Not a bad week for picks:(10-1) in Week #6/(47-9) for season…..

Now (47-9) for the season and right near the money with a record of (10-1) this week….This will get the people talking and how about these marks???

(W) Dudley at Smith(SMITH)
(L) Southeast Guilford at Grimsley(SOUTHEAST)
(W) Western Guilford at Page(PAGE)
(W) WS Parkland at Ragsdale(RAGSDALE)
(W) Northwest Guilford at Glenn(NORTHWEST)
(W) East Forsyth at High Point Central(CENTRAL)
(W) Northern Guilford at Burlington Williams(NORTHERN)
(W) Eastern Guilford at Eastern Alamance(EASTERN ALAMANCE)
(W) Southern Guilford at Trinity(SOUTHERN)
(W) Northeast Guilford at South Granville(NORTHEAST)
(W) Southwest Guilford at WS Reynolds(REYNOLDS)


  1. The Smith-Dudley game was evenly called in the betting world but Grimsley???? Man–I would’ve lost my shirt tonight!!

    Congrats to the Whirlies! I know those kids are sooooo excited right about now.

    As far as the runnings…..It looks like Smith is on top with the next four teams at 5-1.

    This should get R-E-A-L-L-Y interesting over the next several weeks.

    Win or lose, you gotta love HS Football but right up there with it is BLOGGING ABOUT IT!!

    We’ve got a week off next week. Which game should I go to?? Maybe I’ll just hit up SE and find “sefan” and see about getting this online petition started so I can sing at ONE of Page’s home games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. or you should go check out those nw vikings those kids have come an extremly long way sine joe woodruff has taken that program over! that team is only going up in my opinion they arent giving up many pts and are putting up a lot of points!!! good job nw kids hard work pays off

  3. So what about those EAGLES?….28-0 over Dudley!!….You’ve got to give them, their much needed respect NOW!!…Smith has a heck of Offensive line, who is coached by Coach Reid, because Quarterback Jeff Simms had a lot of time to rip Dudley’s secondary to shreds tonight. Then Coach Mac had the defense playing HIGH tonight. I think the shut out proves that. AGAIN, what about those EAGLES??

  4. yes them too that program has come along way only winning 9 games in 5 or 6 yrs those seniors have been playing varsity since freshmen now there matured seniors who are rolling.

  5. Box score from the Grimsley-SEG game that the Whirlies won 16-14……

    G – Safety

    G– Travon Woods 32 pass from Jake Simpson (Thilo kick)

    SG – Marques Haynesworth 1 run (failed conversion)

    G – Travon Woods 32 pass from Jake Simpson (Thilo kick)

    SG – Michael Fields Jr. 2 run (conversion Brent Frazier pass from William Greene)

  6. are you sure travon actually caught the ball on hid td score??? lol last week travon scored a fantum td and everyone in the stadium knew travon dropped that ball lol. travon admitted dropping the ball too hahaha congrats on the 1st W grimsley.

  7. Congratulations to Smith. Good to see that program doing well again. To our Dudley friends, head up and go back to work. You’ll be fine. NWG also looks much improved. HPC looks very strong also.

  8. I agree with NWG and go tigers….Outstanding for Greg and keep up the great work that you are a part of with NWG and the Smith Golden Eagles are a well-balanced team and they are very athletic…..

    With Sims, Able, Jordan, Ebron, McCoy, Boswell, Davis, the O Line and on you can go, Smith has a corp of very talented athletes….

    Like Tiger man was saying with Smith, High Point Central(only an OT at Smith from being undefeated), Northern Guilford, Ragsdale, Page, NWG, and others, we have some very good teams and quality talent here in Guilford County and like Tiger said, the Dudley Panthers will be back….Just give Dudley a little time to get their feet back underneath them…..

    Northern Guilford will face their biggest test of the season next week when they meet Eastern Alamance…..As I see EA right now, they will be the toughest overall team that NG has seen this season…..

    Good comments and Travon Woods was on our watch list for Grimsley a few weeks back and he is doing it again…..I believe this is his second multiple TD game of the season as a receiver…..Reader Sr. told us what TW could do and it is coming true and a win well due for the Whirlies and their young team and Coach Coiro…..Freshman QB in Jake Simpson and all he is learning now is gravy for the future…..Page has a healthy RB/RV now in Drew Rogers and the Pirates are sailing smooth after coming through some rugged Rogers/waters…….

  9. Ragsdale will be stronger with D’onovan Smith now back at RB and they have developed extra strength at that spot while he was out with Barry Brown and Marquez Eleazor coming up real big….

    Austin Proehl, the freshman QB at Western came on to throw a late TD pass vs. Page last night and Proehl could get on a roll in the future at WG…..Jordan Putnam has become a steady backup to the main man James Summers at Page as we continue to see the development of top-notch talent in the area……

  10. Putnam is a sophomore. He is the JV QB for the second year and from what I hear did great last night.
    Andy, do you have the box score/scoring summary for the Ragsdale Parkland game?

  11. Thanks Football Fan. Hadn’t seen him before. Good to have another strong player behind James.

  12. Putnam is doing a super job for the unbeaten Page JV’s at (5-0) and he has seen Varsity time in several games this year with Parkland and last night’s Western game being ones that I am aware of….Putnam a sophomore, understudy for James Summers this year and even more so next then and then the full-time man in Jordan Putnam’s senior year…..

    I saw Herndon throw a TD for Ragsdale late in the game last night with Parkland and he is another young QB that is going to be real good….

    We have what might be the best crop of QB’s in the state right here in Guilford County with James Summers(Page), Jeff Sims(Smith with a real soft touch and right on the money…), Luke Heavner(Ragsdale), Drew Adams(HP Central), Jamie Cunningham(Southern Guilford), Matt Pawlowski(NWG), Daniel Downing(Northern Guilford, might be the most underrated, but puts up huge numbers from the left side), Airyn Willis(SWG), Demetrius Dick(Dudley), Jake Simpson(Grimsley), Josh Thompson(WG), and others at NEG(Tyler Martin), and EG…..May have left someone out if so, SORRY….

    Young QB’s are on the way like Putnam at Page, Garrison Herndon at Ragsdale, Austin Proehl at WG and even Simpson at WG has to be considered a young at Grismsley since only a freshman and Kalen Pratt will be ready to take over at Smith next year and Richard Hayes is already taking #1 snaps as a sophomore at Dudley with Dick on the DL….

    Sorry, but I checked the News and Record, the High Point Enterprise and the Winston-Salem Journal on-line editions and nothing on the Ragsdale-WS Parkland game from last night(9/24)…..They will have details by Wednesday in the Jamestown News with Mike Ellis who does a great job in covering the Ragsdale Tigers and we will work to get that info up here for you when Mike posts it at Jamestown News web site….

    Here is what Mike had last week on Ragsdale and the Roxboro Rockets….(Person)

    Person 0 0 7 0 7
    Ragsdale 0 17 21 14 52
    First Downs 22 R 7 P
    Rushing Yardage 281 R 79 P
    Rushes 50 R 24 P
    Passing Yardage 140 R 68 P
    Pass Comp-Att-Int 11-19-1 R 7-20-1 P
    Punts-Avg Yds 3-35.0 R 8-29.4 P
    Fumbles-Lost 1-0 R 3-1 P
    Penalties-Yds 7- 55 R 10-67 P
    Time of Possession 27:48 R 20:12 P

    Scoring Summary
    Second Quarter
    R-Luke Heavner 9 yard run (Brad Davis kick) (8:08)
    R-Barry Brown 5 yard run (Davis kick) (0:49)
    R-Davis 21 yard field goal (0:01)
    Third Quarter
    R-Marquez Eleazer 1 yard run (Davis kick) (8:38)
    R-Eleazer 1 yard run (Davis kick) (6:34)
    R-Michael Baldwin 2 yard run (Davis kick) (6:35)
    P-Joseph Downey 27 yard pass from Jonathan Quick (Corey Zandt kick) (1:03)
    Fourth Quarter
    R-Eleazer 5 yard run (Davis kick) (6:35)
    R-Frank Youngblood 10 yard run (Davis kick) (5:26)

    From N&R on Ragsdale last night vs Parkland and this is all they had:
    Parkland 0 0 8 0 — 8
    Ragsdale 14 6 20 7 — 47

  13. What’s wrong with WG? Wasn’t expecting an upset of Page but didn’t see thAt score happening. What changes need to be made?

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