Boys AAU Basketball Try-Outs

Boys Basketball Try-Outs
(I was shooting some hoops outside at the Vandalia Elementary School last night and the season is getting close, this ought to be fun.)

If you are interested in your son playing for one of the Elite AAU teams in the
triad area, we’re pleased to announce try-outs for 10 and under/4th graders that
will be held on the following dates:

October 23, 2010 10 AM-11 AM Ragsdale YMCA (Jamestown)
October 30, 2010 10 AM-11 AM Hayes Taylor YMCA (Greensboro)

Eligible players:

*Must be in 4th grade and or be 10 years old
**Player can be 11 or 12 if he is in the 4th Grade
***Player can be in 5th grade if he is 10 years old

For further information contact:

Clyde Brown 336-554-5795
Darryl Cheely 336-988-8502
Michael Dearman 336-707-5627
Keyford Langley 336-687-0623


  1. Nov. 1st is the earliest date for the schools, at least the public schools and I’m pretty sure of that……

  2. I think you could see the private schools practicing as early as October 15th. That would be Greensboro Day, ORMA, Westchester, HP Wesleyan, HP Christian, Caldwell Academy and more…. Their season/games could be going as soon as Nov. 1…..

  3. all ages prior to 7th grade (13 and under) have no restrictions…this is because of school ball…the rules are set up so that once you get in 7th grade, your aau practices cannot start until the season is over..this is the case in nc aau, not all over the country..

  4. Also, try-outs for the kids in Caswell County 10-12yr olds. Will be on Oct 16 from 12pm-1pm at CC Parks and Rec Gym.

  5. Looking for an AAU Boys Basketball Team for a 17 year old. Can you please provide me information on teams in the Greensboro (Triad Area).

    Thank you

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