28 Ragsdale 13
    HPC 21 Smith 20
    Northern 27 Northwest 21
    Western 35 Eastern 14
    Southwest 41 Andrews 14
    Southeast 42 Rockingham County 14
    Reidsville 31 Northeast 13
    Wakefield 20 Dudley 14
    Durham Jordan 31 Grimsley 7

  10. NW – 24 NG – 25

    Heck of a game NW! We are so proud of you! Way to come back and make a it a game! Kept us on our feet the whole time! You should be proud of yourselves! You made NG have to work hard for every point they scored. Way to go boys!

  11. Impressive nwg fan. Sometimes your team wins and sometimes they don’t. The sun still comes up the next day and there is always a game next week. You Page fans should take notes.

    Andy beat me this week. I think he was 7 and 2 and I was 5 and 4. But remember I called the upset of the week. I also beat floppy flip who was 3 and 6 in his predictions. Maybe next week you should not go with me against Dudley. Dudley must have played a great game. Sounds like they are going to be tough since they have the offense moving. I’m already picking Dudley over Smith.

    Crazy, I’m crazy for feeling so lonely
    I’m crazy, crazy for feeling so blue
    I knew you’d love me as long as you wanted
    And then someday you’d leave me for somebody new
    Patsy Cline – 1957

  12. It’s been raining all day here in Porsgrunn, Norway and sefan gives me depressing Patsy Cline.

    Our guys played a great game. I am beginning to think that week 1 was a wake up call on what happens when you aren’t ready from the sound of the opening whistle. My little brother seems to be exited about how well they are playing.

  13. Do it for the long haul man, this is a tough road….I have been champ since ’82 and that was right before I went into this football coma…..

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