Living Scoring Friday Football 09-10-10

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Ragsdale – 38
Page – 35

Dudley – 39
Raleigh Wakefield – 13

FINAL – Overtime
High Point Central – 29
Smith – 35

Eastern Guilford – 14
Western Guilford – 35

Northern Guilford – 25
Northwest Guilford – 24

Rockingham County – 21
Southeast Guilford – 55

High Point Andrews – 15
Southwest Guilford – 3

ORMA – 45
Trinity Christian – 0

Reidsville 21
Northeast Guilford 14

Grimsley 13
Durham Jordan 18


  1. Ragsdale just scored. 13 all but we have an injury.. I think it’s Savon. Hope he’s OK.

  2. That AND some heathen stole my phone. Anywho, it was a heartbreaker. I guess you know we lost the game with ABSOLUTELY no time left! Smh………

  3. pirates go up 35 21 with 8 to go. RHS scores with 5 to go. Recover onside kick and score with about 3 to go. Page throws interception on 3rd and 10 with less than 2 to go. RHS kicks FG as time expires. tough loss for PHS.

  4. Hats off to Ragsdale for battling back; their quarterback (#5) is the real deal. They also executed a textbook onside kick, which they recovered. Ragsdale is very well coached and a very fundamentally sound team.

    However, Page did not lose this game. The referees stole it from them.

    I have seen some poor officiating in these Metro/Guilford County high school football games, but never have I seen such a display of bogus calls, phantom calls, poor spots…it was the worst.

    How can Page have 7 or 8 holding calls against their offensive line but Ragsdale only have one?

    In the third quarter with the score Page 28 Ragsdale 14, Ragsdale was clearly stuffed on fourth and goal from the one. The runner’s progress was going in reverse. The zebras gave them the touchdown.

    On another drive by Ragsdale in the fourth quarter with Page up 35-21, a Ragsdale receiver fell down on a pass play. The ref called pass interference against Page. No one was within five yards of the receiver.

    Page’s outside linebacker, #9 made a great open field tackle on the sideline, his momentum carried him and the ball carrier out of bounds. Penalty-against Page for a late hit.

    But the worst was yet to come; as Ragsdale lined up for the game winning field goal, Page called time out. The refs ignored it. The kick was good. Time had expired.

    Kevin Gillespie and his staff were apopleptic. All the coaches ran on to the field to protest but the zebras cut and ran.

    Page Athletic Director Rusty Lee must lodge a formal complaint against these officials. I know it won’t change the outcome, but something has to be done. Page left it on all the field only to be robbed by the biggest group of morons to ever wear the zebra stripes.

    These referees ought to be ashamed of themselves. If any of these blind, incompetent jackasses read this blog, all I want to know is how much did you get for this game? How much did you get for your soul? You just screwed a great team out of a hard fought victory. Let the kids decide the game on the merits of their play, not on your bullshit calls.

  5. john john john,

    that may be the most ridiculous childish sour grapes cry baby rant I’ve ever read on here.

    you should turn in your man card and go straight back to preschool.

  6. Poor poor John,

    You must be a Tar Heel as well because you sound just like one after they lose a game. It’s always the refs fault or some extreme situation that cuases your team to lose. Wake up dude, maybe the other team is just better!1 Sometimes you just have to man up and accept defeat.

  7. Mark, were you there? Did you see this game?

    Ragsdale played a great game but they would not have won except for the phantom TD the refs gave them.

    I’m not normally one to blame the refs, but this was truly beyond the pale.

    Ask Coach Gillespie how he feels after this game.

  8. Hey John, thank you for the post!!!! I wanted to say basically the same thing but i would have a lot of f@#@s in my comment. There is no way the QB scored on fourth and goal. His momentum never crossed the goalline, actually looked like he lost some yardage. Page should have come up with the onside kick(Ragsdale was offsides on the kick). The zebras have been screwing Page for years though. Oh well, on to next week. Go Pirates

  9. I swear, my sentiments are somewhat similar to John’s but I guess it would sound like sour grapes. Similar calls have been made by the refs against Page for the last THREE games. I’m not in no way taking anything away from Ragsdale; they played a hard fought, determined game and NEVER gave up. I just hope that before it’s over with Page’ll get the opportunity to play a game that doesn’t appear as if the refs are “ghost”players for the opposing team.

    Just my thoughts.

    Maybe if Ol’ Rusty would’ve let me sing….

  10. Eastern Guilford is terrible!

    Playcalling Is Garbage!

    2 Redzone Poss. Both on 3 yard line, both end up intercepted!

    The recievers and runningbacks are great! The quarterback and Oline are super suspect. The most talented kids are getting shorted. Politics suck!

  11. “What happened to the live updates from Underdog? Guess the Pirates are losing”

    I swear, when Page plays SE, I’m going to sit RIGHT next to you. For EVERY touchdown Page scores, when we leave, I’ll buy you a beer.

    Make sure you have a designated driver ’cause you’re going to be DRUNK AS HAYLE!!!


  12. Yeah John – I was there. Saw the whole ball game

    I bet Gillispie is saying “dang will I ever beat Tommy Norwood?” I know so far he is 0-fer.

    I also saw a Ragsdale team with two staring line backers and a starting DL, RB and WR not playing. I saw a sophomore linebacker, Duncan Sparks start his first varsity game at MLB replacing Trey Swaim our defensive captain. All Sparks did was intercept two passes including the one that gave Ragsdale the chance to win the game. I saw a kicker attempt and make the first field goal of his career – pressure kick you think? Not for Brad Davis.

    I saw a team never quit and win the ball game with their own blood sweat and tears.

    And shame on those cheating refs for letting Page score 35 points tonight – btw -Page scored a TD after every offensive penalty tonight. get over it

  13. Are you sure you weren’t at the Page game?

    Drew (RB) might’ve carried the ball..maybe FOUR times.

    Thuc and Hatfield made tremendous strides but I almost thought our quarterback was a running back. Actually, last week, someone reported his position as a RB. That’s just how much he ran the ball.

  14. I’ve posted twice on how well Ragsdale had played. That’s been determined.

    Mark, I see you have no comment on the spot that the refs gave on the TD from 4th and 1; how can you call it a touchdown when the ball carrier was moving BACKWARD?

    That’s the ball game right there, take away the TD that never occurred and Page wins by 7.

    And Page had 2 timeouts left; they used one to ice the kicker; the refs refused to give it to them.

    Taking nothing away from Ragsdale; they came back, they played with heart.

    But it never should have come down to a game winning field goal attempt.

    The refs called a horrible game.

    As I said, let the game be decided on the field by the players; not the BS refs throwing flags

  15. boo hoo

    on that TD I couldn’t see Heavner, certainly not getting pushed back – all I know is two refs – one in the end zone and one on the goal line both signaled TD simultaneously. I guess they both saw the ball break the plane – thats all it takes.

    and you are seriously going to blame the loss on the timeout you didn’t get?

    better luck next year. the last four haven’t been so good

  16. Poor Poor John and the rest of the Page Pirate Nation,

    Please just face the facts, the whole world is out against you…to ALWAYS have to cause your illustrious student athletes in football, soccer, baseball. etc etc have to battle not only the opposing team but those men in the stripes and probably all the tribunal forces reaching the far corners of the galaxy.

    It’s a battle man…Its been going on for years and years..EVERYONE is against Page.

  17. Mark

    This will have to be my final words on this game because, frankly, you are starting to sound like an butthole.

    Read my post again, genius. I never said the game was decided on the time out the refs didn’t give Page.

    It was decided on the phantom TD.

    It’s tough to see how the game was really played when you have your head up your butt.

  18. John, it’s a game pal. Your team lost and the other team won. Get over yourself already. Refs make mistakes. No instant replay in High School so take a pill and go to bed. The sun will come out tomorrow and you can root for my Wolfpack as they take on some cupcake Central Floriday team. Maybe your Tarheels will win their next game with half the team suspended.

    Breathe in a bag…relax…relax

  19. John – how you, sitting up in the stands, can see whether a football breaks the plane is beyond me. All it takes is an initial surge from inside the one and then it makes no difference if runner is pushed back 10 yards. Both refs saw it the same way. All I can say to you is WaaWaa!!!

    Seems there has been whining even when you were winning so guess shouldn’t expect anything else when the team gets beat.

  20. Ragsdale just has Page’s number. Page fans can whine if they want to about officials,but this game should never of been this close. Page has much better talent than Ragsdale. Hats of to Coach Norwood and his staff for having their team well coached and prepared.

  21. I saw your post Underdog but wasn’t sure you really wanted a reply. What with John’s nervous breakdown and all.

    You know we have scored 112 points in the last two games right. I think you will be the one singing like Otis Cambell in jail on a major holiday after we whip you city boys if I buy a beer for every touchdown we score on you.

    Sounds like a heck of a game tonight. I’m sure both teams played their hearts out. Ours was a bit of a sleeper since RC is pretty weak. I know Page has a good team and will bounce back from this tough loss.

  22. Here’s a real officials fubar…..SEG kid, Haynesworth, crosses the line on a long touchdown run and points to the sky to give thanks and is kicked from the game for excessive celebration……first time I have ever heard of 15 yards and ejection for thanking God. Those guys should really be ashamed of that call and really need to make it right.

  23. john,

    sorry you have such a hard time handling the truth. The truth is – Page scored again after Ragsdale’s “phantom” TD and had a 14 point fourth quarter lead. But there was nothing “phantom” about the last 17 points Ragsdale scored.

    good luck the rest of the season for Page – I hope you guys win out.

  24. Shhhhh…I think John is in bed now…should we continue our plot on how Page will be screwed out of every game for the rest of the season? Mark can you give me the numbers for those refs you guys sneaked into THEIR stadium? We have Page soon and I need to get those guys in the right frame of mind if you know what I mean. Joe…you contol the media…do your worse to ruin their good name!! Underdog…you sing boy sing. Andy…do you have an in with Maxpreps? We need to slide Page slowly down each week until they end up just below Joe’s Botanical Christian Academy.

    Ok we have a plan, now execute everyone but quietly Jonn is sleeping and must never learn of our plot

  25. I have never been so disappointed by a high school football. It was such a big bag of fail. Starts with the refs. Numerous penalties on offense, but as everybody know, Page was not affected by those. The defensive penalties like the “late” hit and “pass interference” extended Ragsdale drives that were stalled. Also, something about that onside kick wasn’t right. It’s a shame that you can’t review plays in high school. Regardless of my rant, this game goes down as an L which leads to another thing. The past 2 years, I have heard about how great Page is going to be. However, Page can’t seem to beat Ragsdale or Dudley I know Smith is undefeated but Page isn’t losing to Smith or Grimsley for that matter). If you are not beating the best in the county, that goes down in my book as overrated. Ragsdale may have gotten some help tonight, but the game should not have been close. Rant aside, I hope Page plays well in the rest of the games. The offense is amazing. Defense just need a little work.

  26. You guys are the best. Do you know how much it costs for a quality comedy show? From the bottom of my heart I thank you. I thought my night was wasted but you guys come through better than I ever expected. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I sure hope I can count on you guys every week, otherwise the season will be such a waste.

  27. Talk about officiating. I thought teh refs handed the game to Page. 3rd play from scrimmage they call blocki n the back on Ragsdale for a good block that nullified a 1st down. ragsdale forced to punt and Page scores. 2 series later Page Wr and Ragsdale DB are running side by side and neither breaks stride yet there is a mysterious pass int. on ragsdale in the end zone. Page scores next play. On the QB sneak. the initial surge was forward, then stalled, then a surge forward and Heavner held the ball out over the line. Both refs down the line signaled at the same time for a TD.

    I have watched the replay of the game twice. If anyone got the calls Page did. Watch the dang replay. If anyone should be upset it should be Gillespie upset at himself. he had the horses tonight (Page never punted) and he still found a way to lose. he hasn’t beat Norwood in 12 tries now. He should have got him tonight because he won’t the next 2 years. ragsdale is very young and will do nothing but get better in the next 2 years.

    Page had all the skill guys on the field tonight (Summers was wonderful) and still found a way to lose. How do you not give the ball to Rogers and Phan? 2 of the best backs in the county along with Gaylord at Dudley and they do nothing. On paper Page was a heavy favorite. But games are not played on paper.

  28. For anyone who follows Page, we all know how the zebras do (Northern Durham game). Page has just always be able to overcome and still out score the other team. Page does have a target on their backs and some people will do anything to see a team fell. However…I hope this lost gives the Pirate coaching staff a chance to see that some changes need to be made in the game. Just because a player is your favorite does not mean that he is the best. You are right Go Tigers, Drew and Tuck did not get a chance in this game. I bet you don’t even know the other running back Hooker??!! Summers is a good player but let’s put it out there…Page is NOT in need of a Michael Vick type of quarterback.

  29. LUKE HEAVNER, The real deal was awesome again tonight against page. Nice to have a quarterback that can do the things he does and wills his team to win. Talent, leadership, competitiveness, moxey —– you get the picture.

  30. As an official, we vote every year as to which team we are going to screw with, and cause them to lose. This year is Page. We gave the coach a chance to pay us off, and he did, by taking us to Ham’s at Lakeside, then stiffing us with the bill. I already know what their record will be this year. They lose again next week. In fact, they get an “L” in the week of their bye. Do you think Smith is really that good? We are letting them win………

    BTW, for ALL you crying little girls out there, have your team win the game with lots of points BEFORE the final tick on the clock sounds, then ya wont be such wussies!!!

  31. Page is a 1 man team. Summers is great but he going to get hurt running as much as he does. He needs to get Drew Rogers more touches. That guy should be getting 150 a game. Hardly touched the ball tonight. Page receivers dropped numerous passes and when they were open at other ties, were overthrown by Summers. Defense is another weak are. Page should have won game but thet did not execute. Could not recover onside kick or stop RHS late in game. Plus interception in own territory not smart either. Pleasae dont blame refs for this loss.

  32. btw guys, Drew Rogers saw limited touches last night and wasnt the same runner he usually is because he broke his hand last week against N. Durham. His whole right hand was casted up.

  33. Guys, we all have to take it in stride and keep moving on to the next round….Don’t take this stuff too seriously or it will take you down and bring you down….

    Good call on Drew Rogers and let’s hope that the hand heals quickly for him….He is a fine back….

    Page next up at NEG and without having to look it up, who does Ragsdale have next?????

    Big-time battle last night, but hey it is a new day with new conquests and contests waiting right around the corner….

    Time to put the hammer down and head down the highway, with Highway 29 North looking mighty tempting……

  34. NW usually is on here talking about how good they are? They cant say anything now since NG beat them last night on a great drive to end the game….last years excuse for yall was we had keenan allen, what is it this year? GREAT job Downing

  35. Just to clear things up, Drew did NOT break his hand last week…he broke a finger!!! The trainer came over to us at the end of last week’s game and explained it to his mom and me. The last thing I said to her before leaving the field last week was “I hope this is downplayed.”

    Dudley’s trainer was the one that set it early yesterday.

  36. Just for short measure–I don’t think it would look good for me to “grow a “bleep” and man up” being that I’m all woman!

  37. Oh thank goodness you have come forward on that Underdogs…I thought you were going to meet me in the parking lot and whip my tail in a few weeks. Especially with all the smack I have been talking about your singing.

  38. Nighthawknation:

    NWG gave you a tougher game than Dudley. They were all over you guys last night. Both teams played a heck of a football game and I don’t think NWG has to get on this site to brag on theirselves. I was at the game and from what I saw the Pauley twins, Dillon and Suggs gave you guys all you could handle last night. Don’t get on here and start that crap. As I said before both teams had a great game. The officiating just gave you the 1 point edge. There always has to be a winner and a loser……the ones that lose with class don’t have to get on a site and throw left-handed comments. Good sportmanship takes place even off the field.

  39. ng football,
    explain “the officiating just gave you the 1 point edge”…..your star player ran into our kicker for the PAT after tying the game…..that was a mistake, the penalty was just and NWG paid for it…this is football…..and yes….great game by both teams….good luck going forward and we’ll see you guys next season.

  40. NWG Football,

    Let me get this right your saying NWG gave Northern a harder time than Dudley? How’s that and you lost, we held them to 14 points which were scored in the first quarter,after that scoreless! Maybe NW and Dudley might need to start a series…oh yeah last not least NWG played a beat up and tired Northern they played a brutal game against us. Number 4 for Northern and starting qb still feeling effects. I think if Northern would have played yall before us the score would’ve been worse…as Coach Roscoe said when they played us “we left everything on the field” enough said.

  41. Wait, didn’t NWG get spanked pretty good by Smith last week……………I doubt the NW parents would want their kids in East Greensboro after 8pm on a Friday evening, LOL!!

  42. Ghostman, no politics just the best players on the field. You also can’t execute when players won’t do what their told. I say people who complain about coaching go in on meetings sunday afternoons and see if they even have a clue about football after breaking down film.

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