Player of the Week and Guilford County check list

Since Mike Fields(Southeast Guilford HS) has been a previous winner, he had six more TD’s last week and Drew Rogers(Page HS), was our Steak N Shake player of the game, for his efforts in the Pirates’ win over NEG last Friday, this week we look at Drew Adams(High Point Central) and Jamie Cunningham(Southern Guilford), as our player of the week….

We also want to throw three linemen on to the check list bus here early and I believe all three are on the offensive side of the ball and they are Matt Sugg(Northwest Guilford), JD Galyon(Page) and Seth Stone(SEG)…..Need to get those linemen some attention in a hurry….

As far as the Player of the Week goes, I am leaning toward Adams since he is a senior and here are his numbers…..Central got a 33-0 win over cross-town rival High Point Andrews and Adams was 20-26 passing, with no interceptions, for 237 yards and 1 TD, plus he ran for a touchdown and the Bison had just 79 yards rushing and Adams got 50 of those yards…..Not a bad night at all for the senior and he has won the 102 JAMZZ Player of the Week award previously this year, but that honor is not connected to what we are bestowing here….

Cunningham, QB from Southern, had another solid week going 10-24, although he did get picked off twice, he passed for 163 yards and connected on 2 TD’s, one to WR Austen Thompson and the other to Quashan Butler…..

We are leaning toward Adams and let us know if you want this one to go to a vote and if so, send your vote or thoughts to…….

Also in on the Guilford County Check List, along with Adams and Cunningham are Sugg, Galyon and Stone, plus Rogers and QB James Summers from Page(Summers had two TD’s throwing and he scored one TD runnning and Rogers ran for the 2 touchdowns and 160 yards.)

You have to add in senior Tyreek Sparks from High Point Central, with 2 defensive TD’s, one on a fumble return and on the other one, he took an interception back 65 yards for a touchdown….Mike Fields, the RB from SEG had the 6, count them 6 TD runs and on the touchdown runs alone, he gained 267 yards…..267 yards by Fields, just on his touchdown carries…..WOW!!!!!

Quinton Able from Smith had 2 TD receptions in the Golden Eagles win over EE Waddell out of Charlotte, with one touchdown catch coming from QB Jeff Sims and the other from backup Kalen Pratt….Ragsdale had 284 yards rushing against Roxboro Person and the Tigers were led by rookie RB Marquez Eleazer, who ran for three TD’s and 136 yards on 19 carries…..Tiger kicker Brad Davis was 7-7 on PAT’s and he also kicked a 21-yard field goal for good measure……

Sophomore Reid Baxter, had another impressive night for Northwest Guilford, as he hauled in a 27-yard pass from NWG QB Matt Pawlowski for a TD and Baxter took a kickoff back for 89 yards versus Grimsley, for another big Viking score and that touchdown came right after the Whirlies had scored, to make it a 20-8 game….Baxter also had a two-point conversion grab for NWG…..Pawlowski was 5-8 for 107 yards, with a TD pass and a TD run and the two-point conversion pass to Baxter…….We have to keep Sugg’s name in there as the key offensive lineman for the Vikings and I have been getting good reports on him from my scouts……Let’s hope all the scouts have the names and numbers correct…..Wouldn’t want to get anyone’s name and number out of place….

For this week, that is the Check List and Adams or Cunningham on Player of the Week and we are leaning toward Adams, but I still want to see the season-long numbers on Cunningham, in this week’s High Point Enteprise……


  1. Jamie Cunningham KID is RIDICLOUS have you seen what he can do?
    he’s a junior and better than half the Senior Qb’s in the state.

  2. It’s either Fields, Seth Stone, the O-line, or all three. The numbers are just too ridiculous to look past.

  3. I have seen the Cunningham kid play twice this year, and I can’t imagine there are many quarterbacks in the area better. He appears to be 6’3 or 6’4 and well put together. He throws the ball all over the field and to many different recievers. He really seems to know the offense or the game of football well. He also runs the ball very well. I was impressed watching him play and will definately make more trips just to watch him, especially if he is only a junior.

  4. Reno,

    Not taking anything from the Cunningham kid, because he is doing well, but here are some QB’s who I believe are much better:

    1. James Summers – Page – (best in the area) – junior
    2. Luke Heavner – Ragsdale – (kid knows how to win and is accurate as hell) – senior
    3. Matt Powlowski (sp?) – NWG – (good looking young kid) – junior
    4. The Thompson kid at Western – Western – (sprays the ball all over the field) – junior

  5. There are several outstanding QB’s in the area this year. This has been a subject matter that has been discussed on this website all season long and will continue to be. Each of these young men mentioned have done outstanding things for their teams. But as far as pure QB, right now there is no one any better than the Cunningham kid. I have seen Thompson, Heavner, Summers, and Adams all in person on more than one occasion. I am sure each one of these players are the right fit for their team. But to say that these players are much better than Cunningham, you obviously haven’t seen him play this year. Guilford County is fortunate to have so many great QB’s and it will be a joy to continue to watch them play over the next couple of seasons.

  6. Cunningham went 10 for24 (41.6%), 163 yards, 2 TDs. 2 INTs against Western last Friday.

    Lets see what Summers does this Friday against Western.

  7. page fan he will put up big numbers. he is a stud. double double. 100 plus rushing over 200 passing. the kid is exciting i will pay my money to see that kid and rogers and phan. exciting. you get chills watching them play because they can take it distance anytime they touch the ball. how about those pirates .RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  8. Numbers can be deceiving. Its hard to get a feel of what a kid can do until you watch them play. For instance, I would imagine Summers will put up better numbers against Western because Western will have to worry a lot more about Page’s running game than they probably did Southerns. I have seen all the QBs talked about in this post play and Cunningham would be in my top 3. With that being said so would the Summers kid. In my opinion to say the 4 listed above is MUCH better, just means you haven’t seen him play.

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