High School football coming up this week

Dudley(4-0) at Durham Hillside(4-0)….Mighty big one here in Durham, where the Alabama fans will be converging on Friday night and they may want to take in this game, to get warmed up for Saturday with Duke, at Wallace Wade Stadium….

High Point Andrews(2-2) vs. High Point Central(3-1)
Charlotte Waddell at Smith(4-0)
Page(3-1) at Northeast Guilford(1-2)
Roxboro Person at Ragsdale(3-1)
Western Guilford(1-3) at Southern Guilford(1-2)
Northwest Guilford(2-2) at Grimsley(0-4)
Southeast Guilford(3-1) at Eastern Randolph(2-2)

Northern Guilford(OPEN)
Eastern Guilford(OPEN)


  1. Dudley(4-0) vs. Durham Hillside (4-0)——–Hillside

    High Point Andrews(2-2) vs. High Point Central(3-1)——HP Central

    Charlotte Waddell at Smith(4-0)——–Smith

    Page(3-1) at Northeast Guilford(1-2)——Page

    Roxboro Person at Ragsdale(3-1)———-Ragsdale

    Western Guilford(1-3) at Southern Guilford(1-2)———-Southern

    Northwest Guilford(2-2) at Grimsley(0-4)—————NW Guilford

    Southeast Guilford(3-1) at Eastern Randolph(2-2)————-SE Guilford

  2. i have posted on this site a few times, and i have come to like how dudley approaches things. all they do is win. davis is a class guy and i have coached against him and when its time to play that man can flat out coach. like him or hate him the man can coach and he wins. i dont care who he has on his team where they come from the man gets it done. dudley has never shyed away from playing anybody, they just line up and go. davis and the coach from page, as well as norwood and the coach from hpc are great coaches , you either like them or you dont these guys play the best and thats why their teams are always at the top. people sit back and talk about what these guys should do and shouldnt do are crazy. put yourself in there shoes i dont think you could make better choices. if the monday morning qbs of today can do better they would have thier jobs. great job coaches keep up the good work. and the saying goes all you do is win.

  3. I’d go with Dudley over hillside. I don’t think their Defense will be able to stop Dudleys power running game

  4. High Point Andrews by 2 Td

    Hillside by 2 Td

    Northeast by 2 Td

    Smith by 4 Td

    Ragsdale by 4 Td

    Southern by 3 Td

    Northwest by 4 Td

    Southeast by 4 Td

  5. Dudley won on the road at unbeaten Raleigh Wakefield last Friday and they will win at Durham Hillside(4-0) this week. The Panthers are on a roll.

  6. victor either you are a hater or you just plain simple. northeast by 2 tds over page? are you smoking? and what are you basing that on? i hope dudley wins, doesnt matter by 1 point or more a win is a win. if your predictions hold up your pretty good but dont think so.

  7. I agree with most of V’s pix but not the Page v Northeast. Page will beat the Rams. Go Grimsley over Northwest. The new Simpson kid can throw for the Whirlies and he will be a good one.

  8. Here is how the local QB”S stack up: Name/Passer rating/td’s/Int’s:

    Note: Passer rating takes into account compl/attempts/yds/tds/ints

  9. Dudley (my bags are packed and I am on the bandwagon)
    HPA (upset pick of the week)
    Smith (should be a walk in the park so…I’m nervous they could overlook CW)
    Page (I think they will be ready to chew nails and spit bullets this week)
    Rags (I’m nervous this will be a letdown week)
    WG (I don’t buy into the SG QB hype)
    NWG (the Whirlies keep whirling)
    SEG (soon we will get tested…but not this week)

  10. The scheduling gods have done SEG a favor! This team can and will be much improved by the time it gets to the heart of its schedule. The Falcons have time to improve. The starting QB is a sophomore and you have at least 5 others sophomores making significant contributions. If this team can stay healthy, the sky is the limit. This team should be 5-1 heading into a showdown with a much improved Smith team on 10/1.

    And guess who Smith plays the week before the trip to SEG?…..The might Panthers of DUDLEY. The Eagles of Smith will be on an emotional high or feeling very disappointed when when they head to SEG. Advantage goes to SEG.

    Could SEG shock the world…..okay, maybe not the world. Could SEG shock Guilford County?

  11. Justafan,

    SEG has a good team. The offensive lines is doing a good job of opening up holes for Fields and company. They’ll win at least 3 games. They only question marks are Smith, Dudley, and Page. They’ll beat Western Guilford. SEG has been a little more diverse on the offensive side of the ball since game 1. If this coaching staff continues to show some imagination with the offense, the sky is the limit.

  12. I don’t doubt that SEG is much improved, but look at their competition. But u may be right 3 games tops and that will get them in the playoffs. So if SEG can pass a little they may surprise some people

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