Guilford County HS Football Poll as we head toward Week #8

Guilford County HS Football Poll

1) Smith(7-0)
2) Northern Guilford(5-1)
3) Ragsdale(6-1)
4) TIE: Page(5-1)/High Point Central(5-1)
6) Dudley(5-2)
7) Northwest Guilford(5-2)
8] Southeast Guilford(4-3)
9) Southern Guilford(4-2)
10) Southwest Guilford(3-3)
11) Northeast Guilford(2-3)
12) High Point Andrews(3-3)
13) Western Guilford(2-5)
14) Eastern Guilford(1-5)/Grimsley(1-6)

*****Some of the insides built around the poll from the course of the season…..Smith hasn’t lost and they have been playing well and steady throughout….Northern lost to Dudley by 1, 15-14, only loss and beat a very good Eastern Alamance team last week…Ragsdale lost to Dudley 12-0 in Week 2 and survived a 10-7 scare at East Forsyth last week…Page lost to Ragsdale 38-35 and High Point Central lost to Smith in OT 35-29….Dudley lost to Durham Hillside and to Smith in back-to-back weeks and has fallen from up near the top and now it is getting close to a TIE with Dudley and NWG, but Dudley is off this week and NWG, who lost to Smith 35-7 and then dropped a one-point game to Northern, NWG is at HP Central in a BIG conference game this week….

Just a brief look at some of the teams up at the top and you may have thoughts on how all of this is stacking up….Southern is now chasing SEG in the poll, but SEG beat SG pretty good, back earlier in the season and SEG played #1 Smith very tight last week….8-7 lead for SEG over Smith and within 35-30 in second half….Southwest Guilford started out at (3-0), but has now dropped three straight games to fall to (3-3) and they have fallen in our poll, even thought they did top SEG, back in August 29-0, lately SWG has been on slide…..

Just a few thoughts on how the poll has been laid out and you may have a few thoughts on this too……


  1. Andy,

    Looking at the body of work of all the teams I think you did a good job, I do have one concern and maybe you can clarify. SouthWest Guilford/High Point Andrews
    Both teams are 3-3 with Andrews loosing to the #1 Team, the #4 Team and Charlotte Catholic 5-1. Beating Grimsley 1-5, Lexington 3-3, South West 3-3. I think you are doing a great job

  2. Not a bad point at all…I was thinking of moving NEG up, but they were off last week and I felt that NEG might still be stronger than HPA.. I might have got caught up in the (3-3) factor SWG vs. the (2-3) factor NEG….

    The big problem for NEG is that they were off in Week #1 and had another OFF date last week…They will only have 10 games this year as where the other teams will all have 11…..NEG has had trouble finding teams to play them this year and it will carry over to next…..

    I will do as I have sometimes in the past and let some of our teams move themselves up or down in the polls…..I thought Northern might do that last week vs. Eastern Alamance but they played their hearts out and butts off and proved me wrong and they kept their #2 spot….

    Many big games on the table this week, let’s see who moves themselve up or down….

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