Guilford County HS Football Poll as we head toward Week #7

Guilford County HS Football Poll
(The Poll is starting to get a bit shook up….)

1) Smith(6-0)
2) Northern Guilford(4-1)
3) Ragsdale(5-1)
4) TIE: Page(5-1)/High Point Central(5-1)
6) Dudley(4-2)
7) Northwest Guilford(4-2)
8] Southeast Guilford(4-2)
9) Southwest Guilford(3-2)
10) Southern Guilford(3-2)
11) Northeast Guilford(2-3)
12) High Point Andrews(2-3)
13) TIE: Western Guilford(1-5)/Grimsley(1-5)
15) Eastern Guilford(0-5)


  1. 1)—Smith
    3)—HP Central
    6)—NW Guilford
    8)—-Southwest Guilford
    9)—-Southern Guilford
    10)—Southeast Guilford
    11)—Northeast Guilford
    12)—HP Andrews
    14)—Western Guilford
    15)—-Eastern Guilford

  2. HS Football,
    Southern in front of SEG? You do know we beat them BIG right? Central and Page in front of Ragsdale? You so silly!

  3. SEG behind Southern does seem odd.

    But it’s Ok. It will get settled on the field. Oh wait, the Tigers did settle it on the field with the Pirates. Granted, Page is strong. Great offense. Probably shouldn’t have lost that game.

  4. I could’ve SWORN I traveled up 29 and watched Page thrash NG. How are they ahead of us? Maybe I was at another school/game perhaps?

  5. Underdogs Unite,

    You were at another school that night…It was Northeast Guilford and not Northern Guilford…

  6. Anybody have any thoughts on the WG vs Grimsley game? All I’m hearing is that this Reader kid is getting looks from Bama and the likes while Brock is getting no press. We’ll see who the best lineman is in the county tomorrow. I’m not a gambling man, bit if I were I, d put all my money is on Stadnik. I think that new coach is doing a good job but doesn’t have much to work with. I hope for the state of fb on the county I’m wrong and this is a good game.

  7. Hey WG Hornets

    I heard Stadnik just picked up an offer from Florida, and is up to seven offers now.
    The way I see it is two good lineman, but two bad teams.

  8. From what I saw of western last week.against page, they should be able to atleas run he ball with the bigger oline they have. Pages scrappy defense shut it down though. Grimsley might win 2 straight, next week won’t be pretty either way.

  9. Stadnik and Reeder both project to do well. Both are getting strong interest and have some reported offers. Saw Stadnik play this year once and I expected much more but saw flashes of big time talent. As he matures he should do very well. All the tools are there. Reeder is a helluva DT/NT.

  10. talent,
    I agree with what you say about both of these kids being pretty good players who are getting some attention. I’m not arguing that. What i’m saying is that you do see those flashes from Brock, but has anyone seen or heard of those flashes from Reader? If what you say about Reader on the D-line, wouldn’t that disrupt the offenses a bit more than what Grimsley has been able to do? I don’t know the exact numbers, but I think the swirlies have been giving up 30-40 points a game up until this past week.

  11. From what I have been hearing this year, DJ Reader has been playing both ways at tackle on offense and defense this year for Grimsley….(He could use some help and he will get it in time.)

    If he has been sleeping, you might want to let the sleeping giant lay, you know what they say when you wake up that sleeping giant…..The Southeast Guilford fans I heard from after last week’s game said that #77 for Grimsley was all over the field and I think that #77 is DJ…

    Not a good idea to get that young man fired up…..

    He has gotten meaner and tougher and the WG linemen will have to get meaner and tougher too….That is the only way to make in this dog eat dog football world….

    Reader reminds me a little bit of Mark Henry…..Don’t put too much fuel on their fire, if you do, you might not be able to put the fire back out….(

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