Bucs pound Panthers: How much more can you take of Moore?(Catch call-in show on 101.1FM and 1110AM)

From today’s game at Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium….
It didn’t take long for the crowd, sitting in 90-degree heat, to grow restless with qurterback Matt Moore, who replaced longtime starter Jake Delhomme. Moore failed to see an open Steve Smith down the right sideline, then threw a third-and-11 screen pass into a sea of bodies on the ground, producing boos before the first quarter was over.

Later on Jimmy Clausen, the former Notre Dame star, trotted on the field with 10:03 left in the game, to loud cheers from the crowd.

from www.wralsportsfan.com and CLICK HERE to see more on Moore and the Panthers…..

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Josh Freeman and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers continued to show remarkable growth. The Carolina Panthers remained in disarray, and may be ready to turn permanently to their own young quarterback.

Freeman returned to the site of the worst game of his brief pro career and threw for 178 yards and two touchdown passes in Tampa Bay’s 20-7 win over Carolina on Sunday to give the Buccaneers their first 2-0 start in five years.

A year after starting 0-7 and just over nine months removed from Freeman’s five-interception nightmare against Carolina, the second-year quarterback avoided any big mistakes or turnovers. The miscues were made by the bumbling Panthers (0-2), who couldn’t move the ball as Matt Moore had two more turnovers and was benched for rookie Jimmy Clausen in the fourth quarter.

Mick Mixon, Eugene Robinson and Jim Szoke had the call of the game on the radio on 1110 WBT and at 101.1FM WZTK. Call in at around 5pm during the Wrap Up show to help explain what the team should do next week to get the win.
*****Thanks to Carl East program director at 1110 WBT, for the radio info….*****

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  1. Hey Andy,
    Did you catch me on the post game show last week (Week 1)? I called Ethan Horton & blew out the playcalling & coaching!! I said it before & I’ll say it again….
    1st & 10–run off tackle gain 3 yards….
    2nd & 7–draw..lose 2 yards
    3rd & 9–throw it 5 yards or incomplete
    4th down–punt

    That’s been the Panthers offense for the last 3 years. Fox will find work next year (if they don’t strike) as a defensive coordinator..when he should be anyway. Offense sucks under Fox… he can’t adapt during a game & is afraid to make changes!! The funniest thing I heard in the off season was that Klauson would be a natural fit for the Panthers because he played in the same system at Notre Dame:):) Notre Dame’s offense was 1000 times better than the Panthers offense!!:):)

    We’ve needed a number 2 receiver for 3 years now, we’ve needed help in the secondary for 3 years now, our special teams have sucked for 3 years now, & our offensive philosophy & play calling is EASILY the WORST in the NFL!! Pretty bad when you have the TV annoucers saying..”you just don’t see these I-Back sets on 3rd & 9 in the NFL…BECAUSE THEY DONT WORK!!! Guess I’ll start rooting for Washington until they let Fox go…….

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