Throw a bucket of water on this man, he’s on FIRE-yah, now at 37-8 for season

Sort of a so-so night for me, going (6-2), but (37-8) on the season, that is unreal…..

The games I lost this week, are games that I could have won, if I just would have broke down and gone against my heart….

I picked Dudley to win at Durham Hillside and the Panthers fell…..I wanted to see both Smith(5-0) and Dudley, now (4-1), enter next Friday night’s game as unbeatens….

Now Smith is the only unbeaten in Guilford County….

Dudley at Smith next Friday night…..

I was feeling that Western Guilford could win at Southern, but it is time to come to the realizaton, that Western just doesn’t have it this year……

I went (6-2) this week and I have experienced several growing weeks at the down and out……

Somebody get that water bucket ready and let the right man win on and again……


  1. Andy,

    Winter is on its way here, so we throw buckets of snow on fire. How about another high scoring night for SEG Falcons.

  2. Andy,
    I admit that you are the man right now! You beat me by one this week. I picked a miracle HPA over HPC and lost. I see YOU are on the SEG bandwagon now and I jumped on the Dudley wagon trail. Dudley just does not seem to have the offense to beat good teams. These two things killed me this week. I will live to fight another week but you beat me this week and you clearly lead everyone on the overall.

  3. I have to learn to pick these games with my head and not my heart…..I had the lean toward Hillside, but took Dudley hoping that we might see the unbeaten setup with Smith next Friday….I knew what the Hillside Hornets and Vad Lee could do after tracking them this season….

    I took the Hornets of WG with some sentimentality toward the old school in the old neighborhood, but you can’t go back to old neighborhood and come out of there unbeaten…..Southern and Jamie Cunningham, the Storm’s junior QB, are for real…..They are going to get more wins and get more numbers….

    SEG was trailing ER 19-12 and then the Falcons exploded…..SEG has been making a statement after that season opening loss to SWG…..50-plus points three weeks in a row and that is not a fluke and you could see it again this week as SEG faces Grimsley…

    Another good/fun week, but still a lot to be learned on the way to the football fields……..(Mike Fields, SEG, may be seeking royalties on that name fields/Fields soon.)

  4. That SEG buzz-saw is really one to keep an eye on…

    Just got an E-mail from a long-time SEG Falcon fan and he said the 50-plus points is a lock or done deal for the game this week with Grimsley…..

    SEG is set to lay it on down…..50-plus points four straight weeks, that is saying something there….

    Falcons on the Fly?????

  5. The full return of Drew Rogers has the Page Pirates running “even stronger” now too….He really adds to and compliments what the Pirates do offensively…..

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