Keep the water buckets handy: This man’s still on Fi-yah, ACC picks go (8-0)

Here are my ACC Football picks for this weekend, that were posted here at this site on Sauturday morning and the N.C. State pick over Cincinnati pick, was already in the bag, back on Thursday…..

From Saturday morning we said……
Let’s take:

Georgia Tech
West Virginia
Virginia Tech
Florida State
Stanford and see what happens…..(We are already [1-0] with N.C. State a winner back on Thursday.)
*****I nailed them all, I was (8-0).*****

Have you ever seen anything like this? 14-2 for the weekend, with the high school and college games combined……I need to get something going on the NFL games next week too…..This is unreal and I better be careful walking down the street here in town, a bucket of water may come flying off the top of some building and on to my head…..The word is starting to get around town, “This man is on Fi-yah”!!!!!

The Clemson game, may have been the best/wildest of the day on Saturday…..In overtime, the Tigers kicked a tying field goal, to lock up the game in the first OT at 27-27, but Clemson was penelized, and they had to kick the field goal again, and this time they missed wide left and Auburn won the game……

(8-0) and no place to go, but back on the show…….