JV Football Tonight Finals

Southeast Guilford 20
Eastern Randolph 12

Dudley 20
Durham Hillside 6

Northwest Guilford 29
Grimsley 6

NWG improves to (4-0) on the season.

Western Guilford 13
Southern Guilford 8

Page 34
Northeast Guilford 20


High Point Central 22
High Point Andrews 20
HPC was down 14-7 at the half, tied it up with 2 minutes to go and then won it in ovetime…..
High Point Central (4-0)

Others?????(Ragsdale ?)

Southwest Guilford(OPEN)
Eastern Guilford(OPEN)
Northern Guilford(OPEN)


  1. The Vikings must’ve wrote the book on the offensive linemen holding technique; what goes around comes around. Keep on fighting “young birds”,you’ll get there . . .you’ll get there !

  2. I was at the game too Ol’ Bawl Coach. The obvious holding that was going on wasn’t the difference in the game. It was a JV game and the refs were letting quite a bit slide. I agree though, the fistfulls of jersey always seemed to help NW on the big runs and the small infractions from the”young birds” didn’t impact the game. As a neutral party, the better team won last night. I will say that the improvement the young whirlies have made since last year is noticeable from the game or two i saw last year and last night.

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