HS Football coming up this week

TE/DE Eric Ebron will not play for the Smith Golden Eagles on Friday night versus the Dudley Panthers…..Messed up his collar bone/shoulder…..See comments below……

There will be some big games, but the biggest of them all will be Dudley at Smith….Also on tap in and around the city and county we have:

Southeast Guilford at Grimsley
Western Guilford at Page
WS Parkland at Ragsdale
Northwest Guilford at Glenn
East Forsyth at High Point Central
Northern Guilford at Burlington Williams
Eastern Guilford at Eastern Alamance
Southern Guilford at Trinity
Northeast Guilford at South Granville
Southwest Guilford at WS Reynolds

High Point Andrews(OPEN)


  1. What can Page expect from Western Guilford? They have a huge OL and from what I heard last year, a good QB. How is the defense?

  2. It looks like Western has not found the answer to losing RB Aaron Jones and WR Jabri Ridenhour….DL DeEric Baldwin, who played in this past summer’s East-West All-Star game was a huge loss on defense….

    Western is hurting right now and Page will have to do what top teams do when they catch a team that is down……Keep them there. If Page picks up where they left off last Friday night against NEG, they should be on a roll….Summers, Rogers, Phan, Hatfield, Sykes, Caldwell, Suggs, and Carter Greene…..Page, has too many offensive weapons…..I don’t know how WG can play a ball-control game against the Pirates….Page has the quick-strike offense…..Rogers goes for 70 and Summers breaks off another 65-yard TD run….NEG tried the ball-control on Page and the Pirates still put up 35 quick points on the board and the Pirates are averaging 34 points a game on offense..

    Conference play will get under way on Friday and who will be ready to play…..

    Just one man’s thoughts and there has to be more laying around out there….

  3. I’m nervouse for those Whirlies this Friday night against the strong running attack at SE. To score 50+ points and, from what i heard, not throw a single ball?? How can what looks like the worst defense in the county hope to stop that. I love my Whirlies, but it’s not looking good for Friday. Please, get a staff in there that can do something on defense. You’ve got one of the biggest D-I prospects around and other kids that look to be quality high school athletes, why can’t you stop anybody?

  4. As far as the Page JV’s go, they have not lost a game in the past two years, going (4-0) so far this year and (10-0) last season…..Not sure how far the streak goes back after that…

    Page has a super QB on JV in Jordan Putnam…..His dad(Bruce) played for SEG many moons ago and the Putnam kid is very good….He saw time in the Varsity game with WS Parkland back in mid-August and he carries himself and his team very well on the football field….Page is a very tough JV team and they will be tough to beat….

    SEG’s Varsity has to be thinking there’s no stopping us now…We have put up 50-plus points four straight weeks and why slow down now……It doesn’t matter what defense is facing SEG, the first thing you have to do is try and find a way to slow down the Falcons’ Mike Fields…..He has been a blazing, on fire the past three weeks, with 14 touchdowns over those three games…..

    It will take time for the Grimsley defense to grow and I’d hate to have to get growing against a team that has been playing like SEG when the whistle blows to start the game on Friday night….The way SEG has been running, when the whistle blows, it might be like starting a track meet and for the Falcons it would be off to the races…..Nothing like a good old fashioned challenge to get the blood flowing in the Fall of the year….

  5. Not sure about WG’s JV, but they better have a good secondary, or they are going to get lit up all night.

    Page’s JV QB, Jordan Putnam, is very solid and can sling it all over the field. The 2 starting WRs are 6’1 Justin Neal and 6’3 Tevin Morrison with speed and hands. The backfield consists of speedy scatback KJ Marony and 3 other solid looking backs that have all taken the ball in for scores from 40+ yards out this season.

    The defense is no joke as well. The Dline is led by some big hosses, 6’1 275 James Egleston, 6’4 195 Lorenzo Featherston, 6’1 215 Chris Smith, and 6’1 205 Chris Hambrick. All freshman, except for Hambrick.

    OLB Carter Stanley is in on almost every tackle/play on defense. He is going to be something special on Varsity for the next 2 years. DB and backup QB Jalen Gavin is a play maker in the defensive secondary, I heard the kid is also the best up-in-coming point guard in the triad too.

  6. Thanks Andy. You are right about Putnam – can really pass the ball well. Page overhall has a ton of talent. Wasn’t sure how Western matched up against it. Looking for a good game on Thursday.

  7. When I beat Andythis week I want everyone to know I picked them first:
    Smith (Dudley does not have enough offense)
    SEG (yawn)
    Page (fat lady should start singing the national anthem now)
    Rags (might be close)
    NWG (by 2 TD)
    EF (my upset pick of the week)
    EA (sorry Eastern G fans)
    SG (I am back into the hype)
    NEG (by a FG)

  8. Southeast Guilford at Grimsley——-SE Guilford Big
    Western Guilford at Page———Page by 28
    WS Parkland at Ragsdale———Ragsdale close early Ragsdale pulls away by 2 td’s
    Northwest Guilford at Glenn——–NW Guilford gets the W and seems to be rolling again
    East Forsyth at High Point Central———-tough one….I’ll take HPC in a close one
    Northern Guilford at Burlington Williams————NG
    Eastern Guilford at Eastern Alamance———–EA
    Southern Guilford at Trinity————Southern
    Northeast Guilford at South Granville————–NEG
    Southwest Guilford at WS Reynolds—————–RJR

  9. I would be looking at a cross between the SEG Fan’s and the HSF football fan’s picks….The toughies will be that Smith-Dudley, HPC-EF and SWG-RJR….

    Hard to believe that Glenn is going into that NWG game at (0-5) and the Bobcats had one of the top rushers in the state returning in Josh Hawkins with 1,800 yards last season and 20 TD’s….Post Dickie Cline era has started out with lack of gunpowder in K’ville….Aldine Payne says where is the plane, it better be landing soon cause this does not feel or look like Fantasy Island to him or his staff….

    WS Parkland got blown out 41-0 by Page in game one of the year, but they have played much better since then…..Lost to Carver by say two and they beat Glenn(Not yet on Glenn, see below, maybe it was Reynolds that the Mustangs messed up)….Ragsdale might see a challenge for a half from Mustang back Hairston and that might be coming in the second half and by then the game might already be over…..Mar-ques Eleazor, the young RHS Tiger RB had himself a fine game last week and he has been a fine compliment to Barry Brown until the Tigers can get D’onovan Smith back on the field….

    That (0-5) Glenn run has gone something like:
    North Davidson (L)
    West Forsyth (L)
    Mount Tabor (L)
    WS Carver (L)
    WS Reagan (L)
    *****I don’t think that Parkland and Glenn have met yet, since that will be a conference game and most of what I am printing here is from memory and I am not trying to show off my GED from the GE Factory, just some of the skills they taught us at the GTCC GED and PHD training center…..*****

  10. Thanks Sefan you picking against HPC is the equivalent of Andy picking against SEG, let’s hope your upset pick of the week goes as good last weeks’ upset pick did. ; )

  11. Did my quick check and WS Parkland lost to Page,
    Lost to Mount Tabor 42-14
    Lost to WS Carver by 4 35-31 and Dudley beat Carver by 6-2….Dudley defeated Ragsdale 12-0…..Not sure if we can make any similarites or comparisons on these games/scores or not…..Just hope we get the spellings right, in case one of those GTCC GED investigators comes in here, checking up on us…..(Also to take this investigation a step further, Page beat Parkland, but Ragsdale defeated Page by three, 38-35.)

    Parkland topped WS Reynolds and the also beat WS Atkins…..

    *****Time to get out of here and give someone else a chance to check in.*****

  12. Dudley at Smith – Dudley
    Southeast Guilford at Grimsley – Southeast
    Western Guilford at Page – Page
    WS Parkland at Ragsdale – Ragsdale
    Northwest Guilford at Glenn – Glenn
    East Forsyth at High Point Central – Central
    Northern Guilford at Burlington Williams – Northern
    Eastern Guilford at Eastern Alamance – E Alamance
    Southern Guilford at Trinity – Southern
    Northeast Guilford at South Granville – Northeast
    Southwest Guilford at WS Reynolds – Reynolds

    Dudley/Smith will be a great game but Dudley will find a way to win. I agree with many that Parkland may keep the Ragsdale game interesting but in the end Ragsdale wins comfortable. Glenn is my upset pick of the week. Northwest is better and should win, but Glenn has to end this slide somewhere. East/Central game will be another great one and an upset is tempting but not this time. Southwest midseason swoon has started and will continue at Reynolds. The rest of the games probably won’t be close.

  13. Hey BisonHead don’t just hate, get some skin in the game. Make your picks or if you are scared say you are scared.

  14. The problem is not Grimsleys defense. Its a very poor offense, and turnovers. The offense is not moving the ball and I know they had 3 turnovers friday. The defense is on the field 80 percent of the game, can’t win like that.
    The offense looks disorganized, unprepared and the play calling is terrible, not to mention it takes about ten seconds to call a play. Whoevers running the offense is not getting it done.
    A defense can’t play with its back against the wall the entire game

  15. Just talked to Coach Brewington over at Smith and TE/DE Eric Ebron will not play on Friday night versus Dudley…..

    Collar bone/shoulder problems. Not sure if it is broke….X-rays not back yet, but Eric will not play on Friday night….

    You hate to see something like this happen, you would rather see both teams at full strength, but we thank Coach Brewington for filling us in on the details….

    Was on the phone with him just a few minutes ago….

    On Grimsley, working with a freshman QB and with people on offense that have never played before and others in postions where they have not been before this year, you could put Tom Knotts in charge of this offense and he probably wouldn’t be able to do much more with it than what the Grimsley coaches are doing….

    Tom is now in South Carolina and his old team, at Charlotte Independence is (0-4) in his absence and he won’t be back…..If would have stayed on at Independence they would still have been looking up at Matthews Butler and at Mallard Creek, possibly Richmond County, West Charlotte too….Butler just got past Lenior Hibriten 35-28 last Friday night, so maybe Mallard Creek is ready to make a move up near the top of the 4-A’s and I would say that quite a few of the 4-A’s are going to have problems beating Durham Hillside too…..Hillside Hornets should be a team right up at the top….

  16. Nice try to bail the Grimsley offensive coaches out. But, I assure you Tommy Knotts and any one else would be better organized and call plays better than what I saw friday night

  17. I’m going to be looking out for the kids more than I am the coaches and as it has been said so many times before, only time will tell…..

    I would hate to see us have to go outside the area to get coaches and see new players that would move in or move up from the lower ranks at the middle schools etc. to get the job done, when I feel we have coaches over there that can do it and kids there at Grimsley that will be able to get the job done……We probably have a few more kids over there walking the halls that can play…..These kids need to get out there…..

    Only time will tell, to use a phrase from another man’s song, sung here earlier today…..

  18. Andy have you been to a Grimsley game this year?
    Have u seen them take 12 to 15 seconds off the play clock to get a play in from the sideline?
    The team has talent and ability but they are not organized or prepared.

  19. Independence losing Tom Knotts this year is not the whole story of why they are 0-4. They also lost about 800+ students to Butler and the new Rocky River High School, after the new district lines were drawn. They are sitting at about 1600 kids, which will make them small 4A this year. They lost a lot of football talent.

  20. Wow can’t believe I didn’t post a winner for the Dudley Smith game! My bad sefan!

    I think with Ebron out Dudley wins this one 21-17. Smith loves to run off tackle and will miss Ebron’s blocking skills in this one more than his pass catching skills. If Dudley can slow down Smith’s running game and force them to pass the ball 20+ times I think they can take the win.

  21. Grimlsey had a defensive coach in there last year, I think they shut out SE Guilford last year and looking on NC Preps, the team he is coaching now(the powerhouse SW Randolph HA HA) is only giving up 10 pts a game. I thought that Grimlsey hired the old Head Coach from Greensboro College to run the offense with coach Coiro. Last year at least Grimsley was in games this year they are getting crushed. Well at least the administration and AD have who and what they want

  22. Just so you know Coach Coiro is doing a great job over at Grimsley! Hasn’t that team had like 5 Head Coaches in 6 years? There has been no stability in that program in almost a decade and you expect Coach Coiro to come in a start winning games right away! Rome wasn’t built in a night people! Give this guy some time. It’s going to take a few years to clean up the mess others have made over the past 10 years.

  23. Fair enough Sefan,

    Dudley at Smith – Smith (Home crowd, oline, & dominant run game, wear the panthers down).

    Southeast Guilford at Grimsley – Southeast (I think SEG goes for another fiddy).

    Western Guilford at Page – Page (Too much offense for WG)

    WS Parkland at Ragsdale – Ragsdale (I think Ragsdale wins in somewhat of a shootout)

    Northwest Guilford at Glenn – NWG (Two good running games, NWG better defense)

    East Forsyth at High Point Central – Central (I think the Bison shuts down EF run game, and exploit them in the passing game).

    Northern Guilford at Burlington Williams – Northern (NG in a blowout)

    Eastern Guilford at Eastern Alamance – E Alamance (See above)

    Southern Guilford at Trinity – Southern (Passing game too strong for Trinity)

    Northeast Guilford at South Granville – Northeast (NEG gets back in the win column)

    Southwest Guilford at WS Reynolds – Reynolds (Tough one to call, Reynolds is more battled tested, gotta go with them).

  24. Haven’t been to a Grimsley game this year, but they will be seeking a balance at the school with athletics and academics…..Anna Brady named Secondary Schools Principal of the Year in Guilford County and the athletics will catch up, it will just take some time and a lot elbow/monkey grease/effort…..They have decided to make sure the classroom comes first, before the locker room and that is best approach if you are in the business of education, but you still have want to put the best representative teams on the field and on the court when it comes game time…..

    Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Athens, Smyrna or Greensboro so we’ll have to lock it down and wait and the coach that does turn Grimsley around will be looked upon as a genius/saint/king…..Look at the job Coach Brewington has done at Smith and the Grimsley rebuilding task will be very similar and it will take the same type of effort….

    Can’t see blaming Coach Coiro for current troubles, he inherited the reconstruction project…..

    Smith-Dudley still right around the corner and the point was brought up……I wonder how many fans will get in there? How many will get in before they cut it off??? What time do most of you plan on arriving so you can secure your seats?????

  25. All you need to look at is how many coaches have left Grimsley in the past two years, in 2009 there were 14 coaching openings at Grimlsey, in 2010 there were 18. You are right Rome was not built in a day but it did fall quickly and never recovered. Look how many coaches at Grimlsey are not teachers that will tell a tale of what is going on there. And Coach Coiro is great just ask him, did you forget the winter cap summer conditioniong fiasco

  26. Grimsley should do a promotion for the Page game and the first 1,000 fans receive a winter cap…..Kind of crazy, but I am sure that they are ready to put that chapter behind them and rightfully so….

    We need to continue to support Coach Coiro at Grimsley….He is a young coach with a load of enthusiasm and you don’t want to lose a young man like that…..He needs to keep at it and continue to build that program….As so many have said in the past, all of this runs in cycles and if I were him, I’d love to be the guy/coach that was there when this thing turns around….

    We need to support the previous Grimsley coaches as well….This is like a fraternity and needn’t get down on our former brethern….Coach Smouse at Raleigh Athens Drive…. Coach Stewart at Mount Tabor as the offensive coordinator, I believe it is…..Coach Shuping at Providence Grove, Coach Saunders up in Maryland or New York last I heard….Coach Samek and his Cougars off to a great start at SW Randolph at (4-1)……This is a football family and we have to support all members, current and former…..

    Also off the subject a bit, but it seems like N.C. A&T has really turned on and taken a heavy stance against what would now be their former Track and Field coach Roy “Spaceman” Thompson…I am aware of the death of the young runner from Raleigh, and some irregularities in the way Coach Thompson ran his program, but look at his term of service to the University and the community, 26 years……..

    Coach Roy “Spaceman” Thompson created a track and field environment in the city of Greensboro and I don’t think he should be forced to go out like this, with a young man’s death, being his lasting legacy……Any thoughts on this one and maybe we should move this one up to higher page on the site……

    Thinking out loud on a Wednesday……

  27. To: All Grimsley Whirlie haters; a storm is in the forcast,be forwarned; not gonna tell you when where, or what time . . .just be prepared. and furthermore when the young man (Corio) turns it around . . .don’t get to close cause you just might choke on your own puke ! As a dinasour that’s been on both the winning side and losing side(but no state championship) from what I can tell he’s gonna be alright and then all you neysayers will jump at the chance to kiss him where the sun don’t shine. When the cycle comes around and bites your behind,then you’ll shut the f&ck and not worry about mind. ONE LUV COACH “C”

  28. ol’bawl that’s the biggest bunch of nonsense I have ever read. Could you rewrite your post in English?

  29. To answer your question about the last time Page lost a JV game, I believe the answer is the last game of the 2008 season to Northwest.

  30. NW Viking Fan,

    I think you are right.

    14 game winning streak still in effect.
    4-0 in 2010
    10-0 in 2009
    9-1 in 2008 – Lost to NW Guilford in last game
    9-1 in 2007
    8-2 in 2006

    Page’s JV is 40-4 the past 4 seasons, including the 4 games this year.

  31. To those of you that seem so ready to criticise the Grimsley Whirley’s, the players and coaches, I would like to say this…
    SPORTMANSHIP is what I see every week the Whirleys play. They suit up, they never quit and they come off the field at the end of the game knowing yes they got beat but they are also improving. They know they have a long way to go but they are a Team. A Team in a rebuild mode. Have you all forgotten that?
    Their new Head Coach is rebuilding a team that has been in turmoil for the past few years. He has been rebuilding the player’s confidence in themselves and their teammates. Respect for themselves, respect for their teammates ,coaches , teachers and families. Keeping them focused on the field, and in the classroom. Keeping them focused through all the criticism.
    As I see it Coach Coiro is definitely on the right track with his players. Building a foundation with focus where it should be. Building up the team from that foundation, he has them headed in the right direction.
    Yes I see SPORTSMANSHIP, CONFIDENCE and RESPECT when I see the WHIRLEY’s come on the field. A TEAM REBUILDING through all the public criticism and game losses. A TEAM that will be THE TEAM to beat in the future.

  32. 1. Dudley at Smith, The Dudley haters are in full force, but there is a reason they have won a state championship, Dudley by 6

    2. SE at Grimsley, love the stadium, but the team is a few weeks a way from picking up their first victory, SE by 17

    3. WG at Page, the hornets will not be able to match up with those pesky pirates, Page by 21

    4. Parkland at Ragsdale, Local boy should pick parkland, but the Ponies won’t be able to hang in this rodeo with Ragsdale. Rags by 16

    5. Northwest at Glenn, closer than the experts think, NW by 3

    6. Northern at B. Williams, the Nighthawks will soar, by 2

    7. Eastern Guilford at Eastern Alamance, battle of the Easterns, the Wildcats get the upset, by 4

    8. Southwest at Reynolds, SW over rated and staying local with Reynolds. Reynolds by 10

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