Player of the Week and HS Check List

Arganzuela Player of the Week and HS Check List

There’s always a load of outstanding performances from the Friday night’s games and let’s look at those again, as we study/do our research, for the Player of the Week….

Previous weekly winners:
Daniel Downing(Northern Guilford)
Matt Pawlowski(Northwest Guilford)
Mike Fields(Southeast Guilford)
Elijah Jordan(Smith)
Drew Adams(High Point Central)
James Summers(Page)
Jamie Cunningham(Southern Guilford)
Jeff Sims(Smith)

The votes that come each week to clear the way for the weekly winners and we have one nomination that has come in early this week and let’s look at the job, that,a healthy Airyn Willis did last week, for Southwest Guilford in their win over Glenn….

can you buy Pregabalin in canada Airyn Willis QB Southwest Guilford (High Point,NC)

23 carries 312 yds rushing 5Td’s -running triple option offense (SW Guilford beat Glenn 54-46)
*****SWG now (5-3)*****

Galesong #24 ranked player in the state on and committed to Ga Tech

Airyn Willis name goes into nomination for Player of the Week and send your notes and votes to….

Also under consideration this week, you have to look at Eric Ebron from Smith…..”Double E”, had 6 receptions for 156 yards and two TD’s in the Golden Eagles 27-18 victory over Page, at Marion Kirby Stadium….The touchdowns came on big plays of 56 yards and the other was a 62-yarder….He also played defense and spent much of the night in the Pirate backfield, creating havoc and making it a long night for Page QB James Summers….

The battle this week appears to be between Willis and Ebron and now we have added in Mycah Gaylord from Dudley, and if you know of anyone else that you want in there in the mix for the POW, let us know….

Let’s go ahead and add Mycah Gaylord to the list of candidates for Player of the Week….We have now received his complete numbers from last week’s Dudley win over SEG. Mycah Gaylord of Dudley vs. Southeast Guilford …… 44 carries 343 yards and 2 touchdowns…

On the checklist we have to have at least make a special mention of Barry Brown and Luke Heavner from Ragsdale, for the work they did in the Tigers win over Northwest Guilford last Friday night…..Brown had 155 yards on 14 carries and one TD, while Heavner was 15-22 in passing with a two-point conversion and the Tiger QB led his team to victory…..Brad Davis with 3 field goals for the Tigers, deserves a spot on here too….

From the Northwest Guilford Vikings,Reid Baxter with touchdowns of 10 and 94 yards has his spot on the check list and he has now been here multiple times this season, along with his QB Matt Pawlowski….Matt went 8-14 passing with 2 TD’s and 198 yards through the air…..

Jeff Sims, from Smith, has to be in here again with 3 more TD passes last week(7-18, 187 yards), in the Golden Eagles win and he now has 20 touchdown passes on the season…..He has to be close to the tops around here in that category….Elijah Jordan, with 182 yards rushing on 29 carries, locks down his regular weekly spot and he may take home top honors, for top runningback in the county this year….DB Demari Boswell from Smith gets a nod also for his work versus Page and from the Pirates we have Drew Rogers with 94 yards rushing and 2 scores and Aaron Bethea, with his 90-yard punt return for a TD, late in the contest….

We have had several Smith, Page, Ragsdale and NWG names already and those guys were in the big games, but let’s also venture outside, where the eight men hang out in the box and take a look at other names and games from last week…

High Point Central had QB Drew Adams with 400 yards passing and 4 TD’s, plus Lashaurn Monk had 226 yards receiving and 3 TD’s, while Derek Grant came in with 127 yards receiving on 6 catches and also found time to toss one TD pass to Monk and that play covered 30 yards…..

Fullback Jacob McCann ran for three scores, in NEG’s 43-30 victory over Southern Guilford and NEG QB Kyle Martin hit the ground running, for two more Ram TD’s….SG’s QB Jamie Cunningham threw for two TD’s and RB Malik Mosley ran for two Storm scores….

Eastern Guilford’s Dylan Harris was 10-24 in passing for 163 yards and a TD in the Wildcats’ 18-14 loss to Rockingham County…

Larry Edwards carried the ball 11 times for 108 yards for the SWG Cowboys in their 54-46 win over Glenn….

That’s another look at the Player of the Week numbers and the Check List for this week….If you have other players that we need to take a look at, or if you want to cast a vote for a POW, contact us at……


  1. Mycah Gaylord of dudley vs. southeast guilford …… 44 carries 343 yards and 2 touchdowns…in my opinion he needs to be in that discussion for this past weeks PLAYER OF THE WEEK

  2. I had heard that Mycah had numbers in the neighborhood, but didn’t have the full lowdown, but now he is in the running for POW…..

  3. You gotta love it. Week in and week out there aren’t any Ragsdale players that put up these gaudy statistics that merit player of the week. Good but not great numbers, enough to get a mention but thats about it. All they do is keep winning.

    Total team effort.

  4. Eric Ebron from Smith was a game changer at Page friday night, don’t know his stats but he was The difference maker on offense and Defense

  5. Where do I vote for Gaylord at? In my earlier post I knew he had over 250 yds and over 40 touches. Seeing is believing and stats don’t lie. He deserves props for this week.

  6. i am a page fan and what he did in that game was pretty darn exciting. the kid can play. i am giving him his due the kid can flat out play. player of the week eric ebron. he showed last friday night that when the lights come on he can turn his game up with the best. i am a die hard page fan but i know talent when i see it. do your thing young man.

  7. Everyone shuns ragsdale. Look at lack of coverage in papers of hp and gso. Heavner has had some great niights. We will take wins though.

  8. Witness, you right Gaylord had 7.7 yards a pop,that young man is a workhorse, now our other runningback Demetris is in the fold, a little more shifty and quicker burst that can flat out take it to the house should be exiciting these next 3 games until we get to the playoffs….Im proud of my Panthers through all the adversity we are 6-2, as this season goes on it will continue to build character, and nobody wants to play Dudley twice, especially at the “TARP” (im just saying…lol)

  9. My vote is for Willis. He is the only player on this list that is game planned for each week. The kids on the other teams have a much better supporting cast that the other teams must account for. Gleen devoted three men just to Will and played 8 in the box and still could not stop that man from averaging 13.5 yds a carry 312 yds and 5 TD’s and he had two called back. Other player on the list are great but for THIS week it’s easily WILLIS!!!!!!

  10. High Point is the red headed step child as far as athletics is concerned. HPC’s Derek Grant has 906 yrds. 53 catches for 9 TD’s..according to NC Preps, he’s 4th in the 25 in the NATION!! I know HPC is not a “power house” like Dudley but they are the only team that gave Smith a run for the money so far. LOVE Drew Adams, but his numbers wouldn’t look so good if his partner in crime wasn’t catching almost everything he throws at him. The rest of the supporting players don’t seem to gel as well as Adams & Grant which makes them double and triple team Grant most Friday nights. But Adams knows his boy will make a play for him. It’s a trust unlike any I’ve seem in a long time. Too bad these boys don’t get the props they deserve!!

  11. DudleyPowerHouse,
    your… i too am proud of our panthers…. fighting through injuries the way we have…and still be at 6-2…. demetrius dick should be back within a week….. i know he has started running a little bit in practice again and demetrius mcCorkle has also started running again.. i know the coaches are bringing him back slowly. he has been cleared for a while now.. but the coaches are taking all precautions with his injury… if he is not back against page then he will be back against grimsly for sure…dudley is starting to click a little bit better and if they start getting some of their horses back then WATCH OUT!! lol…. but i couldnt be more proud of the character and the fight they have shown since the whole state wrote them off earlier this year!!!

  12. Gotta shout out to Crew Adams. 400 yards passing is super. hats off to Gaylord and Willis also.

    Ragsdale is in non man’s land when it comes to press. they are not in Greensboro and not in HighPoint. But it’s OK. Individual stuff is nice but teams win games. Plus Ragsdale is balanced, partially because they have several talented players, partially because they don’t have a Ebron or Gaylord type player. Ragsdale doesn’t win because they have superstars. They don’t. they win because their average players are better than other teams average players. And they have balance. Lots of people contribute. Last great player they had was Toney Baker.

  13. Currently SIMS is rated the top QB in our area with a Passer Rating of 118

    Adams is in 4th place with 113 rating
    Heavner is 5th with a rating of 89

  14. My vote is for Airyn Willis,especially coming off of a leg injury. Red Headed mentioned Grant being double teamed. Willis is 5,6 7 and 8 teamed every week and he doenst have Adama and Monk. Gotta go with Willis

  15. All the nominees are very worthy, but I my vote this week is for Airyn Willis of SW Guilford. Dudley,HPC,Smith and Ragsdale get enough love because there teams are always good. Lets show SW Guilford and some of these other schools some love sometime.

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