The HS Poll will see some changes next week

This Week’s Poll…..

1)Page(3-0)…..Now (3-1)
2)Dudley(3-0)….Now (4-0)
3)Smith(3-0)….Now (4-0)
4)High Point Central(3-0)…. Now (3-1)
5)Southwest Guilford(3-0)….Now (3-1)
6)Northern Guilford(2-1)….Now (3-1)
7)Ragsdale(2-1)….Now (3-1)
8]Northwest Guilford(2-1)….Now (2-2)
9)Southeast Guilford(2-1)….Now (3-1)
10)Northeast Guilford(1-1)…..Now (1-2)
11)Southern Guilford(1-2)….Still (1-2)
12)Eastern Guilford(0-3)…..Now (0-4)
13)Western Guilford(0-3)….Now (1-3)
14)High Point Andrews(1-2)….Now (2-2)
15)Grimsley(0-3)….Now (0-4)

Projected New Poll for next week:

1) Dudley
2) Smith
3) Northern Guilford
4) Ragsdale
5) Page
6) High Point Central
7) Southeast Guilford
8] Southwest Guilford
9) Northwest Guilford
10) Northeast Guilford
11) High Point Andrews
12) Southern Guilford
13) Western Guilford
14) Eastern Guilford
15) Grimsley


  1. How did Page drop so far down in the poll? Does the total points have something to do with it?

    Poor Grimsley! I remember just a few years ago when most teams shook in their boots when they had to play them. What REALLY happened?

  2. This is the potential poll, but with the two unbeatens at the top they have those spots…..#3 Northern played new #1 Dudley to within one point, Ragsdale at #4 just topped Page…..Not a lot difference in NG, Ragsdale and Page right now, the Dudley-Smith game in two weeks on Sept. 24 will be a huge determiner for the top spot territory and Dudley will more than have their hands full at Durham Hillside next Friday….If Page bounces back to beat NEG next week they should be fine headed into Metro 4-A play…..

  3. Thanks, Andy!

    I honestly don’t know how the polling system works. Even if it went by total points amassed, I would’ve figured SE to be a bit higher due to them scoring so many overall points but, ssshhhhhhhhh……we can’t let “sefan” know I said anything REMOTELY nice about his team.

    Let’s keep that between us,OK?


  4. No way Northern Guilford should be that high in the poll, they squeaked a one point victory out over a NWG team, the same NWG team who was dominated by Smith. Smith and HPC went toe to toe last night, as evident by the tie score at the end of regulation. Sorry Andy but if there isn’t alot of difference between NG, Ragsdale, Page, there also isn’t alot of difference between NG and NWG or Smith and HPC either.
    You shouldn’t penalize HPC for losing a close one to Smith but at the same time award NG for winning a close one to lesser NWG squad.

  5. Bison Herd,

    They won the game and HPC lost! By your logic, there is no point to actually winning a football game. We should just not keep track of points.

    I would argue that SWG be higher than my Falcons due to the vitory head to head. As long as they have the same record, they are the better team. They proved it on the field.

  6. Damon,

    I’m not arguing that HPC should be ranked ahead of Smith I’m arguing that a one point victory over NWG isn’t enough to merit a #3 for NG ranking in next weeks poll.

    Basically I feel Smith > HPC > NG > NWG just based on comparable scores. NG and HPC are both (3-1) so I’m not making an illogical argument, Ragsdale didn’t fall below HPC in the rankings after their 2nd week loss to Dudley so obviously strength of opponent is taken into consideration. All in all it’s just fun and games, I just wanted to know the formula in how these teams are ranked.

    And yes if I was doing this poll SWG would be ranked ahead of SEG, they both have the same record and SWG has already proven it on the field.

  7. It is just Andy’s poll. I don’t think the spin of the earth will be affected if my team is listed 7th or 8th next week but SEG is a different team than they were the first game of the year, We are not going to run the table this year but we are going to surprise some pretty good, overrated teams before the year is over. Not so sure about SWG. Pretty soon BS herd SWG may be wishing for that 8th spot.

  8. BisonHerd. Ng/NW is a rilvary game. Through records out of the window. hey are best friends playing against each other. Nrthern last to Dudley a 4A powerhouse by one point. With a backup qb. How about you all quit dodging them and play them.

  9. BisonHerd,

    I see your point now. I can see your logic. I can also see Andy looking at the Dudley/Northern game. There are a lot of people who will say that Northern had Dudley beat. It’s tough to differientate between these ball teams.

    sefan, we were beatin’ pretty good by SWG. I agree that we are a much different team than in week 1, but for now, they should be ranked ahead of us. Also, I’m not a fan of Andy picking us even if it is for 7th or 8th.

  10. LOL @ football-lover,

    Dodging who? We’ll play anyone and have done so in Guilford County. How about you provide some proof to your claims that HPC has dodged the “mighty” Nighthawks.

    I don’t care if NG-NWG is a rivalry game NWG wasn’t anymore motivated to beat you guys than they were Smith, Smith is just a better team period. I’m sure if HPC has to come from behind and eek out a one point victory next week against our “rivals” thats not gonna win any brownie points in the poll.

    Like I said it’s all just fun and games, message boards are meant for debates and differing view points, when it’s all siad it done the creme will rise to the top.

    My two cents:

    1) Dudley (4-0)
    2) Smith (4-0)
    3) Ragsdale (3-1)
    4) HPC (3-1)
    5) Page (3-1)
    6) NG (3-1)
    7) NWG (2-2)
    8) Andrews (2-2)
    9) SWG (3-1)
    10) SEG (3-1)
    11) NEG (1-2)
    12) SG (1-2)
    13) WG (1-3)
    14) EG (0-4)
    15) Grimsley (0=4)

  11. Underdogs unite what happened at Grimsley well where to begin, here is my take.

    1-3….. They ran off Tood Shupping, Mark Saunders, and Martin Samek

  12. If I am comparing the polls…Andy isn’t as high on the High Point teams as BisonHerd. We shall see how this works itself out as the season progresses.

  13. It’s early in the college football season, but Keenan Allen is proving to be the ‘real deal’. At halftime, the Cal Bears lead the Buffalos from Colorado 31-0. Allen leads the Bears in receptions 4 – 49. He has no TDs, but he appears to be the go to guy in the passing game. Marvin Jones has the experience and is a talented guy, but Allen seems to be on another level.

  14. Ng played nw with the back up qb and was beating dudley by14 before the starter got hurt. The backup Dan Downing i think it is has done a good job. Anyone know how long the starter is out?

  15. northern is still thinking about last week games against dudley huh? that was two games ago guys… move on … dudley came back it stuck it to you guys the second half… and came out with a one point victory.. two teams knocking each other out till the the end of the game.. northern vs. northwest was also a great game with two talented teams and a one point victory….. somebody has to win and somebody has to lose … geesh stop complaining so much and get ready for next week

  16. 1st, who cares about the polls? The only poll that matters comes out in late December. As Damon says, it’s just Andy’s poll. Good conversation but nothing to lose sleep over.

    Northern can say it was a backup QB but it was the Downing kid. He’s a fine athlete. not like they brought up JV kids like Ragsdale did. Northern will not lose a step when Rocco moves on and Downing steps in.

    No one is dodging Northern. Most schedules are done a couple of years in advance. 90% of the schedule is anyway. Every school has the their traditional out of conference games. then each school has games they play because they need a big gate for revenues. football gates are important to budgets. For instance, Ragsdale needs the Page and Dudley games. They are huge gates with big money and the budgets need it. They used to play Grimsley but the Grimsley AD goofed up and Ragsdale had to scramble to get Person County. And then the weeks have to work out. You have to have an opening when the other team has an opening.

    It appears Northern has some good out of conference rivalry games. They have NWG. NEG, and Dudley. The team I think gets shafted is Dudley. They have to go play Northern Durham and Raleigh Wakefield. Not everyone will travel to Raleigh and vice versa. If you want a big gate and a quality opponent, go play Dudley.

  17. Keenan Allen caught 6 for 66 and 1 TD in a 52-7 blow out. He also rushed the ball one timee for 6 yds.

  18. Derek Blacknall(Dudley) with an INT for a TD for ECU and Kenny Okoro(Dudley) had a late pick at DB for Wake in the win over Duke….

    Good day for the area guys….

  19. NWG is the WORST team in the league and should be at the bottom of the list. Stop the run and you win against NW but they most likely will fumble it away as they did the last two weeks. Nice play calling NW, Very easy to defense this team. Stop the run and you win or as it was the last two weeks they stopped themselves with the run by fumbling it away.

  20. Thanks NW for not using your QB. He put up some good numbers against Western. Thanks for not using him, makes your team easy to defend when you just run the ball. Downing had 15 attempts as a backup and you guys give your QB only 8? Thanks Coach, keep up the good work. Love playing against your run game. LAUGH OUT LOUD.

  21. 250 yds. rushing and 24 pts. Im sure many teams would take that and the lead with 3 min. to play against a talented and well coached team such as NG. Classic rivalry game that could have gone the other way very easily, the fumbles have shot us in the foot the past 2 weeks, fix this and we are a factor, we will see who gets better or worse by the end of the year, conference season just ahead, NG wont be pushed again until playoffs . NWG needs to step up to be in any discussions, lets see what happens.

  22. Maybe Page drops in the polls because they could not stop RHS from scoring on 6 of 7 consecutive drives. The only stop was the half time clock. I know Ragsdale only had one stop in the second half – the interception by Sparks. Which came on 3 and 8. Anyone have a clue as to why Page would call time out on 3 and 8 without letting the clock run down first?

    They might drop in the rankings because Page tries to throw the ball too much. We were sitting in the stands hoping they would throw. RHS had nothing for the Page QB when he ran. Over 2 series Page had thrown the ball 5 consecutive times going 0 for 5. On the 6th play the QB kept it and went 68 yards for a TD. 2 years ago at Page it was the same thing. Page was running all over Ragsdale and Page decided passing was more important than winning and proceeded to throw incomplete pass after incomplete pass.

    With both teams playing lousy defense and outstanding offense it was going to be the little intangible things that help you win the game – Soph Reed kicking his first ever FG, Soph Sparks making an INT, Soph Eric Roamer going over the Page defender on 4 and goal to tie the game, Senior Barry Brown running as hard as I have ever seen, Senior Heavner showing tremendous poise and leadership. Most of all the coaching made the difference. It’s the little things that Ragsdale did and does that Page did not and does not do.

  23. Note to David: “Soph Reed kicking his first ever FG”…that should be junior Brad Davis kicking his first ever FG. Matter of fact, it was his first ever varsity field goal attempt. Nice response to a pressure situation.

  24. High Point Central out of the way and Smith is going up to number one my friends. Dudley stands in the way but it is time for the Panthers to get out of the way.

    This is the year of the Eagles. Smith #1. Ready to fly to the Title! Taking what is rightfully ours.

    Metro 4-A Champions-Your Smith Golden Eagles! Now go out and tell somebody!

  25. Rightfully yours? In what year exactly has Smith ever won a football title. Beat an average HPC team and you want to thump your chest? Silliest thing I have read this month.

  26. I’ve seen both Smith and Dudley play this year and I’m telling you Smith has something for Dudley this year!

    Just for the record Smith beat NWG and HPC two teams that will compete for the Piedmont Triad 4A. Could it be that Smith might be pretty good this season? I mean they only have 18 or 19 Seniors starting for them.

  27. Im about tired of hearing Smith has something for Dudley, it seems that Smith fans think playing Dudley is their final game and it must be the championship, I tell you what Dudley has played a tough schedule, Smith on the other hand play a average ,but good team in Northwest and Central, thats why we play the game, Smith can talk all day, but when push come to shove , and we under those friday night lights we’ll see what you made of, enough said EAGLES!!!

  28. hey smith keep your chest in . you getting ahead of yourself. with all the help you got friday night from the refs i wouldnt be claiming anything. you guys won , thats good but the metro is no easy cake walk. you putting a bulls eye on your chest, and there are some teams in the metro will gladly make sure you breath before you exhale. worst called game ever worse than the one at page.

  29. I’m not for NW or Northern I’m a Page Fan….but for a Northern fan to say to beat NW all you have to do is stop the run???? We’ll tell me how you guys won! Cause it looks like NW hit yall up 40+ carries 200+ rushing yards and 3 rushing TD’s! Don’t sound like you did a real good job of stopping the run!

    From what I’ve seen NW keeps losing games by turnovers and dumb penalties!

  30. Everyone is happy for the resurgence at Smith. But I would hold off on some of the talk. You haven’t won anything yet. And before you talk smack to Dudley, you have to beat the Man to be the Man.

  31. Another thing is we have a heavily touted team in Hillside this friday, were not worried about Smith until the week after next, Smith better be worried about Waddell, sometimes you think ahead and get bit by the upset bug, so the message is take care of Waddell then get back at us, I personally think that the Dudley vs Hillside game may be the best game to watch in the state this week, should be a great game our vaunted DEFENSE VS their HIGH POTENT OFFENSE, really this is like playing a third round playoff game….lol

  32. PantherPowerHouse you are dead-on correct about that Dudley at Hillside game for this Friday….It will be a HUGE state-wide matchup and if Hillside can defend the Dudley run, then Jeremy Reynolds, Anthony Lamb and Jonathan McCain will have to get open to open up this game…..

    Hillside with QB Vad Lee and company are a powerhouse in their own right, right there in Durham.

  33. If Smith can remain relatively healthy, depth issue is a concern for them, but if they continue to play at the level they have thus far this season, they will win the Metro conf (you heard it hear first)! I haven’t seen Dudley this year but it would be hard to imagin them having a better offensive line and Smith’s running game is definately as potent as Dudley’s. I think Smith has alot of advantages over Page and Dudley going into conference play, as we know games are won on the field though, but if I was a betting man from what I have seen my money would be on Smith.

  34. Andy,

    Just think, the bands blasting the crowd loud its going to be the biggest game in the state, bar none…

  35. BisonHerd,

    What advantages are you speaking of? You stated that Smith has advantages over Page and Dudley. If you haven’t seen them play, how can you excess or distinguish advantages? I admit Smith has a good offense. And i’m a Panther i’ll be the first to say that i’m proud of Smith. The way the coaches got the kids to believe. But you basing their advantages over Central.

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