Hoops time is just around the corner and what do you think?

from Greensborosports.com and for all of our basketball fans/observers that are ready to pump it up with the new season almost here…..

Now that the Basketball season is just around the corner, it is the time to
start naming the Guilford County’s Top Boys and Girls Basketball players. We
encourage that when naming such a candidate, please be sure to institute facts (
SCORING, ASSISTS, REBOUNDS, STEALS, BLOCKS) that will back up your selections.

If some are on their way to college, please be sure to list that as well. If
some one has not produced at the highschool level as of yet, then they will not
get credence over some one who has no matter what the potential might be. Once
they have showned productivity over time, then they can make their way on to the
list next season. We want this list to be the very best ever and impartial
irregardless of one’s personal view or allegiance.


  1. I heard about a young female guard the other night that is supposed to really help out the Page Pirates and her name is Paris Keys and a player that will give the Smith Golden Eagles a real boost is Brianna Garris and I think Brooklyn Davis will help the Smith girls too….Observers in the area say Yahni, out at Oak Ridge could be the most talented player in our area by season’s end…Once she polishes up her game and develops more of her skills, then look out…Ayshia McNeil(SEG) may be the top guard in our market/area and Zena Lovette(SWG) will be floating toward the basket again this year also…Miranda Jenkins is back for her senior year at Eastern Guilford and she will lead a young Wildcat team…Another young lady we talking about last Thursday night was Samantha Coffer at Northern and her sister Amanda Coffer at Northern Guilford…..Desiree Drayton is back for her senior year at Dudley and her teammate Ms. McIvor is back for a final run too…..

    Once you get started talking about all this talent it is hard to slow down, but two that we will sure miss this year, will be Gretchen Bennett and Hannah McIntosh at NWG….They were with us for a long, long time as was LeKendra Wilkerson at Smith and Breonna Patterson at Dudley when you look back at the teams….

    We have others too and let others talk about them…..We were talking about the boys basketball players on our web show last week with Jacob Lawson(ORMA and headed on to Purdue), Reggie Dillard, Sam Hunt, Deuce Bello, Quincy Miller, CJ Plummer, Jalen Ross, Jon McBeth, Jaquel Richmond, Reid Lucas, Brandon Hairston, Burle Brown, Reggie Perkins(Western Guilford/Western Carolina), Tyquan Roberts etc……

    We can and will talk more in detail about them later on….

  2. Brittany Clency at Western Guilford is one of the top 5 guards in the area and definitely the best guard in the class of 2012. Watch her her do big things this year for a young Hornet squad that will surprise many people under the leadership of their new head coach. Go Hornets!

  3. I heard that the top 2 guards fromNorthern enrolled into GDS. If that is the case, then the GDS girls will be a real power in the area this year. They already had good post players and should be tough to beat for the first time since I have been in Greensboro.

    I have also seen Paris (which is coming to Page) play a lot and she is the real deal. She plays with passion, cat quick and she has a high basketball IQ. There are very few girls that have her total skill set. The best of her skill sets is her attitude. She is a very nice young lady but she will kill you on the court.

    On the boys side, I wonder how good will Dudley be this year after losing at least 2 of the top players in the entire nation. I know PJ has gone to Hargrove and I thought I heard that the Dillard kid transferred to Westchester. Does anyone know who left and who is coming to Dudley that would be of interest.

  4. It is disconcerting to see all of these kids transfer. I understand that this is the way it is in high school basketball, but I don’t have to like it. I am glad that this really wasn’t an option when I played. Only the wealthy families could afford to send their kids to private school. I would imagine that these private schools provide financial aid because I don’t think a lot of these families can afford the tuition. I know I wouldn’t be able to pay full price at some of these schools and still have money available for college.

  5. Reggie Dillard is still at Dudley along with Sam Hunt and others…..I saw them in an open-gym workout a couple of weeks ago….

    PJ went to Hargrave and it was Jaquel Richmond, the real explosive guard that also moved on and he was looking at Westchester, but ended up at High Point Wesleyan…

    I heard last week about the girls from Northern to Greensboro Day and the Bengals are beginning to put a new emphasis on girls basketball…..Delaney Rudd will do a very good job at ORMA…..Cedrica Gibson and others on hand…..

    Kenny Carter no longer at High Point Central will be big and who took over for him and does that mean that SWG is now ready to rule the roost in the Piedmont Triad Conference?

  6. I do not see a GDS over ORMA in coaching this year ORMA is Just to Stacked the dude from tennesee can hit 30 to 40 a game and they have a couple other players like theo, micheal, carlos, asad, willy, thats alotta depth going into the season, Second the ORMA girls team will be the best team in this Area IF not the state, Delaney Rudd does a execellet job and had some real talent and speed out at ORMA

  7. NG FAN

    I believe the topic of discussion is to name the top boys and girls who have already demonstrated their abilities on the highschool court. Not what could happen.


    Duece Bello, Reggie Dillard, Sam Hunt, Jacob Lawson, Michael Neal, Brandon Harriston


    Semantha Coffer, Miranda Jenkins, Zena Lovette, Ayshia Mcneil, Desiree Drayton

  8. geez, it’s football season. can’t we wait a few months before we start the bickering of basketball season?

  9. Football Season, there are more controversy in basketball in this area. People are “kind of” sensitive about this subject.

    The “Top” players should include kids like: Quincy Miller, Mitch Oates, Jordan W., Montay Brandon, Chris Jones, Ryan King, Ike N., Josh Level, Theo Pinson, Reggie Perkins, Terrell Leach, Brandon Hairston, Reggie Dillard, Sam Hunt, Jaquel Richmond, Jackson Kent, Frankie Eaves and so many more.

    This is going to be one of the best basketball season, boys and girls, that this region has seen in a while. Get your popcorn ready!!!!

  10. It is a lot like what COS/cuz was saying…..There are so many good basketball players in the area or from this area, that is hard to keep up with them all….There must be close to 30 kids on a list of the boys, when you load up the public and private together….COS brought up Oates and Weethe and somebody else mentioned Neal, Kent, Eaves, Harrisons, Sweeneys, Jones, Brown, Smith, there are players all over Guilford County and in the surrounding neighborhoods and kids from GC in Durham, Raleigh, and in Virginia……Maybe in Charlotte too….

  11. We already know that our guys from top to bottom will filled out the top five players in the area!

    Can anyone name them?

    Our girls also have the top five!

  12. I am assuming since there isn’t anyone who thinks that GDS has players they will not be as good as in years past? Don’ sleep on them. And certainly don’t sleep on a very good Northeast team. Interesting season coming up for sure.

  13. Other than Darius White, NEG boys have just about everyone back…..Bryce Benjamin etc., and Jalyn Davis will be out there this year too……

    NEG should be very good, lost to Rocky Mount in East Regional Final and RM went on to win the State 3-A title…..

  14. This proves that GDS has the best coaching. They win 20+ games a year and have no one in the top 5 players. That is proof. If OR has all the talent they ought to win. GDS HAS TO COACH.

  15. GDS plays terrible competition and u wonder why they win 20+ games they have more talent then the local public schools they play so get outta her with that BS they have the best coaches

  16. The problem that most of the Basketball coaches face is players showing up for
    tryouts out of shape. They only have a few weeks to look at players to try
    to determine the best players to go with. A lot of football players end up
    on the roster because that are in better physical condition.

    Unfortunately a lot of these kids do not understand that if you can
    not run up and down the court without getting fatigue you are not
    much help. You have to be able to contribute on offense and defense.

    Returning players can not help a coach if they are not in condition.
    Football players do two a days in the summer heat. You can barely
    get a basketball player to get in the gym once a week during the
    summer and fall.

    Get in shape.

  17. You would think most kids would still be in shape from having played summer and fall AAU basketball and what about the ones that are required to run cross-country? Are they still doing that? All of the boys basketball players used to have to run X-Country, it was mandatory…..

    Is Shonna Polk, Angie Polk’s sister or no? Angie was at Grimsley and at UNCG as a player and also made both stops as a coach…..Grimsley head coach and an assistant at UNCG…..And I think that is how that one goes…..George or Rayshawn Polk would know for sure….Maybe Shonna and Angie are cousins….Angie, excellent player….I think they retired her number at UNCG….

  18. Good luck to all the teams this year in Guilford Co, but have to say that ORMA “should” be the best team around…. how well they do..? we will see, they are freaking LOADED!!

  19. Its unfair to compare a team like ORMA or any other private school to anyone else because the can pretty much recruit who they want to go there. If the kid can not afford it, but they really want him then something can be arranged. Plus ORMA is using kids, some of which are 5th year seniors. Most public school may have 14, 15, or 16 year olds playing against those 19 year old grown men.

  20. SG Supporter, GDS have kids that re-classed as well and will be or are 19 years old. GCS teams have no problem playing them right? Come On SG! Why did you make the comment about kids that can’t afford to go to the private schools can be worked out? Why not give a kid an opportunity to excel in a better environment. Stop hating on the private schools dude! Come On SG, GTFOOHWTBS!

  21. NW may not be that great of a team this year but we would like to play both ORMA and GDS. It can only make us better to play those teams early and prep for the conferecne run. Bring em on.

  22. More players on the boys side of basketball that we will be watching with:

    Jamie Cunningham and Austen Thompson-Southern Guilford
    James Summers-Page
    Matt Pawlowski-NWG
    Derek Grant-High Point Central

  23. Top 5 Lists

    1) Quincey Miller – Westchester
    2) Chris Jones – Oak Ridge
    3) Jacob Lawson – Oak Ridge
    4) Jaquel Richmond – HP Wesleyan
    5) Tie- Deuce Bello (Westchester)/Reggie Dillard(Duke)

    1) Yani ????? – Oak Ridge
    2) Samantha Coffer – Northern Guilford
    3) Desiree Drayton – Dudley
    4) Ayshia McNeil – SE Guilford
    5) Miranda Jenkins – Eastern Guilford

  24. The top five girls in the city with three coming from my school:

    1. Chell Jackson- Dudley
    2. Ebony Goins-Dudley
    3. KK Rouse- Dudley
    4. Shannon Buchanan- SWG
    5. Asia Milton – Greensboro Day

  25. Only girls with Scholarships;

    Samantha Coffer- Elon
    Desiree Drayton- Unc-Charlotte
    Ayshia Mcneil- Wingate
    Kierra McIvor- Radford

    Shouldn’t they be the top?

  26. Shonna is Angie’s niece and played for her at Grimsly back in the late 90s. Rayshawn is her Shonna’s cousin.

    @Dudley Realist….You are so far off. Did you dream of your list? You have two seniors on that list in Chell and Shannon that no one has even heard of having one offer. The lastest on Shannon is that she may be headed to Mars Hill. Get real!

  27. Page Pirate…If you’re counting on Franky Eaves and Jackson Kent to be your star players, you’re in for a long season. They’re solid 3rd and 4th options at best right now.

    Dudley Realist…not one of those players on your list is going to play Division1 Basketball anywhere. None of them are even the best players on thier own teams. You’ve got two girls with torn ACLs two undersized post players and a girl that is literally 5’1″ that wears goggles and cant score. Im not quite sure how any of them made the cut in your mind. You’re way off base with that list. I know the Dudley girls are good but not those girls.

    Eagle1….your list is pretty good. I just wonder about the McNeil girl. If she’s really that good why didnt she get any Division1 offers? Everything else is good. The boy’s list is pretty tough but hard to really argue against any of those guys.

    lil vinny…I understand where youre coming from but there’s no way Kierra McIvor is one of the top girls in this area. Have you ever seen her play? She’s a pretty good role player but she only shines when they play weak competition. I’d argue that the freshman girl from Page is as good or better that Kierra. She’s probably a terrific kid that works hard and she plays for Dudley and the Delaney Rudd Phoenix. Playing for them both pretty much guarantees you a scholarship. Im 37yrs old and Im sure if I played for both of those teams no matter how good/bad I am I’ll get some kind of offers.

    On the boys side I think there are a few players that havent received enough credit in this discussion: Reggie Perkins, Sam Hunt, and the tall guard from Andrews.

    It should be an interesting season.

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