Page-Ragsdale: License to print money

One heck of a game last night and it would be great to see these two teams meet again in the playoffs, if that possiblity were to work out…..Large 4-A(AA) versus Small 4-A(A) and we’ll have to wait and see how that unfolds….(Enrollment will dictate.)

You have to love what we saw last night, for a total high school football excitement experience…..On the morning after, now that the dust has settled and the blades of grass on the finely manicured Page Pirate football field have laid back down to rest, you have look back and say we witnessed 48 minutes of fantastic football……

Can’t wait to the next meeting, if it comes later on this year, or in Jamestown next season, this is becoming a top-shelf rivalry, as Page tries to get Ragsdale, and so far lately to no avail….

James Summers from Page had a career-type game with his runs to the end zone for the TD’s and the two-point conversion pass play among other highlights…..Luke Heavner, the Ragsdale QB, engineered a big-time come-from-behind win and the receptions by Erik Romer and Anthony Stewart were huge to help bring the team back….The Brad Davis FG, from 35 yards away to win it, the two key interceptions by Duncan Sparks, a backup LB at 6’4 180, who should grow into one tough hombre in the future, (only a sophomore) and the Trey Grimes recovery of the on-sides kick…..Grimes, #27, came out of the pile with it…..Barry Brown, the backup TB, ran like a force that would not go down and he kept the ball in the middle of the field on the last drive, that ended up being the game-winning drive…

One heck of a game and one heck of an effort turned in by both teams and by both coaching staffs…..Games like this one take a lot out of you, but the bounce back has to be in earnest quickly, with not much time to celebrate, or to belabor any regrets, on what didn’t go your way….

One wild game and another feather in the Tigers’ cap, or another stripe on their back and the elusive hunt of the Tigers will continue for the Page Pirates…..Sometimes you just hate to lose, but being in the hunt, is what makes the chase even that much more interesting….

Another game between these clubs later on this season, would be a fun way to spend a Friday night and would take on a similar feel to what we have seen with Ragsdale and Dudley over the past two seasons…..

Great game by both teams and to victor goes the spoils and if you are Rusty Lee the Page AD, or Glen Locklear the man in charge at Ragdale, you have to be counting the days, till you can start loading up the tickets for the next contest between these two clubs, it is really a game that provides, “A License to Print Money”……..


  1. I thought I was through with watching #42 in Blue&White ruin Pirate drives. Who knew there was another Sparks to play LB for Ragsdale.

  2. First time I saw Duncan out there in 42 I told someone he walks, stands and motions just like Walt. Now he’s playing like him too. One reason Walt was so good as a senior is because he started as a sophomore. Duncan will be another really good one before he graduates. Good to see Romers still roaming around out there too. Tough kids in that family. And another Redfern booming punts and kickoffs. Keeping it all in the family.

    And I have to mention Larry Ogunjobi – junior defensive tackle (#65). I remember when he was in my sons first grade class. He was a big kid then and now his size is paying off. You need those big guys in there clogging up the line freeing up your linebackers to make plays.

  3. It’s good the younger players were able to come off the bench and help ragsdale. tye experience was something to build on. However Ragsdale will be better when they get LBers Trey Swaim and Robert Pompey back. D’Onavon Smith should also be back this week. He was all conference and all-area last year . And Tyquan Roberts should also be back. Ragsdale is young but toward the end of the year they should be much better as the 1st year juniors and the sophomores get some experience. Until then there will be some fits and starts.
    Heavner is getting into gear now after a slow start. As to who is the best QB in the area, the scouts say it is James Summers at Page. He is special.

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