Friday Night Scoring Desk – 10-08-10

Manglaur 10:27 PM – Update #12

Northwest Guilford (6-2) – 24
High Point Central (5-2) – 21

Southeast Guilford (5-3) – 38
Southern Alamance (1-6) – 31

Southwest Guilford (3-4) – 0
Ragsdale (7-1) – 42

Northern Guilford (6-1) – 14
Eastern Guilford (1-6) – 12

Page (6-1) – 41
Grimsley (1-7) – 20

Western Guilford (2-6) – 31
Smith (8-0) – 34

FINAL (From Coach Turk)
Southwestern Randolph (5-2) – 28
Southern Guilford (5-2) – 39

Asheboro (2-4) – 21
Northeast Guilford (2-3) – 42

0 Qtr
High Point Andrews (4-3) -20
WS Atkins (0-6) -0 FROM Coach Turk:
Randelman – 27
Trinity – 0

Cummings – 30
Graham – 0

Reidsville – 7
Jordan Matthews – 3 OPEN
Dudley (5-2)


  1. Randelman 27
    Trinity 0

    NE Guilford 21
    Asheboro 6

    Southern Guilford 28
    SW Randolph 7

    Cummings 30
    Graham 0

    Jordan Matthews 3
    Reidsville 0

  2. Page is playing their worst game of the year. Up by 7 at half and lucky to be. Grimsley taking advantage of Page miscues.

  3. Some Page varsity players were prepared to wear pink socks, gloves, and the likes in awareness of October being Breast Cancer awareness month. As a Breast Cancer survivor, I was honored that my son wanted to participate. However, they were told they could only wear the gloves mouth piece, and wrist bands.

    I’m sitting here watching the recaps of the games tonight and notice several individuals from different teams wearing just about everything pink except their uniforms!

    What gives, Page?????????????

    Oh well, I’m glad we won tonight!

  4. Interesting game at Grimsley tonight, to say the least. Page scored two touchdowns on five plays from scrimmage in the first few minutes of the game. 14-0 before a lot of folks got back from the concession stand. The rout is on, right?

    Wrong. Page had real problems on special teams tonight. A blocked punt led to a Grimsley touchdown. Page’s offense stalled, mainly due to poor blocking on the offensive line and some low snaps from center. Grimsley tied it up in the 2nd quarter. Their big receiver got behind coverage (or maybe Grimsley guessed correctly on a blitz; Page’s defense was in the Swirlies QB’s face all night) and that set up a short run. Tie game. Page continued to struggle on offense but scored once more late in the first half. Then, with :57 left inthe half, Grimsley punted from deep in their territory. It was either #5 or #6 on Page who tried to field the punt on the bounce (never a good idea). He fumbled and Grimsley recovered. 3 plays later Grimsley is inside the 10 yard line. Page’s defense, which played amazingly all night, stuffed Grimsley and blocked their field goal attempt to end the half. Page went into the locker room with a 7 point lead and a lot of problems.

    Whatever Coach Gillespie said at halftime worked because Page rattled off three TDs to take a commanding 41-14 lead. Grimsley’s rushing offense was helpless against the Page front 7, and Grimsley’s QB was under constant pressure all night. Page recorded several sacks.

    Page kept it on the ground in the fourth quarter but could not mount another scoring drive. Grimsley tacked on a meaningless touchdown on a long pass play (it looked like Page’s defensive back lost the ball in the lights, it wasn’t a very well-thrown ball).

    Grimsley was able to keep it close in the first half due to Page miscues, poor special teams, dropped passes and the absence of Drew Rogers. The Pirates finally remembered they had superior talent, stopped making dumb mistakes and the game wasn’t really close after that.

    It’s always a great night when Page beats up on Grimsley, but Coach Gillespie surely knows that his team cannot play so loosey-goosey next Friday against Smith. Two blocked punts, a fumbled punt, several dropped passes and poor snaps from center will doom the Pirates against the Golden Eagles.

    And even though I hate to admit it, there will come a day when that many mistakes will not get the job done against the Swirlies.

    But today is not that day.

    Congrats to the coaching staff of Page, especially Coach Weeks for his relentless pass rush.

    Page improves to 6-1 and is very much in the hunt for the conference title. Grimsley falls to 1-7 and will play for whatever it is teams like that play for.


  6. John this was part of our plan to switch the coaches around to cofuse the overly hand wringing Page fans. All part of the big conspiracy. Too bad our refs couldn’t pull it out tonight but at least we gave you some things to worry about.

  7. A great game down in Gibsonville tonight. Just as I had predicted, this one was closer than the experts thought. Eastern played a wonderful game tonight, only to fall 2 points shy of the victory. Eastern Guilford is a team that should not be taken lightly.

    I think those people that went to the game and are true fans would agree that Northern was lucky to get out of there with the W.

    My hats off to the boys at Northern. Extra props to 7 and 11.

    Do not sleep on the Wildcats!

  8. I was pleased to hear (while walking to my car) Thuc’s name announced as the game MVP. He played with a lot of heart tonight and it was well deserved.

    At the same time–I was pleased as punch with Page’s defense. I’m with John—by the time I unfolded my chair and barely got out my binoculars,Page had scored twice and it wasn’t even 9 minutes into the game! I thought it was going to be a much higher scoring game but the Whirlies weren’t going down without a fight. It seemed to me that they had more to lose tonight. I’m glad Page got it together and came out with the win.

    Now for next week………

  9. SEFAN 2 – WOW! Were you at the same game I was ?!?!?!?!? The refs were the worst I have seen in 25 years!! It was a hard fought game, but I feel that both teams had a hard time getting ready to play because there was a flag thrown every other play and then they had to talk about it because they weren’t quite sure what they called or how far and where to mark the ball !! And luck has nothing to do with bad refs. It was extremely frustrating to watch and I am sure hard to play. The Nighthawks are the far superior team, though Eastern did have some moments. I guarantee someone will write to someone in Raleigh over this one. POOR POOR POOR I hope these guys do not ref another game in Guilford Connty anytime soon! Shameful ! They were out of shape and sloppy and did not know the basic rules of the game. Our football moms could have taken over and done a better job! Good job to all the tams that won this week. Hope you don’t run into Moe, Larry and Curly next week!!!!!

    Anyway, to all the people on here with bad mouths yesterday and today, looks like you wated a lot of time and brain power. Northern 21, your cats 14.

  10. What a game tonight at Simeon Stadium. The Vikings move to 6-2 for the first time in a long time and 3-0 in the toughest conference in the Piedmont. Both teams played great.
    The NW defense was tough all night and the offense had 2 4th quarter drives with some clutch plays in both that lead to TD’s . It was a great team effort with everyone contributing no superstars just guys making plays when they needed to. I am so proud of NW. These guys lost some close ones last year but the ball seems to be bouncing their
    way this time around. enjoy your win gentlemen, but come Mon get ready for a showdown
    in Viking Valley next Fri night with Ragsdale coming in for Homecoming. the Tigers are 7-1 and 3-0 in conf. This is shaping up to be a good one and may even decide the conference championship. I know NW doesn’t normally get much respect, but thses guys look like the real deal. Way to Go Vikings!!!!!!!!

  11. Underdogs, next week Page has got to play much more fundamentally sound. Their punt returners, even one as swift as Thuc Phan, have got to learn that you can’t take every return to the house. Sometimes you have to let the ball bounce for the punting team to down it. It’s hard in this ESPN highlight reel world we live in, but you have to play smart. You have to think about situations. You have to play field position. It didn’t matter against Grimsley. But against a real team like Smith or Dudley, it could be devastating.

  12. SEFAN 2…. good post….yes good game by both teams……disapointed that neither NG or EG could get any rythm on the offensive side as there were so many penalties…i’m sure EG was frustrated also……..i’ve seen better officiating, for sure,,,,,,,,that first qtr may have went 1hr……EG is definately better than the record states….but sometimes good teams do win ugly.

  13. @ Nighthawk1–

    I understand your frustrations with the refs. I wonder if they’re the same ones…….

    Some of the calls they’ve made, I’m sure if you gave Stevie Wonder a striped shirt, a whistle and a yellow flag, he would’ve done a more precise job!

  14. Nighthawk 1 What game were you watching the score was NG-14 and EG -12
    not 21-14
    and quit making excuses for the close game sounds like to me NG just about got upset.
    Did’nt get a chance to run up the score in this one huh. Quit whining about the refs
    oh i guess that’s why is so close. whay, whay whay.

  15. Anyone know the real deal on the Northeast Guilford game? Friday Football Fever had Asheboro winning the game over the Rams like, 42-21 and I kept hearing and seeing all night that NEG was winning and that they won the game….

    Any of the NEG Rams or followers out there got your eyes or ears on? Let us know something on the FINAL outcome of the Rams as they faced the Blue Comets from Asheboro……

    We are currently reporting that NEG and we usually have the scores and updates correct and current, so what is the verdict tonight?

    NEG win or lose vs. Asheboro?

  16. Get It Right – WOW!!! Get a grip, I am tired, but yes, I did inadvertently change the score to 14 to 21, instead of 14 to 12. My bad!!!! Actually if you had read my post, you would have realized that my concern was with the refs for both sets of teams. Yes, we won, but during a game of starts and stops and a bad flow for the boys it’s hard to give anyone the momentum either way. I never said that was the reason for the close game. I could give you all kinds of excuses, but I chose to put the emphasis on the horrible refs that were sent to work this game. But we can also talk about the fact that Northern is a better team if you want…………

  17. “Underdogs, next week Page has got to play much more fundamentally sound”

    OMG! Are you sure you’re not my twin brother???? I sent him a couple of video clips from tonight’s game and he basically said the EXACT SAME THING!!!!!

    I think (in the beginning) they were a little pumped up by the two quick scores and thought (like I did) that the score was going to be really high but when Grimsley scored like they did (twice) it was almost like pouring ice water on my guys.

    By 1/2 time, I think they realized that it wasn’t Grimsley that was beating them–they were beating THEMSELVES (by unconscious mistakes) they settled down and came out victorious.

    You’re right–we’ll have to play mentally sound for the next few weeks.

    BTW–Debo (#45) had at least 2 sacks tonight! Yay debo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. As a parent of the NG football team i was very dissapointed in our guys tonight. But i was very pleased by the EG football team. It seems our guys were more worried about talking trash than playing football. I saw EG go back to the huddle everytime after the play while our guys would try to stir stuff up. I wish our guys would have shown the same amount as EG thats a dang good football team. I really hope we dont see those guys in the playoffs because tonight we were out played and out coached.

  19. Nighthawk 1,

    I was honestly not trying to go there with the officiating. If you are honestly telling me that Northern was the far superior team I did not see it. I saw a much different game. I guess for now we will have to agree to disagree.

  20. Number 7 for NG is a gifted player. Number 3 is also a talented athelete. NG Parent, I will agree with you on the class part, but you can’t blame the players entirely for that. After the game, NG coaches were to busy filming the hand shake with their cell phones instead of worrying about their players. The officials were terrible. On the late hit in the first half, the ball was down on the 34 yard line, they walked it off TWICE, giving NG a 3 and 4 instead of a 3 and 14. This was the same drive NG scored their second TD. Also, Roscoe walked to the middle of the field, shook coach Loosemores hand, turned around and walked away. Every other head coach I’ve ever seen always shakes hands with assistant coaches as well. Nighthawk1, looked to me that EG was the superior team, shutting you guys out in the second half. EG had negative 35 yards on snaps alone. Good game by both teams. Looks like EG finally came together and played as a team. Hats off to number 7, 3, and 11 from NG and to the Wildcats. It would have been interseting to have seen the game with some decent officials. Not saying the outcome would have been different. Nighthawk 1, you might not want to stand down wind of that pixie dust you guys were throwing in the air before the game, I believe it altered your perception on the game.

  21. Looks like the coach from SW Randolph still has trouble beating a team from Guilford County.

  22. I agree that the officials were horrible for both teams. I believe both teams played hard and deserve a hats off. I saw after several plays NG players help EG players up and vice versa with the EG players. Number 7 and 11 for NG are very good players and play hard every play, but 71 has a sportsmanship problem. I believe the biggest differance in the game was the coaching or lack of coaching on EG part. If EG coaching staff kicks the extra point after the first touchdown its 7-7, right before half don’t throw the ball and run it and keep it in the center of the field and kick the field goal it’s 14-10 going into the half, and at the last touchdown EG ran the ball all the way down for the touchdown and what does EG coaches do call a pass for the 2 point conversion and it fails. Great job to the young men playing on both teams.

  23. Has anyone heard any details about the ORMA Football game? Heard possibly a player from the other school got hurt and taken away in an amublance and the other team left the field and went home early in the game like maybe in the 1st quarter. Not sure of the accuracy of that.

  24. Sefan 2 – Yes, we will agree to disagree. NG parent, sometimes I think that people post things and use an alias to try to stir things up ?!?!?!? Anyway, I sure hope that is what is happening here. And, last but not least, BigTenFootball, really?? really. Pixie Dust is all you could come up with?!?!?!?!? Bahahaha ! If that is our Pixie Dust, my Nighthawks can throw it around all the way to Raleigh in December ! And the hand shaking???? Really?? Really.

  25. We need to work to keep some class in this discussion….The kids did a great job last night and we had some very close and exciting games…Good job on all fronts and our coaches were coaching to win and by the looks of things they turned in another solid effort and everything they were doing last night along with all the games were out there on the field and now many of the teams can use those close calls to help them continue and finish up the season on a positive note…

    Big-time efforts by EG, WG, HPC, Grimsley, and others that were in some tight ones with 2-point and three-point games and contests that were tighter at the half than anyone could have ever imagined…..

    Good efforts by all the squads and have some encouraging things to look at today…

    Time to get to work and being on nailing down those playoff spots, there are only 4 weeks left in the regular season…..

  26. ORMA football is in a bad spot. Many schools have cancelled on them and will not play them. Even Hargrave cancelled for next week. They feared last night may have been their last game. It’s very unfortunate for the kids. They have D1 commits from all over the country; Texas, Md. the QB is from New Jersey. This is not a local team, not that it matters. They were promised a national schedule against quality opponents and it just has not been delivered. Looks like Coach O made promises he couldn’t keep and the kids lose. Word from inside the school is they may not offer football next year.

  27. WOW!!! What a game last night!! Congratulations to the players and coaches at NWG for a big win last night. Defense was outstanding against an offense that had the potential to be very explosive. The NWG offense displayed a running game that was powerful again last night. However, NWG also showed a very effective passing attack all night. Pawlowski making the big throws and the receivers coming up big to keep the chains moving.

    Enjoy the weekend, but it is time to go to work on Monday for another big game next Friday night.

  28. Wow I half to agree with “kids lose” this is very sad and discouraging situation for ORMA
    Football program. I have heard there are alot of upset parents as well as players.
    Many of these parents came from all over the country to bring their star football player
    who had been very successful at their own HS to play for the premier program at ORMA.
    They were all promised a National Schedule playing top schools all over the country.
    Being on National TV with ESPN at least 3-4 time this year. Being sponsored by Nike
    and much more. As you can tell none of these things have happened. the word is parents are withdrawing their kids and demanding refunds on the tuition. This all because of lies they were told to get them to ORMA. Someone needs to address these issues, I am all for helping the school stay afloat, but when you start deceiving people to get them to commit that wrong. The big problem now is we are more than half way thru the season and these 5th year seniors have no where to play. Very very discouraging and disappointing for the kids involved.

  29. EG Fan, you’re an idiot. Nighthawk 1, you should have lost to a 1-5 team last night. The officials gave NG their first TD. As far as throwing your pixie dust all the way to Raleigh in December, you must be laying down a path for someone else, becuase the Nighthawks won’t be making it…….. And yes, Really, really, really really…. the hand shaking. NO CLASS! The day NG is taught to play with humility is the day they will win a state championship.

  30. Even as a Grimsley Alum, I must admit the RB from Page has skills. Just hoped the Whirlies could of stayed with em in the second half. Theres always next year! GO WHIRLIES!

  31. BigTen,

    Eastern played a great game and had a chance to win it in the end. I do not want to take anything away from them. Did Northern play there best? Absolutely not. That’s not making an excuse for Northern, all I am saying is to be a great team you have to show up week in and week out. NG knows they got lucky to walk away with a win. The Officiating was horrible for both schools. As for the handshake that you are talking about, I was one of the people who were watching to see what was going to happen because of the animosity between the two schools and Roscoe had to walk across the field to the opposite numbers to shake hands. Then some of the EGHS assistant coaches walked away from Roscoe. However, I am not saying they don’t have class, they were just upset. It was a great game to watch last night and everyone is letting it be ruined by this trash talking. As for your comments about the player’s being a bunch of thugs you need to talk to the EGHS players if your going to judge them over what transpired last night. Because during pregame, the EGHS players were using profanity and other negative words towards our players as they were just trying to get suited up. It is sad that it happened that way but both sides are to blame not just one.

  32. What did you think was going to happen when NG players walked through EG’s pregame warmups? You guys got suited up on EG’s side of the field. Maybe you should of taped that.

  33. The Viking-Bison games was one of the best games I have seen at the HS level. The poise of the NW QB was very impressive. The kid brought the team from behind not once but twice in the 4th quarter. You may not have any stars on your team as one person posted, but I gurantee one was born last night.

  34. We dressed on our sideline and the player’s did it all the way down the bench. Stop trying to act like what they did was right. We did not walk through their pregame warmup. NG was on their sideline where visiting teams are supposed to be. Neither team was in the right on Friday so stop making yourselves out to be the good guys.

  35. BigTenFootball – Were you actually at the game? Seems like there are a lot of inconsistencies in your recollection of the game with others. Also, if you want to get into this, did you happen to read any of the posts from an EG player on this site before Andy had to remove them ? Some nice things being said about doing some graphic things to the Northern players. Let it go or you will be embarrassed that your EG players are actually the thugs. I am pretty sure you just admitted to something happening when you said
    “What did you think was going to happen when NG players walked through EG’s pregame warmups?” Soooooooo, something did happen?? That’s what I thought. Seems others on here are telling the true story.

  36. KIDS LOSE, Discouraging,

    First did you here anybody from ORMA say their was a National Schedule or ESPN? NO you didnt I am a parent who has a kid at ORMA that plays football. News-Record took my comments and didnt say everything I said. At the end of the day the kids have to do their school works . Yes my son from Texas and I am very happy with ORMA and Coach O, my son was not recruiting coming out of high school but he now has three offer and my choose NC STATE. So no one was deceived anybody. ORMA has at least 12 kids with offers. So tell me how has Coach O deceived the parents, I think he has done a great job all he promise us was an opportunity to play and work hard to get my son and other people sons in school. I believe having 12 young men going to college it not failing anyone. Being from Texas, I have never heard of so many people hate on one person for helping young people go to college. No difference then the situation in RHODE ISLAND, as far as Hargrave the AD so that ORMA was in direct competition with recruiting the same kids and said they have nothing to gain.

    So you two are so wrong and trying to lead people in a direction that is so far from the truth. I think Coach O and his coaching staff has done a great job of trying to get kids from everywhere to play as a team. Yes you are going to have some ruff time anytime you are trying to do something for the first time. But I will tell you this I would not change a thing. My son has made new friends and saw a part of the country tha he may not have seen. Yes my son is not just a football player but he was an honor student he just was not recruited. So good bad wrong or indifferent for the first year I think the program was a success, you cant make everyone happy. So many people wanted him to fail but 12 young men with scholarship and they didnt have anything before then tell me how he didnt keep his word. People of Guilford County it so said that helping kids could turn out like this.

  37. OH! Forgot to say I thought the Pixie Dust thing was pretty funny!! And BigTenFootball you started that!! Ha! The Nighthawks will take that and run with it!!!!

  38. Big Ten Football,

    Being from Big10 country I’m embarrassed that you may be to….say it isn’t so…..Last nights game was the worst game I have ever seen….(after i cleared the pixie dust from my eyes of course)….EG had 6 first downs and punted the ball 7 times with both teams being penalized 12 times each…..and you call this great?…this game easily could have gone either way but NG won so step on……….you can whine all the way to 1-10 for all I care…..Has NG been promoted to the name “thugs” since we are usually called “cheaters” on here?..just fuels the fire and trust me NG has moved on and is focusing on next Friday’s game…..

  39. ORMA Parent,

    First of all let me say congratulation on your sons scholarship. I am always excited to hear
    of a young man or women who has been rewarded for their efforts on and off the field. On the other hand I find it hard to believe that your son( who evidently is a wonderful student and great athlete had no offers while in TX . We all know in TX football is BIG. It is amazing to me you had to come all the way to NC at that ORMA to get your son an offer. but I guess stranger things have happened. Secondly the promise of a National Schedule and ESPN
    is not rumor. As a matter of fact I heard it with my own ears for you see my son also was being recruited to come play at ORMA and all these promises was part of the package that was being offered to my son as well as others to come to ORMA.

    Oh and by the way you don’t have to keep singing Coach O’s praises and taking up for him. Sounds like you already got what you came for and that was an offer.
    Again Congrats, to You and your son. Oh and Coach O

  40. Discouraged,

    First no one is taking up for Coach O but you hide behind a blog, and say that the coach recruited your son. To be fair state who you are and then let talk to coach and see if he really recruited your son or are you just saying stuff just to saying it. Who would not want to be on ESPN but I believe he even told the newspaper he had a hard time putting a schedule together. So your statement does not make since. What is amazing is that I met Coach O at the Army All American game that he coached in and he spoke at a coaches clinic in San Antonio about ORMA and what they were trying to do. Never once did he say that he playing a National Schedule, just for the record my son got hurt. So let up know how your son is doing and if he has gotten an offer. If you dont like the man that is ok but dont knock him for helping. That is my experience and my story with Coach O. I am going to leave this alone now. Good luck to you and your son.NF

  41. Time for us to be moving on to some other topics….I don’t really see us getting anywhere but under each other’s skin while we stay in this direction at this post….

    We not getting anywhere with this and we’re finding some who want to fight like cats and dogs and Cats and Hawks and and hawks and dogs….

    We don’t know all the details with the ORMA football and how their season is unfolding, but when we know more and have more concrete information, then it will be a good time to get back into it….

    Right now, a perfect time to turn our attention toward next week’s games and it does appear we are spinning our wheels with this post so let’s make a move in a forward/positive direction….

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