HS Player of the Week, plus All-County Check-List

Our Player of the Week last week after we had a battle of the bands vote-off to determine the winner was Mike Fields RB, from Southeast Guilford and the runner-up was RB Elijah Jordan, from Smith High School….

Our season long winners have been Daniel Downing(Northern Guilford), Matt Pawlowski(Northwest Guilford), Mike Fields(Southeast Guilford) and this week’s winner is,(drum-roll) ……..Elijah Jordan from Smith, as the out-right solo winnner…….

We are going to list our All-County check list for this week, so we can get many kids involved and we will have a Player of the Year coming up at the end of the season…..Remember a couple of years ago when we were battling over Ricky Lewis Jr., Will Newman and Tim Romer among others for the award….Last year we were looking at kids like Keenan Allen, David Amerson, Major Bryant, Kasey Redfern, D’onovan Smith, Jon Spain, James Summers, Drew Rogers, Jabri Ridenhour and others for the county’s top player…..

Our Steak N Shake Players of the Game so far this season have been, James Summers, Demetrious Dick, Mycah Gaylord and Brad Davis……

In major consideration this week in addition to Elijah Jordan we will have, but first before we lay down the others on the All County Check list let’s take a quick look at what Jordan did for Smith in the Golden Eagles 35-29 overtime win over High Point Central…..

Jordan……306 yards rushing…..2 receptions for 43 yards….1 pass completion for 40 yards……The 306 yards came on 44 carries and that is a real night’s work….TD runs went for 5, 10, 11 and 20 yards….Took home the game-winner in OT….(44 carries, that’s a load, I don’t care where you are coming in from…….)

Also from last week….

Same game with HP Central versus Smith and Jordan…..QB Drew Adams HP Central going 16-31 for 201 yards and 1 TD, plus ran for 2 TD’s….Adams had 2 passes picked off….

From the Ragsdale-Page game……
K Brad Davis(Ragsdale) 5-5 PAT’s and game-winning 35-yard FG with 1 second remaining, on his first-ever Varsity field goal attempt….
QB Luke Heavner(Ragsdale) 15-28 for 151 yards and 2 TD’s passing and also 2 TD’s rushing…..
RB Barry Brown(Ragsdale HS) 24 carries for 122 yards and 1 TD……..
LB Duncan Sparks(Ragsdale HS) Two key interceptions for the Tigers including his last one that may have prevented a game-winning drive from the Page Pirates….

QB James Summers(Page HS) 170 yards on 18 carries with 4 TD’s and 11-22 passing for 183 yards and 1 TD plus a two-point conversion pass and two interceptions……

*****Above Ragsdale-Page from Mike Ellis game report at the Jamestown News on-line…..*****

Other Check-List members from last week….

RB Mike Fields(Southeast Guilford HS)…..101 yards on 14 carries with 4 TD’s….
QB Daniel Downing(Northern Guilford HS)…. 2 TD’s rushing(including the game-tying TD) and 1 TD passing….
QB Jeff Sims(Smith HS)…..10-21 passing for 263 yards and 1 TD with 1 INT…..
WR Derek Grant(High Point Central)…. 7 receptions for 100 yards, with 1 TD catch and a two-point conversion grab in the Bison loss to Smith….
QB Jake Simpson(Grimsley HS)…..Freshman quarterback with 2 TD passes, both going to WR Travon Woods in a losing effort by Whirlies to Durham Jordan, 18-13, much closer game than the previous three weeks….
RB Austin Pauley(Northwest Guilford HS) 2 TD runs for the NWG Vikings in one-point loss to Northern Guilford….
RB Trey Martin(Northeast Guilford HS)…..86 yards rushing and 2 TD’s on the ground in the Rams’ 7 point loss to unbeaten Reidsville and 1 touchdown away from stopping Reidsville’s 51-game winning streak…..

*****Other suggestions/nominations, send them our way in the comment box below……*****


  1. Wish we had some way to recognize the boys in the trenches. Those big boys who paved the way for Jordans 306 yard, Adams 201 passing yds or Summers 4tds. The trenches is where the game is won.

  2. You nominate and we will call the coaches and see how the linemen graded out and if they have earned a spot on the list…..

    I used to work down in those trenches and I know what it is like down there……

    We can make this happen……

    Send us some nominees……

  3. I’ll be at Dudley Hillside game this week so Im sure I’ll see some great oline/dline play. So look for some nominations on Monday.

    I wasnt at a game last friday so I cant nominate anyone but maybe some of the other readers can.

    Saw Butler/Richmond on Saturday two really good teams

  4. Didn’t Butler beat Richmond County something like 21-7 to go (3-0)….Unbeaten and no Christian LeMay and the Ferguson kid is doing pretty good at QB for the Bulldogs and they are still ranked #1 in the state in most polls….

    Was reading somewhere that the Butler fullback had a monster game with a load of bug receptions out of the backfield and that the new QB’s brother is a deep threat at receiver…..

    Bulter doing well.

  5. yeah Butler won 21 – 7. Butlers fb is the real deal. The player that killed Richmond was Lemay’s little brother. I think he surprised them with seveal good runs. Butlers new qb needs a little work but the team is very good.

  6. Great suggestion.without those guys in the trenches there wont be great rushing and passing yards.

    Keep an eye on 71 Demarcus Bell..plays both DL and OL.he’s not the only one Linebacker Denzel Jones and many more…..

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