JV Football Tonight 10/14/10

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newfangledly Page(6-0/2-0) at Smith….[Postponed until Monday]
Northwest Guilford(7-0/3-0) at Ragsdale
Southern Guilford at Northeast Guilford
Southeast Guilford(6-1/3-0) at Dudley
Western Guilford at Southern Alamance
WS Parkland at High Point Central(4-2)
Northern Guilford at McMichael
Rockingham County at Eastern Guilford
Southwest Guilford at Glenn
High Point Andrews at Trinity

Grimsley [OPEN]


  1. I see Page is 6-0 – What is Smith’s record for JV? Who do you think will pull it out tonight? Any why?

  2. Smith lost last week 32-31 to Western Guilford and Page beat WG and I’m not sure about that score, but it may have like a 42-14 type game with Page over WG….

    With Jordan Putnam at QB, I don’t see Page losing until they get to SEG in the last game of the season, I think it is….Page will probably take that one too, but we will know more and have a better idea on how that could go over the next threee weeks….

    Smith is much improved, but Page is something like 47-4 over the last 5 years or so and Page and NWG are the two teams that have been the JV football front teams in the past 4-5 years….NWG is something like 35-1 over the last three and a-half years….

    Just a few thoughts and we hope to have all the JV Football scores up here on the site this evening, as we have throughout the season….

    After those earlier rains and the current clouds, let’s again hope that everyone is still planning on playing….

  3. Thanks Andy. I know that the Smith Varsity team is unbeaten – so was curious on the JV thoughts. Page beat SEG last year at SEG. With Page on their home turf this year, they probably will also pull this one out. Thanks for the insight!

  4. Just got word that Smith cancelled the game due to wet fields. Supposedly rescheduled for Monday…Odd.

  5. The freaking sun is out right now, there was no more rain forecasted for tonight, and the dag’um coaches and AD want to make the call at 12:30pm instead of giving it some time. So Page Fan, you are right, this is a little odd. Stinks for the JV kids when they worked hard all week and was looking forward to this game tonight that could have been played. My son and his friends were ready for this one. Are there other JV teams that are rescheduled or is this the ONLY dag’um one?

    I hope when the game is played on Monday that the Page JV kids put 70 points on that board. Total BS. This game could have and should have been played tonight.

  6. You are right. They must have something up their sleeve or are running scared. Sun out here too.. heck, I hear they lost to SEG on their field during the rain – so I guess they felt they can’t play unless conditions are perfect. I hear we offerred to let them play on Page field but they declined. So they mess up 120 families schedules for what? The varisity plays at Page on Friday night. Something smells fishy.

  7. Andy – who has the right to call a game like this? If they don’t want to play on their field and we offer ours – can they really make the decision to call the whole game? Sounds crazy to me.

  8. i guess smith might move some varsity players down to beat page jv team on monday.nobody is stupid thats smith. i hope the coach at page puts 80 on their tail monday night. i hope the varsity team beats the crap out of them friday night. the ad and all involved in this decision should be ashamed of thier sorry tails. but hey its smith what do you expect. talk all that smack and now they scared, thats right they are scared. you cant play with big boys get off the field. this is the stupidest thing i have heard of , i hope that qb throws 7 touch downs on them and that rb scores 5 . blow their tails out of the water. smith want be good after this year anyway. so enjoy your little spot light the sun is starting to set.

  9. Page Fan.. that can’t be right.. about Page offering up their field to play on.. because there is a soccer game at home tonight on that same field at 7.

  10. why couldnt they do that? there are more places to play a soccer game. page has a lot of pull in greensboro. and your point is, last year they played a game at uncg when the field was wet and football was to be played on that friday.

  11. Wouldn’t be able to move a soccer game on the same day that it is played.. Rusty Lee had to do that atleast a couple of days ahead of time.

  12. The soccer game is more likely to be postponed than moved to a different location with only a few hours to start time. So if Page offered up the field tonight for the JV football game, then the soccer game is most likely postponed. Any word on if the soccer game has been postponed also?

  13. Some of you Page fans read way to much in to this. Smith’s field is not great and had standing water when the decsion was made. I just happened to drive by their field and was curious about our game. If your kids were ready to play tonight then they’ll be ready to play on Monday. No coach of an undefeated team drops varsity players to play a JV game on a Monday. Monday is an important practice. It’s the 1st practice you see what the other team does. Coaches hate Monday games. Sometimes I think Page fans want people to hate them.

  14. Nothing fishy is right. As good as Smith may be this year their field is by far the worst in Guilford County. It has no crown and is even concave in some places. It holds so much water that during a wet spell it can smell like a sewer. Having said that it is also true that 2 years ago a Smith coach that had been at Page the year before removed the bleachers from the visitors sideline prior to Pages arrival. A feat I found to be quite funny and good natured.

  15. Just wanted to clarify that I didn’t mean the previous comments about the field to be a slam on Smith. It’s time GCS steps up and fixes that field.

  16. Its time that Guilford County allows teams to get the field turf. I heard Page received some money and made a proposal to get field turf, but the proposal was denied because Guilford County higher powers didnt think this was fair to the other schools.

    If Page was denied then get it for all schools so that we dont have to keep delaying games and playing on fields that could get kids hurt.

  17. Southeast Guilford Jv – 40
    Dudley – 20 (5-2 / 1-1)
    Falcons offense was rolling all night
    Panthers changed to a 5 lineman defense and still could not stop their run game

  18. Topfin,

    Locking gates and parking cars in front of the gates to delay a teams’ arrival, removing benches and tables, so that teams cant put their water coolers and stuff on maybe funny. Well, why dont you ask the Smith coaches why Page, HPC, NWG, and Andrews dont get a good trade (game film) copy. Everyone of these teams has had either a blank dvd or plays cut from their film. Maybe this is funny too, but I believe it to be classless. Hope they have great connections next year, because I hear coaches from all these schools are considering not trading film with them next year. Now, that will be funny when no one wants to meet them on Saturday morning.

  19. nothing fishy,

    Page had the money to get the field turf plus a field house. It was approved at Page, but Guilford County shot it down.

  20. If true the trading film thing is an issue. No excuse for cutting plays out. No excuse.

  21. well it seems that smith has a lot of crazy things going on over there. cancelled jv game, giving out bad films, what a joke. doesnt make the head coach look to good among his peers. taking bleachers and tables etc from a visiting team is not good also. locking the gates so the team cant get in wow . priceless. they must have a plan to get in their heads over at page. but if i checked the score from last year i think smith lost after doing all that. page should give smith the royal treatment when they come , roll out the red carpet make sure they have water and tables , have the gate unlocked and place to park their bus , make sure they have everything they need. then look across the field and tell them dont take this a?? whipping personal . if i was a coach i would not trade films with them ever get it the best way you can. the defensive coach over at smith remember you will never beat page .never ever beat page . i saw on another site some one said hey smith if you scared stay home , come on over we waitingggggg. 10 more hours to game time get your popcorn ready smith golden eagles you are about to enter a place you wished you never had to come. so be my guest step right in?

  22. its actually around 750 thousand to get field turn installed the first time and then around 250 to 300 to replace.

  23. The problem with field turf is it’s life expectancy. It is about 7 or 8 years. Page had te money for he initia installation but the problem was te 250 or 300k in 7 or 8 years. Who pays that?

  24. Fan,

    I was pretty sure that the life expectancy of these type of fields were a lot longer than 7 or 8 years, plus I thought there was a guarantee that came with these fields if they didnt last or failed to reach the life expectancy.

    Funds for the next replacement:
    1. All the money saved on gas, seed, and water used to try to upkeep the current field and multiply that time 7 or 8 years (I would imagine that is a big sum)

    2. Page could then rent out the fields for special events or games and multiply that over 7 or 8 years (I would imagine that could be a big sum as well)

    3. They got a large sum of money to install it this time, so why couldnt they do it again in 7 or 8 years?

    4. Have you seen the neighborhoods around Page? Im talking about some rich people around that area. Im talking about Page students who have rich parents; therefore, why couldnt these parents and neighborhoods step up and make a donation?

  25. Most of the rich kids that live around Page go to private school, of course with our current economy there have been a few homecomings:)

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